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It was about 6 am in the morning. The mild wind entered into Dani’s room and woke him up. He woke up with much upset. Dani’s eyes ran to the corner of his room. His broken guitar was not there. He jumped down from the bed and started to shout. Suddenly his father entered into his room with his broken guitar. He asked him why he was shouting to the core. Dani said that there was nothing and also added that he woke up from a bad dream. Dani’s father went closer to him and sat on his bed. Dani stood near to him and put his face down. His father asked him to sit near him. He was little surprised by his behavior because he was not a man of friendliness. He stood there itself. His father again called him. Dani was wondering at the behavior of his father. The hard heart man who always looked hard and serious personality looked very cool on that day. Dani always remembered that his father’s other name as “the man of anger.” Dani saw a different person on his bed on that day. His father sat closer to him and put his hands on Dani’s shoulders. Dani got a jerk all of sudden. He became shocked for a while. It sounded like a dream for him.

“Dear Son,” he called. Dani raised his face and looked onto his face, but hesitated to talk. His father told him, “I will repair the guitar tonight and bring it back soon. No need to worry about anything. Failures are the stepping stones for success. You try and try again. You can. One day you will win.” And his glee in his face comforted Dani. Dani was really surprised by the talk of his father and said, “Okay daddy, I’m really sorry for the thing that happened yesterday.” His father told him “Take care” and he moved out the room.

Dani sat on his cot and thought that the days were moving very fast.  The character too changed very soon. The hardness turned as tenderness.

The childhood days of Dani sounded horrible. He and his brother Edward always stood in fear before their father for his nature. Dani told to himself, “If he changed means why can’t I?” He chilled himself and planned to start for college. But that day he went to college without his guitar. He felt like that he is alone.

He considered guitar as his closest friend from his childhood. He loved to play guitar and was really mad in learning it. But the sad part of his story was, he failed to play it. That was his first trial in his guitar class. He stood with much expectation to do well. In his first trail to play it, he broke two strings. But he thought that it was because of his first attempt. But again and again he broke the strings many times. His guitar classmates started to make fun of him when days passed. He was nicknamed as “The Failed Guitar” by his classmates. Obviously he got angry and slashed on one of his classmates’ face. While walking towards the class, he was mocked by many students in that music school. Many times he was irritated and behaved very badly to the people who mocked at him. But, on the other side, he boosted himself to learn playing because of those mockers.

This is not a new thing for all. Most of the people used to stop trying their interest in doing or learning it in their first failure itself. That is the nature of a common man. But some will try for two to three times. About 50 percent people may succeed in those trials. Dani failed in all those first beginning steps in his guitar playing trial. But he didn’t lose his heart because he considered guitar as his dearest friend.

He learned the notes from his teacher somehow. But didn’t know to play well. On that particular day, he was about to go through his first grade exam. While he was going to his guitar school, he met with an accident and got minor injuries. That time, his teacher made him pass the first grade exam because of the accident. He escaped by the grace of his teacher.

Days moved. There was no improvement in his learning. Most of the days he came with the broken strings. In his college also, his classmates and other students started to laugh at him. One day, he was called to the staff room by his teacher in his music school. In that meet, Dani was shocked by the information given by his teacher. He was asked to move out of the guitar school. He was almost broken. He didn’t reply anything to him. Slowly he moved out of the staff room. The teacher called him to comfort him, but Dani didn’t turn back and went to the class, took his lovable guitar and moved out of the class. Tears filled in his eyes. He went to the bike park and took his bike and left the college. His heart was very heavy and he didn’t worry about the traffic or traffic rules but reached the home very soon. He moved to his room and threw away the guitar and it broke. Later his father came to know about the matter from his teacher. So only he changed himself and comforted his son on that particular morning.

Dani decided to try it again. That day itself, his father bought a new guitar for him, but he repaired the old guitar too. Dani started to practice it in his room without going to the guitar school and his college. He spent all his days in practicing. Most of his friends came to know about Dani’s new decision. Nobody encouraged him. Sometimes friends too will make fun of the failures in life. Dani was facing that in that hard time. He never expected anything from his friends or others. He wanted to prove himself before everyone who mock at him.

Life sometimes plays so. It may lead to take hard decisions too. Finally he felt that he learned something and his heart told him, “You can now.” He decided to come out of his world. He informed his family that he was going face all the people who made fun of him. Nobody stopped him. Dani took his bike and went to the guitar school first. But, he had a second thought to quit. He closed his eyes and calmed himself. He entered into his class. By seeing him in the class, a great laugh heard there. His guitar teacher came near to him. But he took his guitar out from the bag and closed his eyes. Then he started to play without listening to anybody else. The laugh sound stopped slowly, there was a great silence from those noisy laughs, the guitar sound alone heard. Everyone stood up from their respective seats. Dani didn’t stop playing it and he continued to play for 30 minutes. He played some great pieces too. Finally he stopped. The whole class started to clap before him. His teacher came to him and hugged him and said “Well Done, my child. You did it. Awesome.” Dani noted the happy tears in his face. Dani’s eyes too filled with tears of joy.

Finally he did it before everyone and asked to perform in the great music eve of that year. He proved himself before all who mock at him. The nickname “The Failed Guitar” turned as “The Great Guitarist” in a moment. He tried, tried and tried repeatedly and achieved the fruit of succession.

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