A Night Full of Doubts (Part 2 of Strange Encounter)

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Mystery Fantasy Fiction

   After living one of the longest and craziest days of his life, Samuel thought sleep will come easy, but it was just wishful thinking. After a while, Samuel gave up on sleep. He was lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling. A complete stranger who is also a witch was sleeping in his guest room. What the hell was he thinking? How could he trust a witch after what happened to his brother? The strange pull he feels towards her also scared him. The last time he felt that kind of connection towards someone was when his brother was still alive. Seeing Ophélie brought old memories back.

   The memories he wanted to forget. He tried to run away from his past for so long, but it was catching up. He had to learn that no one can run away from their past the hard way.

   He remembered the first day he met her. She was a kind and lovely witch. Samuel felt a connection with her and in a short time, he fell in love with her. When she found out Samuel and his brother Louis were collecting magical books and artifacts, she wanted to join them. Louis never liked this idea. He told him not to trust her, but Samuel didn’t listen to him. That day they parted ways. It was not until the day he died Samuel saw his brother again. He could never forget that day no matter how much he wanted. It was the worst day of his life. He did not only lose his brother forever but also, he got betrayed by the woman he loved endlessly. The worst part was Ophélie was the killer of his brother yet after everything and all of this time Samuel was still in love with her and heartbroken. Samuel thought every single night after that day If he listened to Louis would he still be alive. He never trusted any other witch after Ophélie.

   There was still so much he didn’t know about Ophélie’s plan and the things Louis did in the years they were separated.

   Now he had Sibylle who can be the most powerful witch he ever met in his house. He was afraid of making the same mistake again. There was no one else he could lose but h can’t risk the book getting in the wrong hands. He promised Louis to find to book and protect it and he couldn’t do that without Sibylle. In all those years after his brother’s death, he killed every witch he met at their first wrong move. He wasn’t sure if he can do the same with Sibylle. She was a normal girl or at least she believed she was one until today. Also, she was an orphan. Both of them have no one to turn to in this world. He started to feel drowsy and it didn't take too long for him t fall asleep.

   While Samuel was lost in his past, regrets, and fears Sibylle was also lying awake in the next room.

  Sibylle was sitting on the chair in the room watching the night sky. Samuel’s hideout was in the middle of a forest just like the orphanage she spent her entire childhood. Good thing they were far away from the city, and it gave her to chance to see the stars clearly. She wanted to go for a walk in the middle of the night in the forest just like she did as a kid. She could easily sneak out of the house, but she got nowhere to go and also now a crazy powerful witch was coming after her.

   Who could know books can ruin lives and cause this much harm? Unfortunately, it was just the start of a very long adventure.

   She still couldn’t believe she was a witch but also it made sense. She talks with animals at her night walks in the forest near to orphanage. She believed all of that talking was her imagination but now she realized she really was talking with animals. Or the weather changing in the way she wanted. She could also control the weather. She always believed she was just lucky. Well, now she knows it was because she was a witch. Sure, there were times she felt like an outsider, but didn’t everyone feel like that?

   Her worst fear was coming true she will never fit in. She will always be a freak or a witch in this case.

  She wondered what else she could do with her powers. Samuel told her she was one of the most powerful witches he ever met. It scared her. What if she hurt someone accidentally or she can’t learn to control them. Samuel was not fully capable of using magic what if he couldn’t teach her everything she needs to learn. What they would do then? They? Since when there was, they? They met just today, he broke into her apartment and tried to kill her with a crossbow. Now she was in his hideout with him sleeping in the next room. She felt stupid for trusting someone tried to kill her, but she didn’t have parents to warn her about strangers. She wondered if she made the right choice with trusting Samuel.

  Her mind was full of unanswered questions, fears, and worries. It was obvious from their encounter Samuel was not fond of witches.

   When Ophélie told him she would kill her if he didn’t hand the book to her, Samuel was in a dilemma. He considered giving a really powerful spell book which he searched for years, for saving the life of a complete stranger. Also, he offered her help with her powers and a place to stay. If he wanted to kill her, he would already do it. She got up from the chair and lay on the bed. She started to think she could trust Samuel and she let the sleep come around.

   Even though they were two strangers, they trusted each other. Maybe because they had no other choice or maybe because of something else. Who knows?

March 19, 2022 00:25

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Scarlett Barker
12:36 Mar 26, 2022

I can't wait for the next part.


Z. A.
10:59 Apr 15, 2022



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