I had just seen her. She was sitting on a bar stool, drinking wine. Her hair was flipped to the side. The tips of her hair were dyed light blonde. Her roots were dark black and the middle of her hair was brown.

She was gazing around, like she was looking for something. I wanted to greet her and introduce myself, but I was too shy. I had already had my heart broken tons of times and I knew she wouldn't be interested in me anyway.

I sighed and went to walk back outside to go home, when an arm grasped around my upper arm. I turned around quickly and saw her. Her eyes were a light shade of crystal blue.

" Hey. Not to embarrass you, but I caught you staring at me. My name is Kelly by the way," she said, kindly.

I nodded, awkwardly and didn't say anything. Then I realized what was going on and I said," Oh, shoot sorry. I am bad at this kind of stuff. My name is Annie. Nice to meet you, Kelly."

She smiled and said," Are you like single? Or were you just leading me on?"

I laughed and said," I wasn't leading you on, I was just too shy to say anything. But I don't wanna rush into anything so maybe we can start off by being friends."

She laughed and said," Are you friend-zoning me? Ha, I haven't been friend-zoned in years."

" No, no, no. I didn't mean it like that. I-" I said.

" Chill, I was kidding. I get it. You just wanna get to know me before you rush into things," she interrupted.

I smiled and laughed. She looked at me and smiled. There were braces on her teeth. Which probably meant she was young. " I am twenty-two. By the way. I see you looking at my braces. Well my teeth were so messed up that I had to have braces for seven years. But I was wondering do you wanna go back to my place and have some wine?" she asked.

I looked around and said," Yeah, sure I have nothing better to do."


I walked up a long flight of stairs until we reached a bright purple door. The numbers on the door read, 711. She opened it and there was tons of art everywhere. She walked into a small kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine.

She walked into the living room and sat on the yellow couch with two glasses of wine in her hand. I grabbed one and sat next to her.

" So, Annie. How old are you?" she asked.

I sipped the wine and said," Twenty-Three. When is your birthday?"

" June 6th, yours?" she asked.

" May 13th. I have to get home. Here is my phone number. Text me at like 8:30," I said.

I passed her a piece of paper with my number on it and ran out the door. She tried calling something after me, but I didn't hear it as I ran down the stairs. I ran out the door and called for a taxi.

I hopped into the taxi and told him my address. When I arrived home, I handed him a twenty-dollar bill and left. My front door was already unlocked. I panicked as I opened the door. I heard a loud thump from the kitchen.

My sister appeared out of nowhere and said," Oh, Annie. I thought you would never come home. Where were you anyways?"

I groaned and said," Bailey, I already told you, you need to tell me before you just randomly show up at my house. You scared me to death."

" Oh, stop being a baby. Who would wanna break into your apartment, you live here," she teased.

I rolled my eyes and said," Bailey, what are you doing here?"

" Can't a sister just be at a sister's house? Okay, okay, I need money and a place to stay for a while," she said.

" No, this has been going on for the past two years," I said.

She looked at me and said," Please, Derek left me, he stole everything and I just need somewhere to stay."

I rolled my eyes and said," Fine, but you can only stay three weeks, tops."

She agreed and started to set up her bed on the couch. She fell asleep by 8:15. I realized that Kelly was gonna text me soon. I sat on my bed and watched "Queer Eye" for hours. Jonathan always made me laugh.

I love his hair and his beard. My phone suddenly dinged. I picked it up and checked it. Hey, I hope we can meet up sometime soon. I loved meeting you.

~~~Four Months Later~~~

I woke up and put on makeup. I put my hair in a bun and put on white skinny jeans and a James Charles hoodie. The TV was left on all night. I groaned and turned it off.

I put on my white vans and walked out the door. I took a taxi to the coffee shop downtown and waited.

She eventually came. She was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Her hair was curly and super cute. " Hey," she said, hugging me.

" So I wanted to talk to you about something. Okay, so I obviously like you and I want to make you my girlfriend but I get it if-" she said.

" Oh, stop, I like you as well and I would love to be your girlfriend," I interrupted.

~~~Three Months Later~~~

We sat on the couch and watched TV. She agreed to start watching "Queer Eye" with me. We watched it for hours. Soon I fell asleep on her lap.

She smiled and kissed my forehead. I sighed and thought about how she would feel if I introduced her to my family.

" Why have I never met your parents?" she asked, calmly.

" Uh, because they don't support the LGBTQ's and they would not be okay with us dating and I don't want to put you through that," I said, sadly.

She smiled and said," I don't care. Nothing will make me not wanna be with you. Your perfect for me."

She kissed me. As she was kissing me, the door opened and my parents yelled," Surprise we-"

" Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?" I asked, nervously.

This is the time, the time to tell them. Just say it, already. I thought.

To Be Continued...

June 20, 2020 08:17

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Elle Clark
18:36 Jun 27, 2020

This is such a sweet story with a cute couple at the centre of it. It felt really rushed to me - as if you were listing the main bullet points of her life but I would have loved you to have zoomed in on one or two of those moments so that we could’ve seen the personality of the characters some more. It was a lovely read though - thank you for sharing!


Thotsuki Bakuhoe
16:30 Jun 28, 2020

Thank you so much. I will read your stories if you like. I hope you have a great day and stay safe!!


Elle Clark
16:53 Jun 28, 2020

You’re welcome! And yes, I’d love some feedback on my stories, thank you 😊


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Luz Andara
01:16 Jul 02, 2020

I loved the theme of this! The main character's introduction was surprising. And the Queer Eye bit made me relate to it. I too watched it for hours ha! It feels a little rushed so a few details would be nice to really include the reader. I often write about the same topic so sometimes i reread my own work many times and answer questions. Why does the character react the way they do? Why doesn't her famiky support queer people and how did she handle it? Who's Bailey? What does she look like and why did Annie suddenly rush out of Kelly's p...


Thotsuki Bakuhoe
19:31 Jul 03, 2020

I rushed it a little bit because my computer was about to die and if it died, my work would be deleted and I didn't want it to delete, so I know that it is a little rushed. I have seen all of the episodes of Queer Eye on Netflix and I am in love with them. My favorite is Jonathan, he is so enthusiastic and funny, I love it. I would love to give you some feedback on your stories, I will do that after I finish writing this. I hope you have a great day and stay safe.


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Grace Jarvis
18:41 Jun 27, 2020

I like the idea behind your story. Thanks for an awesome read! Oh, and could you read my story and provide feedback?


Thotsuki Bakuhoe
00:57 Jun 29, 2020

Yes, of course I will. Thanks for the feedback. I hope you have a good day and stay safe.


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Leya Newi
15:58 Jun 26, 2020

Hey, Ella! The story was pretty good. I could almost feel the awkwardness of Annie, which is wonderful for a story, but it also felt a little rushed, since there was a lot going on. Stay safe!


Show 0 replies
Thotsuki Bakuhoe
08:20 Jun 20, 2020

So sorry it has been so long since I wrote a new story. This one is not the best, i know. But it was just something I wanted to write about. I hope you enjoyed it. I did make a lot of grammar issues, I know. I apologize for that but as I already said, I am new to writing and I still have a lot to learn. So if you guys could give me some pointers and help me out with what I did wrong that would be great! I hope everyone has an amazing day and I hope y'all are healthy. ❤❤❤


Jubilee Forbess
04:08 Jun 21, 2020

Hi, Ella! The main thing is this story is not in second person, which was the contest theme.


Thotsuki Bakuhoe
05:56 Jun 21, 2020

Shoot, I didn't even realize that...well, I failed. Lol. Thanks for telling me, Have a good day.


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