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I’m an ugly toy. 

There’s not much else I can say.

It’s just stating the obvious.

Some come out as pretty toys. Some come out as adventurous. Some come out loving and cuddly.

They’re the worst ones.

I came out ugly.

And not ugly, as in the little ugly duckling way.

It doesn’t get any better for me.

No life altering, self-help guru I am what I am and we’re all beautiful in our own way type of ugly.

I’m just ugly.

Like I hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down.

That’s ugly.

The people at the factory were not sure what had happened.  They did not make ugly toys. Where did I come from? What would they do?

What could they do?

They put me in a box and away I went.

Probably mislabeled me to give me a chance. 

So someone would love me.



Some day

I’m a frickin’ toy!

What’s not to love?


They made sure the box didn’t have a window so people couldn’t see how ugly I was.

Smart marketing.

The team is giving me some hope.


You spend a lot of time in the dark when you’re an ugly toy. Not a lot of time moving though. Mostly it’s just stillness. 

In the dark.

The darkness.




Yes, embrace the darkness.

Feel the depths of my soul.

Do I have a soul?

I guess that would be freaky if I did.

Wow, things get can get real in here.


Embrace the darkness.


One day I am opened up to much pomp and circumstance and fanfare.

Streamers and laughter!




Yes, Children!

Happy children!

Playful children!

Excited Children!

A birthday party!

My life purpose is fulfilled!

Then they look at me.

I scare the little girl.

I scare her mother.

I scare most of the kids at the party.

One kid thinks I’m cool,

But his mother won’t let him take me home.

So back in the box I go.


You never seem to get handled nicely when you are ugly.

No one is too worried about things getting worse.

Just getting me the hell out of here.

I get tossed around in my box.

No one puts in any stuffing or packing material, so I go from side-to-side.

Not to worry though.

It’s not like I’m going to get any uglier.

At least, I hope not.


It seems like I spent a long time in the box next.

Not moving though.

That sucks.

I always wanted to travel. See the world.

The Pyramids! The Eiffel Tower! The Great Wall!

But most of the time I’m right here.





They could at least move me to a different shelf or wherever I am.

What about sticking me in a box with one of those rotating viewer thingys?

Give me the illusion of being a glamorous world traveller

I’ve got to have something to hold on to.

Besides the dark, that is.


One time I was put in a box with another toy.

I’m not sure why.

It screamed.

And it wasn’t a screaming toy.

Pretty sure it didn’t even have one of those voice box things.

I try not to take that stuff personally.


Then I’m opened!

The people don’t seem offended by me!

Yes! Finally!

A home and love!

It’s what I was created for!

Bring on those lovin’ kids!

I bet they’re already fighting over me.

Oh God, no!

They think I’m a dog toy and here it comes!

Slobber and thrashing!

Tearing and tossing!

Argh! Can’t you read the printing on the back!

Are you so lazy!

I’m so wet. It’s awful.

Then I’m left alone.

They shake me in front of the creature’s face.

I’m too ugly for the dog.

Give me a frickin’ break!

They put me back in the box and away I go.

Or go away.

We’ll have to see.


The dark doesn’t have to be scary.

It can be a great time to think and ponder.

Time becomes an abstract thought.

It really is a freedom.

Unlike all those other suckers being run by the clock.

No one runs my life except for me!

At least that’s what I try to tell myself.

Let me out of here!

At least don’t pack me so well so that a little light gets through.


It’s been years.

It has to be years.


What’s an eon?

That’s probably too long.


Yeah, the word I’m looking for is decades.

It is difficult for me to tell since I’m a toy but it must be that long.

Then, one day, someone opens the box again.

Ach! The dust.

So this is where the smell came from.

Cobwebs? Seriously!

They look at me with surprise.

They look at me in a way I’ve never been looked at before.

“Oh . . . My. . . God,” they say.

“Can you believe one of these even exists anymore?”

“It must be worth a fortune!”

I don’t know what that means but it all sounds good!

Better than I have heard before.

What’s that they’re holding?

AH! Bright light!

Then darkness again as they put me in another box.



I think I need a wash. 

Something really stinks.

Of course, there is only me.

I’ll blame it on the box.


Oop. The box is moving again.

Another rough ride.

There is a lot of banging on the box this time.

And I’m in the air and . . . Hang time . . .


Soon, someone opens my box up again.

They look at me and smile.

They take me out of the box.

It’s a weird place.

There are a lot of toys just sitting around.

I hope this guy is not some kind of serial killer, like I’ve heard about.

Then he puts me in a box.

A glass box.

Up on high where I can see everything.

A box with a view.

I shift a bit to get comfy.

Can life get much better?

July 21, 2023 18:42

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Kevin Logue
18:09 Jul 31, 2023

What a great idea John and done in such a unique format. Your style really lets the readers mind wonder to what was going on, which for me is marvelous. That ugly toy went on quite a journey, both physically and of its inner self, and to be found my a true collector at the end, excellent. Great work 👍


John-Paul Cote
02:32 Aug 05, 2023

Thank you. I tried to think of events in a toy’s life. I like the ending too.


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Jonathan Page
00:02 Jul 30, 2023

Nice! Very fresh angle.


John-Paul Cote
18:09 Jul 30, 2023

Thank you


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Z. E. Manley
11:43 Jul 29, 2023

My heart really goes out to the “ugly toy”. Well done!


John-Paul Cote
18:15 Jul 29, 2023

Thank you


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