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This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

            Nica has hazel eyes, a heart-shaped face, full lips, and light brown hair cut precisely to shape her face. She had a figure any woman would be envious of with her firm, pert breasts, a flat belly, a round posterior, and legs for days. 

            She was also the result of her creator, a young electrical engineer named Nicholas, who of course, was named after him. Nica was the very first reality doll he had created. She would be the inamorata for a slovenly, thrice-divorced rich man with a doll fetish. This man, whom Nicholas would call “Troll”, personally asked for a desirable woman. Nicholas modeled Nica after a girl he lusted after in high school and actress Margot Robbie. Nica looked like a darker version of her. Even her proportions were designed like Robbie’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street. He even bought her white Victoria’s Secret underwear, down to the garter. It was creepy, but for Troll, it was what he wanted.

            But Nicolas did something that Troll had no idea about: he gave Nica a functioning brain. She could talk, see, smell, and hear. He also gave her emotions. She could laugh, cry, get angry, and even better for both, the ability to climax sexually. It was part of an algorithm he came up with that no other reality doll had, and for Nicholas, no one else will. He had done something no other engineer had done. He hadn’t told anyone either. And because of this, Nicholas fell in love with his creation. Even worse, she had felt as well. She didn’t mind when they made love. In fact, she craved it. Sure, she couldn’t move her arms nor walk, but it didn’t matter to her. She was in love with him but knew their life together was coming to an end.

            Nica lay there naked and crying. Nicholas had yet to put on her underwear. She cried because it was their last intimate time together. When they made love, it was smoldering, passionate, and beautiful. She never felt anyone inside her except him. Yes, she was a real doll, and he was a human, but he created her in such a way that it felt human.

            Now, it was over. The company told Nicholas he had to give her up. Troll would receive her tomorrow. She knew one day this would occur, but Nicholas was such a brilliant engineer that he created an object of desire that she was real. There was nothing mannequin-like about her. She could FEEL him between her legs. But Nicholas had to pull off one final tweak: he had to deprogram her.

            “But I love you, Nicholas!” she said.

            “You can’t!” he said.

            “But why?”

            “Because I made you to love another man!”

            “But I don’t want to make love to another man,” she said. “I don’t care if you program to be what he wants!”

            Nicholas tried to explain to her the best way he could, but it was no use. He had programmed her to have feelings and emotions. He had loved her. But worse, she loved him.

            “I wish this didn’t have to be this way,” she said.

            “That’s why I’m here.”

            “I’ll miss your touch,” she said.

            It was no use. There was silence from Nicholas.

            “I’ll miss you being inside of me,” she said. “I guess there’s nothing else to say.”

            More silence from Nicholas. He was completing the program to silence her. 

            “Will you forget about me,” Nica asked him.

            Nicholas sighed as he typed into his tablet. “No,” he lied, but he couldn’t tell her this. “I must deprogram you. 

            “I’ll malfunction.”

            “No, you won’t,” said Nicholas. “I’ll make it, so this doesn’t happen”.

            “How do you know it won’t happen?”

            “It won’t!” he said, voice rising. “Be quiet!” he said as he stared into her eyes. Why did you have to be so beautiful? He thought to himself. Now I must silence you.

            After washing her body and douching her, Nicholas put on her clothes. First her bra, then the thong, garter belt, and stockings. She looked sensuous and sexual. Then he put on her dress; a white lacy number and white high-heeled pumps, just what Troll ordered.

            “I guess he likes white,” Nica said.


            Finally, Nicholas brushed her hair, a feeling she liked as she sighed slightly. She was ready for the box. But before he placed her in it, there was one more thing to say to her.

            “It’s time,” he said.

            “Tell me one thing.”


            “Tell me you love me!”

            Nicholas turned his head away to get the programming tablet. “I love you,” he said silently.

            “I can’t hear you.”

            “You know what I said.”

            “I guess this is goodbye,” she said. “But before you disconnect me, could you do one more thing for me?


            “Kiss me,” she said. “Kiss me passionately like once did to me.”

            Nicholas put down the tablet, lifted her up on the table, held her in her arms, and kissed her passionately as their lips parted and their tongues met. The kiss was long and beautiful as their eyes were closed. After five minutes, Nicholas pulled away, laid Nica down, lifted the tablet, and began the deprogramming.

            “Goodbye, my darling!” said Nica.

            “Goodbye, Nica!”

            As the deprogramming began, Nica silently lay there. No movement in the eyes, no hearing, no talking. 




It worked. She was done. She was ready to be a large artificial sex slave for Troll McTrollerson. He lifted her up, placed her in the box, full of stuffing, placed the wooden lid on the box, hammed it, and called for the movers.

Nica’s box arrived at the craftsman-style mansion where Troll lived. It had a circular driveway and double doors. The moving men placed her box on the dolly and wheeled her to the door. The shorter mover rang the doorbell as Troll opened the door. He was wearing a black sating silk bathrobe and long silk pajama pants. “Roll it up the stairs,” he said, rubbing his grubby, sausage-fingered hand together.

The moving men carried the box gingerly up the spiral staircase and into his bedroom, complete with gaudy furniture with velvet paintings and a round vibrating bed.

“Just take her out and put her on the couch,” said Troll.

“But she has to be charged,” said the taller mover.

“OK!” he said. “Just put her there!”

The movers put Nica’s lifeless doll body on the couch. Troll watched as they charged Nica up and programmed the remote control. Nica sat up like the doll she is. When the moving men left, Troll threw off his clothes. His short, hairy body could not wait. He was horny and aroused. His horniness made him ready for whatever perversity would be used on her. He spread her legs, and pulled down her thong, exposing a trimmed public area.

When Troll began to perform on her, he was in for a big surprise. Troll’s tongue between her legs got caught in her public area. He desperately tried to pull it out, but he was being pulled further and further between Nica’s legs. He desperately tried to pull himself out, but Nica’s thighs squeeze his head like a walnut in a nutcracker. “MMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHH!!!!” he mumbled. He couldn’t breathe. His tongue was being shredded by Nica’s man-trapping vagina. He was suffocating and bleeding at the same time. His body was shaking and trembling until he couldn’t react anymore.

Nicholas loved Nica. In fact, he loved her so much, that he programmed her not to be a silicone love goddess for a sleazeball. He programmed her to be his first and last reality doll. If he couldn’t have her, no man could have her.

Meanwhile, in his office, Nicholas packed up his things, took off his lab coat, and left the building. He did what he had to do. He did it for the love of his life. He created her to end her.

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I Gadsden
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Great job! It was both scary and sexy at the same time!


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