Delay is not denial

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Janet and John were twins, the former was a female while the latter was a male,whose parents died when they were still in high school.They had been feeding from hand to mouth since they became orphan.The twins did things together, loved and encouraged each other.The twins dreamt of becoming great in life despite the bad misfortune.Their parents advised them to persevere and work hard which is the key to success.They grew up with the words of advice from their parents and promised never to deviate from them.Janet and John were cartered for by the members of the church they attended since birth.The church sponsored their education from where their parents left off till their university level.The twins graduated with first class lower but couldn't secure a good job.They grew up with the fear of God in their hearts and struggled to fend for themselves as they were looking for the slightest opportunity to look for a job of their qualifications.Janet worked as a cleaner while John worked as a cook in the same restaurant.Both were diligent in their various duties to the extent that customers helped them financially.Jane was sleeping and dreamt about her parents.She sat on a wooden bench between her parents.

'Janet,did you remember what I always tell you and your brother before I passed on?',her dad asked.

'Yes I do.You told us that delay is not denial.You told us to work hard and persevere in whatever we do',Janet replied.

'I want to also tell you this true saying which goes 'better late than never'.Please practice all I have told both of you and you will succeed in life'

'Okay Dad', Janet replied

'My Daughter'

'Yes Mummy', Janet answered and faced her mom.

'Always make use of any opportunity.Tell your brother all we have told you'

'Yes ma', Janet replied.

Janet woke up, told her twin brother about her dream and they promised to stick to all their parents had said.John went out with his friend, Daniel on a Saturday evening.

'How are you and your sister doing?', Daniel asked.

'We're fine and hoping on God. After graduation, there's no job',John answered.

'We're together in this mess'

'Yes.We will persevere in searching for better job because my parents told me that delay is not denial.Recently,they said'better late than never'

'These are great advices.We should adhere to their voices'

John and his friend joined other players to play football.The twins coupled their search for a good job with prayers.They enquired and browsed for any job opportunity.Janet heard about a job offer from the radio and told her brother about it.They applied for the job and were called for interview with others who also applied.They went for the interview but they couldn't enter as the door was closed against latecomers.The twins went back home disappointed.

'The interview was scheduled to start by 1.p.m but we went by 2.p.m.It could have been better that we didn't go at all'

'John, don't say such.It is very good as we went because nobody knows what will happen in the next few seconds except God.Have you forgotten what dad and mom told us 'better late than never'

'How are you sure that adage is true.Being late brings disappointment which not going will never bring'

'The adage is real.It had worked for many people and it will for us.Moreover,our parents can never mislead us.I'm sure if that adage doesn't exist,mum and dad wouldn't tell us'

'Fine.We can't continue managing this one room apartment that can barely contain one person.This is not the position we're expected to be'

'God will surely answer our prayers one day', Janet assured her brother.

There was a knock on the door.

'Come in',Janet said.

Daniel entered, exchanged pleasantries with the twins and sat on the bed.

'Your faces are gloomy,what happened?If it's about the interview.Rejoice because there's another job interview happening tommorow by 10.a.m at Mainland company. I just came to inform you because I will be there too.See you tommorow,'Daniel said.

'Thank you.Bye',the twins replied.

Daniel went out.

'We should keep trying different places and I believe that our turn is coming', Janet said.

'We should try as much as possible to go for the job interview on time'

'You're talking of time.Aren't we going to work tomorrow? You know that if we miss a day,we won't get paid.So,how can we go to the venue early or are we birds that will fly'

'What you've just said made sesnse.We are doing a daily salary work which determine our survival.If we skip our work in order to get to the interview venue on time,we may starve', John agreed.

'We will go late for the interview but we must attend the interview.Remember what our parents told us', Janet said.

The twins woke up the next day and rushed to their place of work.Janet closed from work and rushed home to check if her brother had gone for the interview but she met him at home.John was thinking if he should go or not.Janet cajoled him that they should go for the interview even though they were behind schedule.They arrived at the venue.The interviewer disqualified them for coming late.The twins went back home in despair.

'Why is it that we always go to interview late?', John asked

'I don't know'

'I'm fed up.I'm not sure about what our parents said.Not going at all is better than the disappointment going late gives us', John said.

'Remember 'better late than never', Janet reminded.

'Once I'm late for anything. I won't go for it'

'Don't say so.We have to persevere.Remember that delay is never denial', Janet encouraged him.

The twins continued their daily activities.John went out just to ease himself from boredom.He saw a job advertisement on a billboard.The government was recruiting five hundred unemployed graduates for different job in any government establishment.The interview was scheduled to start by 12.p.m next week.John informed his sister about the job opportunity.

'What about you.Aren't you going for the job interview?,'Janet asked

'I'm not attending unless I will go on time but we have never gone to any place on time'

'Why? This may be our own opportunity to secure a better job that we have been anticipating for years', Janet said.

'How many times have we gone for interview late and we have been disappointed.Punctuality is one of the qualifications for any job', Janet spoke frustratedly. I am not going but good luck to you'

Janet went for the interview alone.When she arrived,the security men told her that she was late but was allowed access inside the hall.Janet gathered information from others who came earlier that the interview had not started due to technical problem.The interview started few minutes after Janet arrived.She was interviewed and did well.She went home delighted.Few weeks later,she was asked to start working on the month of June.She was given a house,a car and a job of a newscaster.She went from grass to grace.John regretted why he didn't listen to Janet and his parents.Janet encouraged him and promised to help him the best she can.Janet got married to one of her male colleagues.Each day, John bit his little finger and said 'better late than never' is real.

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