The Island of Mist

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Fantasy Fiction

The sky was so dark it looked black as pitch. Millions of stars glistened and sparkled in the black landscape. Thick stray clouds masked out the moon, filling the sky with a gloomy silver light. The warm glow of the dimly lit lamps became the only lights to see by. The ocean stood motionless in the calm of the night. All of the crew were below deck sleeping. They were used to the sea rocking the ship and could sleep through it.

Captain Scar stood quietly at the wheel steering the ship. He was the only one awake and enjoyed the solitude he had in the dead of night. It gave him time. Time to think about the reason for this voyage. This voyage was unlike any he had ever made. It was the most important. He was traveling to the island of mist to rescue his only daughter from the clutches of the evil pirate, Captain Rust. He is the meanest pirate of them all. Captain Scar took back an emerald jewel that was stolen from him by Captain Rust to give to his daughter on her birthday. When he found out who stole the emerald he sailed to the island where Captain Scar's daughter lived. He killed her mother and took her. Captain Scar did not find out until a month later when he went home. He vowed right then not to rest until he found his daughter.

It was a treacherous journey to the island of mist. Many had lost their lives trying to sail there. Once there, the entire island is covered in a thick mist that never lifts and is impossible to see in. The sky is never seen from the island. The sun can shine through the mist but the sky is never seen, making it impossible to escape. Captain Scar was sure this island is where Captain Rust took his daughter. It was where he took all of his prisoners. According to the map, captain Scar is still two days away from the island. He is already a month behind and fears he will be too late to save his daughter. But he will not give up though until he saves her.

 Morning came at last. The dark sky slowly faded into a light blue. The stars disappeared in the lightness of the sky. The deep orange sun rose over the horizon. The ocean glistened and sparkled from the bright light. Deep shades of pink and purple filled the sky. A few stray clouds looked golden from the sunlight. When the crew arose from their sleep captain Scar's friend Will walked up on deck and stood beside his friend. "Go find some rest, my friend." He said taking the wheel.

Without saying a word the captain slowly walked down the three stairs and opened the door to his quarters. He was tired but knew he would find no rest. For three weeks now she has haunted his sleep. This is why he was steering the ship all night. He has taken the night watch every night for three weeks. He placed his sword on the desk and laid down in his bed. He closed his eyes and tried hard to fall asleep. Finally, he drifted off to sleep but was awoke not long after by another dream of his daughter dying. Quickly he sat up in bed and rubbed his face. His hand slid over the scar going down his right eye. His boots hit the wooden floor as he stood up from the bed. He walked over to the desk put his sword back on and walked over to the door. He walked over to Will who was still steering the ship.

"Captain a storm is brewing," Will announced pointing at the black clouds. "Looks like we won't be able to go around this one."

"Aye Will. Prepare to go through it." Captain Scar answered as he took the wheel.

The crew began rushing around the deck, preparing the ship for the storm. Most of the sails were taken down but the storm moved in too quick for them all to be removed. Thunder rumbled loudly as dark clouds churned harshly above them. The blue sky and sun were gone, covered with a thick black veil. Lighting streaks hit the sea and filled the sky with an eerie white glow. Off in the distances, they could all see the rain moving towards them, like a thick white haze. The ship heaved and rolled from side to side in the rising sea. The angry waves smacked against the side of the ship. The wind howled and moaned as gusts blew by at high speed. As the rain-shroud passed overhead everyone was drenched within seconds. The rain whipped through the air and stung the captain's bare arms like shards of glass. Suddenly a bright white light flashed right in front of the captain's eyes. Before he could even udder a word the light faded away. A loud creaking and cracking noise was heard, then the enormous back mast began slowly falling. The captain watched in terror as the mast fell, the sails glided through the air like sheets blowing in a soft breeze. The entire mast crashed into the sea making a loud splash. The captain watched silently as the mast was swallowed by the sea.

Just when the captain had almost lost hope of surviving and was prepared to never see his daughter. The rain steadily subsided to a light shower and the raging sea soon calmed. The men cheered for they had survived one of the worst storms yet. The ship however was badly damaged. Captain scar was troubled by the state of the ship. He would not be sailing at the fast pace he had been. The storm slowed them down tremendously so an entire day had been lost. As he steered the ship the crew repaired as best as they could. The remaining sails needed to be repaired but they did not have time. The other sails were put back up except for the ones that went on the destroyed mast. They had to keep moving. Captain Scar could not afford to stop and he could not go back to make port. He thought he had lost an entire day but when he sat down to look over the map he realized that the storm had moved him closer than he thought. All of this was just a figuration however because he had never actually seen the island with his own eyes.

