The sound of the train rushing over the tracks was quite peaceful. I watched the timber, the tall standing mountains, and the clouds all pass by me. I thought I might be dreaming. I was in a land that I loved. A land that I had always dreamed of since I was a little girl. Finally, I was living my dream come true. As I looked out of the train window my mind slipped into a thought. I began to think of a peaceful night in the mountains, hidden away in some valley. I dreamed of a green grass meadow with a hot spring. the smell of the wildflowers, the summer breeze, and the crickets chirping. I imagined what it would be like if I was there in that meadow, lying in the tall grass of flowers, looking up to a Milkyway sky. colors of deep blues and light greens and purples. Just like a painting. The thought of it made my stomach flutter. I imagined myself in a lace and cotton nightgown, modest and pure of course but the dress shaped my body well. My shoulders are revealed, so the moonlight's glow can kiss them. My chest was free of any corset, my waist small and curved down to my hips. then my legs down to my bare feet. I danced there under the moonlight to my own rhythm, to my own tune. slowly stripping my dress off. My body was naked. Free of any clothing, the breeze could hit against any part of me, and the moonlight could kiss every part of me. I could feel the sensations of the earth's elements loving me. I slowly walked over to the hot spring. steam arose from this little pool of water. One leg at a time I slowly sunk down. The water over my naked skin gave me such a wild sensation. Laying in the hot spring my eyes began to get heavy and into asleep, and I would fall.

Suddenly a jolt of the train and the screech of the breaks awakes me. I hadn't realized that I had fallen asleep to dream. what a wonderful dream that it was though. Then the soft voice of an older gentleman, perhaps in his 70s says to me. "Young miss, we have arrived." He held his hand out to me in a gesture of helping me out of my seat. Politely I took his hand, and the kind man helped me off the train and grabbed the single suitcase I traveled with. I stepped off the train and looked around me. A little mining town is where I arrived. very small, full of hard-working men, lots of mules, lots of horses, and lots of mining equipment. I loved the feel of all the bustle, but I didn't come here to live in town. it was the closest town to the tallest of mountain ranges. and that is where I wanted to be. In the mountains. As a little girl, my father told me stories of all the mountain men, and I surely did admire them. After growing up hearing all those stories I made it known that I wanted to become a mountain woman. Many people looked at me as crazy for wanting to do such a thing especially me being a woman. Especially being a young woman at 20. Most women and most men looked at me as only a child still. I hated that. I knew what I was capable of, and I knew my intellectual mind could save me from almost any situation. plus, no doubt that I was pretty handy with the .45 my daddy gave me. In my suitcase I carried a small number of things, a carried few books about wildlife, plants, homesteading, and cooking. I also carried my journal, where I would record all the things I would learn in the mountains. I carried a few pairs of shirts, jeans, my night dress, and some men's work boots. On my hip, I carried my daddy's .45 and bowie knife along with flint and steel for starting up a fire. My daddy taught me a lot about mountain living before he passed last year, and not only am I doing this experience for myself but for him as well. it was always his dream to get out of town and live in the mountains, but mama was sick, and daddy couldn't afford to live a harsh life as a mountain man. It was mama's dream too. She always loved a clean mountain stream to drink from.

From the train station, I walked myself over to the market. I figured for my hike up the mountain I should at least have some food to snack on for a few days before I can get a handle on some wild game. I went to the market and bought some flour, sugar, and a dozen eggs. I figured I would cook up a batch of biscuits over a fire. the biscuits could last me a night or two until I can kill something. I figured my first target for food would be a rabbit, skirl, and maybe some mountain streams fish. I also studied up on rocky mountain wild berries. berries will make for a good snack. In my journal I wrote up a plan and a list of items, I need to survive in the mountains. I didn't have much money so my bet was trading posts. I figured I'd trade with some natives and other mountain men. the list of things I need is, A buckskin pack to keep all my items in, and a good pack mule, I've only got about $200. This money was inherited by me after my folks passed on. A mule will cost me about $10 and a pack should cost me a few senses. The loss of my money will be saved for emergencies only. so, I headed down to the stable to buy myself a mule. I bought a strong and sturdy mule, strong-legged and stout. She was a pretty mule too. She had a pretty white snowy coat to her and soft eyes. Those soft eyes had a hint of stubbornness too. "What should I call you? I will call you button. "

seems to be a good enough name for you! I thanked the good sir who helped me buy Button then went on my way. before I parted ways with the man at the stable, I asked him if he knew of any craftsmen who made sturdy buskin packs. the man referred me to an old man named Lyle. He was a Halfbreed, he told me. half white skin half red. he comes from the Sioux tribe. He knew just about everything about the native culture, some said he knew too much for a Halfbreed raised by a white woman. the man gave me directions to his lot, and I headed that way. it was nice because his place was on the way up the mountain. I and button walked along, and we soon arrived at Lyle's place. his place was run down, looked like it was about to fall over at any moment. if a hard wind picked up there is no way that it could withhold. There were drunken whiskey bottles laying all over his yard and front porch, the ole place smelt of something rotten and piss. a horrifying sight to see but aside from the uncleanliness old man Lyle had coon skins, coyotes, buckskins, and sheds hanging up all over the place. I knew I was in the right place. I hitched my mule on his raggedy ole fence and I walked up his walk and knocked on his front door. I hear a raspy old voice from inside yell out "If Yer shittin Sheriff Lawson I don't car about a damn thing ya sayre, get off my property!" I yelled back to him. "Mr. Lyle sir, my name is Anne Marie Greyson, I wanted to see if you got any of your skins for sale. I hear the steppin' of a large man get closer to me and he opens the door. "Wellll ya sure are a purtty daisy arnt ya." I looked at the man and he looked more of a white man than any red skin i'd ever seen, but he had the long black hair of a native. well not so much as black. seemed as if they grey out colored the black. He was a bigger man at least 6 foot. he had the body of a souix and the face of a white man. no hair though. I then repreted my slef. "I am looking to buy some skins from you?" Old man Lyle chuckled. " What is a parselene things like yourself goanna do with some ye animal pelts."' I replied to him in a bit of stubbedness. "For your knowledge sir, I am 20 years old. i aint no porsiline doll. and second, I need the skins to make me up a pack to carry all my belongings in." Old man Lyle groaned. "what sorta belongins." And i said "well sir, everything a woman needs to survive the mountains with." he laughed at me again but this time the laugh came burtin out all the way down from inside his gut. "What! hat is so funny Mr !" I asked him. "Yer gonna live in the mountains!" he continues on in his raspy chuckle "yer aint gonna survive a day." I gave him a mean look and said. "watch me. My daddy taught me everything he knew aboutthe mountains and i have practiced quite alot growin up. if i die uo there then i couldn't think of anywhere els better of dying. are you gonna sell me some skins or not!" Lyle groaned and said "FINE! get yer self killed, yer ain't my problem. what are ya lookin for?" I looked up at him and with my eyes i said thank you, " I'd like a good bucksin and needle and thread." lyle looked at me in concerns weather i could afford it or not, he said "yer know thtll cost yer." I told him, "I know, I got the money." he looked at me then looked back down to concentrate. I was lookin around while he gathered my buckskin and things and i saw a hatchet, it reminded me that I needed one. I then asked him '" how much for that hatchet," he said, .50 and i told him ill take that too. lyle looked me in they eyes and told me "Yer dern right crazy fer runnin off into the mountains.'"

"Call me crazy that's okay, better than an ordinary peach of a helpless farm wife."

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October 20, 2022 21:10

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