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“Aye girl, watch where you going nah!” screamed Bud. 

Startled at the sudden outburst in the middle of the cafeteria at lunch time Eva thought to herself, 

Why do I have to apologise when he bumped into me? Oh well, I am not studying he nah. I have other things on my mind….

Bud was right though I was not paying attention to where I was going. I was busy watching Chad Rodigues, the tall, dark and handsome captain of the Rainbow Warriors, the Freetown Secondary School football team. They were the champions of the National Secondary Schools Cup and Chad, they said, was going to get a football scholarship to a University in England.

Yeah that was my Chad, well, sort of, if I could ever work up the nerve to say hello, he was everything I would like in a boyfriend: goodlooking, soft spoken, intelligent, likeable. Yes Chad was everything I wasn’t. I was just average and unpopular and extremely shy.

What boy in the prime of his secondary school life at seventeen would want a girl like me. Nah I should just pay attention to where I am walking and take my head out of the clouds.

 Lightning pierced the sky first, followed by loud thunder, then torrential rain. This is typical rainy season weather on the island. This rain will lead to floods for sure. I hope school is over early today because it will be hell to get home.

“Ok, class, put away your books and get ready for the bell. A tropical depression has been reported so we have to dismiss school early today ” announced Miss James the English teacher. 

“Ha ha!” laughed Kim, the most annoying girl ever, who happens to always for some reason be sitting behind me in English class. 

“ We real get through allyuh, no English test today, haha” joked Kim much to the delight of the rest of the class.

How could Chad even stand her? I mean, she is pretty, I guess but so ‘outatiming’ gosh!

As if she could hear my thoughts she boasted “ All I know is my man Chad going and carry me home in that new car he has.”

In form six, when you own a car is like a big thing, and of course that’s one of the things that makes Chad extra dreamy, his ride. I have no time right now to think about them. I need to find a way to get home. My phone died and I forgot to walk with my charger so if this rain does not let up soon I am stuck here cause unlike the others my home is quite down in the country and the area floods.

“Your call cannot be completed as dialed” sighhhhh.

The rain is harder now. Everyone has left and I am alone standing here under a shed waiting for a taxi. 

I cyah believe nobody, not even a teacher, stop to offer me a drop home self. I thought. 

As I pondered about the insensitivity of people on this side of the island, a silver Toyota pulled up in front of me.

“ Aye, Eva, what are you doing out here still?” asked Chad. 

For a minute I stood frozen on the spot unable to respond. 

“Ent you living down country? I will drop you. I have to go down there to check if my grandmother is ok.” he explained.

Not able to find the words, I simply replied; “ Yes ok”.

The thing about me is that I am extremely shy. Taking this drop from Chad, a boy I liked is such a big thing for me. I have not had the easiest time making friends these last five years at Secondary School. Most people normally just ignore me, writing me off as a “country bookie”.

Living in a rural village on the island has been hard for my family. My parents were both farmers who worked the land and sold produce in the market. All of this, they say as a sacrifice for me to attend this prestigious Secondary School in town. Now that I am here, I have been unable to really fit in. 

As I sit in silence looking out the car window at the pouring rain against the glass, I do something completely out of character. I speak.

“So, Chad, could I ask you a question?” I ask, still in disbelief that I am actually speaking to Chad Rodrigues.

“Yes, sure.” he replied.

“What do you see in that girl, Kim?” I asked.

Chad let out the loudest laugh ever and asked; “But, who tell you I interested in she?” 

“I just thought….” now feeling really ashamed that I was bold enough to ask something like that.

“No, It’s alright Eva. I am just into the quiet type of girls.” Chad answered with that million dollar smile.

I had to hide the blush that rose on my cheeks. 

After that icebreaker on the drive home, the conversation between us became very pleasant. I learned that Chad was a sensitive guy with dreams of becoming a dentist. I even felt comfortable to share that I wanted to be a writer. I wished the drive would never end…..

As we approached my street, the rains had subsided leaving a lot of mud in the track where I lived. I worried that his car may stick so I told Chad he could drop me off at the entrance to my street.

“ What kinda man do you think I am?” Chad asked, offended.

“I just thought you would not want your car to stick in the mud” 

“I do not want it to stick in the mud, but I plan to park up here and carry you on my shoulders walking.”

Surprised, by Chad’s response, I became mute.

I would never jump on Chad’s shoulder. But, there is one life to live and I need to take chances.

With that thought settled in my mind, I nodded yes, and as he knelt , I carefully went up on his shoulders.

What a gentleman!! Take that Kim!! I thought as Chad carefully took me to my front gate.

“Thanks a lot Chad, by the way how did you know my name?” I asked curious since we never spoke in school.

“ Well, Eva I was always admiring you from afar. I like your vibes.” Chad gave a smile with that reply that could melt hearts.

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