This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

He drove that Brinks truck, like he was the super, proud owner, and earner, of every dollar in the back of it.

"Bye daddy" the cute little brunette, with the soulful dark eyes, squeaked, to her own close personal hero. I love you, was what he said to her, making a heart out of his two hands and fingers together. Smiling at her beauty, the beauty, only a six year old that loved you, could make you believe.

Get on the ground m@#$$$ f#$%^%". "Sack of poop, he just told you to get outta the truck and get ona ground" said the second stupid, uneducated man. Seeming like the second man was the brawn in this hold up, while the first may have been the brains, at some time or another. The second man, gave the driver a deep kick, into his ribcage, with a steeltoed boot. After, gasping for about a minute, not able to follow any of the instructions, he was given another hard kick. He finally looked up, and waved at his keys in the ignition. " That's right buddy, keys to the money, give em to us" stupid sneered. Another hard steel toed boot went into the brinks drivers crotch. "Ummmph" was the only sound, other than the jingle of the keys, coming out of the ignition. Sliding the key into the lock, to the cashe of money, on the other side, of the trucks back doors. The man laid there helplessly, watching his twenty year job, go down the drain, and his safe driver cash bonus, at Christmas as well. All of the perks at this job, were for a job well done. Noone ever spoke, of the fifty percent robbery rate, the company had. The luck of the draw, was for the thieves. Sometimes certain drivers, made a lifetime of increases in pay, with no bad instances. Getting thier smiling faces, on driver of the month, meant a sure bonus in pay. His was not to be seen in future company thank-you, he knew this. He also knew, that the death rate for robberies, were the same percentages as murders. He felt that his life was imminently in danger. He closed his eyes, his head pounded inside.

She looked out the window, waiting for her daddy. The babysitter brought over her crackers, little cheese fish. She told her, that her dad would be there shortly, and not to make to many crumbs on the floor. Her duties as a housekeeper, since his missus had died, included cleaning. She wasn't that fond of cleaning house, but put in an effort, for this man and his little girl. She was starting to love them both. The six year old, was a really good little girl, and what she knew of her father was, that he was a hard working man. A man that provided for his family, and did a good job. His late wife, never being spoke of, by either the man, or the little girl. The housekeeper assumed, that it was taboo, to pry into what had happened, to the girls mother. The little one, still sat, looking out the picture window one hour later. The father, was now unusually late, for his daughter's greeting.

Slamming the trucks driver, against the truck, was all the stupid one did. The brains, of the two man crew, slowly and methodically emptied the millions of dollars, from the back of the truck. The alarm system, that went straight to headquarters, never went off. The keys were in the lock, at the right time, and no one had come to greet him. He wad parked behind the bank at the back door. Nobody was alerted of this heist, and the driver kept praying, that he would see his little girl again. They would of killed me already, he thought to himself. All the while being held, by the hair, bent over, beside the truck.

OH MY GOD gasped the teller, when she looked out exactly 12 minutes late, for opening the door, for the brinks truck. She saw the brinks truck, then the driver, in a hostage state. She shut the door, and casually looked for the manager, to tell him of the emergency.

The two men clapped, and sang, whistling down the highway. They had just done the provinces biggest score. They would be rich, and so would many, many, poor people. The brains of the ordeal, had promised himself, that the little kids in his neighborhood, that went with out breakfast, before school, because of drug addicted parents. They would never miss a Cheerio, or a Rice Crispy, again. He had the breakfast club lady all cashed up, on the way by. This nice lady assured him, that she had enough money for the kids breakfasts, for at least a year. She was courteous enough, not to ask, where the money came from. The picnic tables, in the empty play park, would suffice for breakfast tables, before school. He also left out his alcoholic brother, as a benificiary of his loot, as all his brothers friends were addicted, to something. He wasn't going to support addicts, the government could make programs for them, safe injection sites, the whole works. They weren't going to get any of his millions, he had just stolen. He would of liked, to think of himself, as a modern Robin Hood. He didn't really think it was guilt, that propelled him to the next location. It was his lucky day, and he was going to " spread the wealth". He was on his way, to a handicapped man's house, who could not afford, a nurse to care for him. The brain figured, that twenty five thousand, would buy him at least a cute woman. His partner, the less intelligent one, tried to talk him down. He wanted to give his physically challenged buddy, only ten thousand. The brawn, wouldn't hear of it, he was feeling very generous. He just hoped that whoever got the job, caring for the man, would make sure he had a bath, and was fed at least. He wasn't mentally inept, just physically, so he could hire his own nurse.

She closed the back door of the bank quietly, wishing she hadn't seen the driver getting roughed up. She had met, and worked, with the two brutal men, a month before. After the meeting, they had given her five hundred dollars. She was to be late, for the banks back door today. At least ten minutes late, or longer. She alerted the manager. By the time the manager had gotten outside, after phoning the police, fire, ambulance. When the manager, and the teller arrived, out the back door, the driver was standing. The bank lady sighed, a huge sigh of relief, at the drivers ability to walk at least, after being beaten up.

MEXICO HERE WE COME, yelled the two thieves after using a voice synthesizer to change thier voices into a funeral home. Telling both thier families, that they had died in a car crash, late last night.

This award of excellence, is for my number 34 driver. The boss handed the now, healed up driver, his bonus for courageously getting through, one of the countries biggest takes. He had gotten a heros welcome back, after a week off. The money had now long been recieved by the company, by the insurer of the brinks company. The drivers bonus, for courage, was equal, with the safe driving bonus.

"Daddy I'm so glad those robbers didn't get you". " No they won't get me"he said to her as he tucked her into bed. He looked at this little dark haired angel and thanked God for his own safe return. He was a little more cautious of people, around his truck. He felt confident, that this type of thing, wouldn't happen twice. He needed to be here, for this brown eyed girl, the girl he would do anything for.

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