Captain Scar took the night watch as he usually did. The crew went below deck to sleep but Will stayed. Will walked up the stairs and sat down on a barrel behind the captain.

"How old is she now?" Will asked.

"She will be fourteen next week." Captain Scar answered.

Will smiled, "You gonna tell her you named the ship after her?"

Before the captain could answer someone came running up from below deck. "Captain some of the men are down there fighting." He shouted. The captain looked back at Will, "I will go see about it." Will said. He stepped off the platform and down below deck. The captain continued steering the ship and looking around at the sky. He did not notice that one of the crew didn't go below deck. Nor did he notice that the man was suspiciously sneaking upon him. The captain heard something splash in the water and he turned to see what it was. He leaned over the back of the ship and looked at the water. The man walked closer and closer to the captain. His sword was drawn and he held it in a fighting position. "No!" Will cried.

The captain turned around just in time to duck, missing the deadly swing. The captain pulled out his sword just in time. Their swords met and the battle began. Will watched in terror as the captain battled this man. He feared for the captain's life and worried that he would die. After what seemed like forever of watching this sword fight and not being able to do anything. The captain got the upper hand and had the man pinned down. "Who sent you to kill me?" Captain Scar asked. The man smiled and laughed, "You are almost out of time. Captain Rust says hello." Without even thinking he killed the man and Will ran up to the captain. "Are you alright?" Will asked. The captain was panting and taking deep breaths. "I'm fine." The captain said. He grabbed a bottle of rum and began drinking it. "Take the wheel for a bit." He walked down the steps and walked into his quarters. He leaned over his desk and looked at the map. According to the map, they should be there by morning. And he was ready. He was going to kill captain Rust or die trying. The night sped by, it was non-eventful which was good. It gave the captain time…time to come up with a plan.

Morning came at last and the sun rose over the horizon. "Captain look!" Will shouted. The captain looked out and saw no land. But he did he see a wall of thick dense fog. "Were here." He said aloud. "Prepare the longboats!" The captain, Will, and five of the crew members set out across the sea in two longboats. They rowed silently across the water towards the island. Slowly they entered the fog. Sharp rocks could be seen as soon as they went by them. It was hard to miss some which would explain why so many has died. At last, they reached the island. The captain stepped off the boat and his boots sunk into the wet sand. "We will search in groups. Will you come with me." The captain said. They began walking through the fog as they walked the captain almost ran into something. It was a rock wall that stood so high the top could not be seen. Will found a door and opened it. Once inside the door, the fog was gone. The man walked in the door and began searching for his daughter. Human skeletons hung from dead trees. As he walked the captain had a bad feeling. He saw no one that was alive and thought for a moment that she was already gone.

The men had split up. Will and the captain walked alone looking for his daughter. They came to a wooden rope bridge. Slowly they began walking across it. It creaked with every step they took. At last, they made it to the other side and as they walked up the hill they saw a figure hanging from a tree. Captain Scar panicked and ran to the tree without thinking. When he reached the tree he realized that she was hanging by her wrists. He knew it was her! He rubbed her cheek and she lifted her head, "Da?" She said weakly. "I'm here." He said.

"Good!" A voice shouted. Will and Captain Scar turned around. "You found her! Now she can watch me kill you."

"You’re the one that's going to die!" Captain Scar shouted.

"Let's end this!" Captain Rust shouted.

Captain Scar looked over at Will, "I won't leave her." He whispered.

The sword fighting began and as they fought they moved away from the captain's daughter. Some of Rust's men came to fight Will as well. He pulled out his sword and began fighting them. They were not very good fighters though and the fight ended pretty quick. Captain Scar swung his sword back and forth with great anger. Captain Rust swung back just as forcefully. Back and forth they fought on and on. Captain Scar tripped and fell to the ground and captain Rust held his sword to his throat. "She's mine now. Along with the emerald. At least you got to see her one last time." Captain Rust shouted. Captain Scar reached for his sword but could not reach it. Was this the end? Did he come all this way only to die now? Suddenly captain Rust shouted in pain as a sword went through him. He fell to the ground dead and Captain Scar saw Will standing still with a sword in his hand. "Thank you!" He said as he stood to his feet. Captain Scar ran back to his daughter. "Emerald let's get you down." He said. He picked her up in his arms as Will cut the rope. The rope fell from her hands and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They walked back over the wooden bridge. Through the rock wall door and slowly they walked through the fog. The rest of the crew came out of the fog and they rowed back to the ship. Once onboard captain Scar gave Emerald a dress to wear that he got from home. 

They sailed towards home and captain Scar retired from the sea. He loved the sea but he loved his daughter more.

August 27, 2021 20:56

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