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Ben Pimples

Ben was a boy that was not as bright as his 14 year friends. He was special in ways that no one could do or be like him. He could fit a whole pencil in his ear. He could keep his eyes open for 5 hours straight without blinking. He could even make use of his fart to help him fly 2 inches above the ground for just a few seconds. To Ben and to his 4 year old mind, it was something that no one could do so he thought that he was special. 

So then one day, humid and gloomy, he woke up with two red dots on his forehead. Ben thought it was red marker marks from yesterday when he was coloring his drawing that look more like a doodle made by a toddler. It had straight lines, scribble marks, no shapes and no imagination, but in his mind it was as good or better than Leonardo da Vinci's paintings, but either way he liked his two red marker marks on his forehead. He thought it made him look tough, which in his mind he was already tough being a skinny 14 year old, and being 4'5” tall.

He needed to be tough because he was starting the hardest year of school, 9th grade. He starts school at 8:30, but lucky him he didn't have to go to school today because today was Easter. He got dressed either way, wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and grey shoes. He went to the bathroom, which lucky for him, his parents house had two master bedrooms and one was his room. He brushed his teeth with his strawberry flavor tooth paste and tooth brush. After he used his watermelon flavor mouthwash. 

He then stepped out of his room and like any other day, Ben’s mom had already left for her job. Ben's mom, Jody, starts work at 7 so she had to leave the house early. His mom trusts him to be home alone when she is heading to work. Ben’s dad passed away when Ben was only 5 years old, so he doesn’t remember much of him. Ben does remember that his dad would always have to cover his skin when going outside. Ben also remembered that his dad had a sun allergy, but never knew how it looked like when you get a sun allergy. 

Ben knew how to take care of himself and his dog named Charlie when he’s home alone. Charlie was an old lab, but had as much energy as any dog could. Ben’s mom had food already made on the stove, for Ben to warm up and eat. So, Ben went outside and fed Charlie, before warming up his food and eating the eggs his mom left him in a pan. 

While Ben was eating he noticed that he had more red dots on his face by looking in the mirror that was on the side of the dining table. This started to worry him because when he went to the bathroom to wash the marks with water, but the marks did not go away as he wished. For some reason he thought that he had seen similar dots or marking somewhere else. Ben became scared that his mom would get angry at him for marking himself with markers on his forehead. He then went outside to play fetch with Charlie and hoped that the marks would go away. 

As he was playing with Charlie he remembered something. Ben remembered one time that his dad had red marks on his skin. Ben also remembered that his dad’s red spots were on his forehead as well. He was so confused on why he had similar red spots on his forehead, just like how he saw on his dad’s forehead. Ben thought that he had sun allergy because he had similar marks like his dad and because he didn’t know what else it could be, but sun allergy. Ben began to worry because he loved the sun and he loved summer. If he had sun allergy Ben thought that he wouldn't be able to have as much fun in the summer and he'd be the most unhappy kid. 

Then Ben became too confused to think. His mind was trying to find a good reason to explain why this had happened. He then got water for Charlie and under his tree near his house, he began again to try to find an answer to his question until he fell asleep under the tree. His mom came out early to celebrate Easter with Ben. Ben was not expecting his mom to come, so he slept thinking he would wake up before his mom came back from work. Jody came back home around 11 and Ben was still napping under the tree. 

So instead of waking Ben up, Jody went ahead into the house and began to decorate a little party for Easter. She also began to put money in some easter eggs and in other eggs she’d put candy. She then hid the eggs around and inside the house. Ben was a quick napper, but he would wake up from a nap as soon as he heard noise. So he heard his mom come home up the driveway and even though this puzzled him for a while, he noticed what his mom was doing. While she was hiding the eggs, Ben was looking at where she would hide the eggs through the side gate and the windows of the side of the house that was against the tree. 

Ben then walked inside the house, like nothing happened. He was still at this moment thinking about the red spots on his face and the fact that he had sun allergy. Ben then asked his mom if his dad really had sun allergy and if so how was he able to get rid of it. Jody took this as a surprise and was wondering where this was coming from. So she asked him and he told her that he has red spots on his forehead like his dad. So when he saw the spots on his forehead he thought of his dad and remembered that he had sun allergy as well.

 Jody looked at his forehead and noticed that all he had were pimples all in one around which made them look like a sun allergy spot. Jody explained to Ben about the allergy his father had. Jody also said that all Ben had was pimples because around 14 years old you start to have pimples. This calmed Ben and let him think clearly. He told his mom thank you for telling him what he really had, which was pimples. Then, Jody gave Ben an easter basket to use and were then ready for the easter egg hunt.

May 07, 2021 19:05

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