Staring out the window, Ayesha watched the snowflakes fall, wondering about the world. Why was every snowflake different? If one snowflake falls and gets crushed by others reaching their inevitable end, could another snowflake of the same type be born? Writing these questions down to look up later, she began to make breakfast.

Because of the snow, her power had gone out, so all she could do for breakfast was grab a cold sandwich. As she walked back into her bedroom, something flashed by her eye. In her living room stood a gorgeous young woman.

Shocked, Ayesha dropped her plate, the sandwich wasted and the plate chipped. The young woman was as startled by her as she was her. Her tanned skin and gorgeous body made her gawk. "Where did you come from?" she said coming to her senses. "What the hell are you doing in my living room? I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it."

The woman tried to say something but no sound came out. She seemed to be choking! But how? She ran to her and she could make out the word "Help." before she fell unconscious.

Invisible hands were starting to wrap around her throat, but she didn't take that self defense class for nothing. She let the hands wrap around her neck and then flung her upper body forward. She could hear a THUMP! as the invisible man fell to the ground in front of her. Judging by the dent in the floor, she guessed where he was and punched him as hard as she could.

The invisible man seemed to have left, as an eerie feeling that was around when he was was gone. She went to the woman and started to pump her chest (learned from 3 years of being a lifeguard), and when that proved effortless, she had to go to mouth to mouth resurrection.

She placed her lips against her unmoving ones and made sure her airway was open. Quickly, Ayesha breathed into her mouth before the woman's heart breathed steadily again. She took her mouth off of hers as she sat up.

The woman managed to say thanks as she struggled to get her breathing straight, gulping air as if it were a delicacy. When the woman looked into Ayesha's eyes, they saw something in the other. Love at first sight.

"Who are you and how the hell did you get here?

"Hey, I'm Aarya. I have a twin brother called Avi and I don't know how I got here. One minute I was with Avi in the hospital, next I was here. With you."

Ayesha had to take a second to comprehend. Everyone knew the story of the boy named Avi's kidnapping, and knew how he had been thrown down from the sky. But that was over 4 years ago. Was this girl trapped in time?

"Um Aarya? Your brother was let go from the hospital over 4 years ago. Where have you been?"

Aarya looked confused. She looked as if she really believed she was just with the twin. Plus, they lived in Virginia. How did she get here, in London?

Ayesha suddenly thought of something. Did it have to do with the invisible strangling force? Did it pull her through time? Aarya had just lost 4 years of her life. Ayesha was determined to get them back for her.

Just as they had begun to explain, the eerie feeling came back. IT was back. The whole room had begun to turn dark. Aarya pulled her close and told her the answer to the question in Ayesha's eyes. There was no fighting. Just escaping.

The two began kissing, frantically trying to touch as much of the other as possible before their inevitable ends. The invisible demon was coming closer. It was about to kill them. Ayesha decided she wouldn't go down without a fight.

With a grin, she lept up from the couch and asked the Invisible Creature a question. "Do you know love?" The whole world stopped. The clock stopped ticking. The snow stopped falling. Ayesha's mouth was still moving. She wouldn't be silenced.

"Do you love anyone?" The invisible thing moved closer. "I know you want to capture me and make me love you. It won't work. Love isn't forced." The Invisible creature stopped. Aarya was moving again. The invisible creature did something to Aarya and she began to scream.

"No! Not Aarya. Take me." Ayesha knew it wouldn't work. Her and her stupid words. She would let him take her. She held up her hands in surrender. "I love you Aarya. This is why I must leave you." The Invisible Man grabbed Ayesha and took her away. The world started moving again.

Except for Aarya. she was shocked to immobility. She sat there, not knowing what she felt. Ayesha was the only person she knew like her. Ayesha was brave, beautiful and kind. It was her fault that she was taken. She began to sob. Her one true love was gone. She should kill herself. She'd never find love again anyway.

Ayesha was soaring in the clouds with the invisible man. Once they got to the place, she was made to strip. Hr hands and legs were chained down to a table as the man began to rape her. The invisible ruse went away as she saw who the man was. She didn't know, but it was the keeper.

Ayesha crushed the cyanide in her mouth and felt the poison go through her body and kill her.

Aarya took Ayesha's gun and shot herself in the head.

Neither would ever love another again.

January 11, 2020 15:28

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