The reflections of a Sidekick

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Drama Sad Suspense

The sun was setting just over the horizon a loud thud could be herd across the metropolis the local superhero was getting his but kicked. Atop the highest skyscraper. Rainman a super with the power to manipulate water. His trust sidekick watching it all. Waiting for the right opportunity he leap in coming to the aid of his beloved friend. They had been partners in justice for five years. All the other supers had scoffed at him telling him his power to shrink was lame. He had contemplated switching times. However Rainman saved him from a life of crime. Drawing our sidekick back in the supervillain laughed taunting him. A remote in his instantly sprung to life flashing a strange pattern.

“Your all fools, did you really think I’d use the same plan twice” tauntingly the super villain mark them stepping behind an invisible line. Confused both supers advanced only to need be thrown back. Rainmain used his ice to stop himself from going over the edge while Smidge dove down into a crack. Running along that line that no one can say he made his way under the force field. The echoing sound to try to make out what they were saying. The villain was taunting Rainman telling him how in exactly three minutes the whole power grid would belong to him. Frustration rose in Rainmans voice pushing smidge to run faster finally making it to the large reactors he climb appearing to reassemble a fly to anyone paying attention. Much like a fly on the wall he was hidden an able to observe and help. Leaping into action he began to dismantle the machine. Though his strength was physically limited due to his size. It was a great struggle.

But as a sidekick it was his swarn duty to help his hero. An by God he was going to due just that even if it killed him.Smidge struggled to push the cord not wanting to give away his location. His attention suddenly snapped back to 520 hurt the sound of a loud gunshot. Staring up in disbelief he watched as Rainmain fell to the ground lifeless and limp. Fury raged in Smidge. That was his friend. His person. How dare that no good tights wearing bastard touvh him. Forgetting the plan he turned full size , yanking out the cord he chucked the severed cord at the villain. 

“Hey stupid!” “Over here” The villian,luaghed mockingly. “Oh a side kcik im so scared”

“You should be i was almost one of you” Smidge said taking a cheap shot by kick mud at the supervillian’s face. Whoch sent him ito a rage. It was just logn enough for Smidge to attack him kncoking the gub to the ground shrinking he ducked under the villains arms. Grabbing the gun he returned to normal size firing twice to the chest. In the distance he heard the pounds of engines, ambuncles and the unreliable police men. Scoping up his friend he solemnly carried him to the a,bulcence were they attempted to revive the uncounce man. He was pronounced dead on the scene. The whole town mourned. THere tears tore appart the memories Smidge had and in that moment he became something else not a hero not a villain and certainly not a sidekick. He walked a thin line between good and bad. Angery and happy. It was like an eternal tetertaoter of emotions. In his eyes no one could understand. In his grief he put up his uniform and dispapered into the shadows of civilian life. He got a normal boring desk job, a car and a shitty apartment with loud neighbors. Whose kids just like all kids were obsessed with super heroes. It was one hot after noon when he over herd a little girl say.

“If Rainman were here hed make it snow” The little girl held out her hand a small ice sickle formed. “Im gonna be just like him, ill find a partner in crime and it will be awesome”

Her brother rebuttled with “He cant be your partner in crimes he a hero”

“Well maybe ill be a villian”

“Im telling mom” the little boy said running back into the apartment leaving the little girl standing there in annoyance her tongue striking out at her brother. Smidge smiled fondly walking up to the yong girl. Who moved out of his way until he spoke.

“If you think about how cold ice is it will get bigger, the spear i mean” He said sitting down on the concrete not noticing the brother and mother had returned. THe little girl gave it a shto beaming at him.

“Howd you knwo how to do that?”

“A good friend of mine had a similar ability”

“Was he a super?” 

“Yes, he was”

“Cool what was his name!”

“Rainman” he said watching the little girls eyes go wide. “No way are you smidge!” he nodded his head softly listening to her rattle about her favorite story from the new archives. “I mean you guys were amazing!” For the next few minutes they chated he meet her mother. An form there they were lifelong friends. One looking up to the other as a role model and the other just looking for a reason to see good in teh world. They were a force to be reconged with, both stubborn and fierce.  For the next ten years he trained his future hero. From a child with raw ability to a woman with razor sharp reflexes she grow. Modeled in the image of man the world had forgotten. Promising to protect her. He went above and beyond what most sidekicks would do. In the villain community he was feared. Especially after she picked such a soft super name. IT  had taken a few snakes for the supers to respect her as well. An just like that the tag team duo of  Snowflake and Smidge were born. Going down in history as one of the best teams. In later years Smidge would even joke that they were a better team then Rainman and himself. Snowflake howeve knew the truth. She reminded him what an excellent sidekick he was. The most loyal. How he hoped to see Snowflack impact others lifes as she had in his. 

August 01, 2021 06:29

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1 comment

Moon Lion
05:26 Aug 06, 2021

This story had such great energy, super dynamic and fun to read. A few spelling mistakes here and there, but I enjoyed this work a lot.


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