Friendship Romance Fiction

"I hope she notices," I whispered this to my date as we walked (what looked like slow motion) into the fancy restaurant which was accompanied by a live jazz band. I've been a bodybuilder for as long as I can remember and I always looked good in a suit regardless how ripped I was. Even my date can agree to that statement.

My date, Lolo, was a beautiful slender mix woman whom I asked to help me out for the evening. She wore a red dress that even would make Jessica Rabbit jealous. Lolo and I go way back since the days of our youth in high school. She and I have always been the best of friends. If we were any vegetables, we would be two peas in a pod. Lolo works as a travel agent in local downtown Milwaukee and she's very good at her job while loving it. She has helped me a lot with my own traveling affairs across the nation for my bodybuilding tournaments. 

The objective of the date was to get my person of interest jealous. That person of interest (that's what Lol called her) was named Valerie: the girl of my dream. She was the most gorgeous woman I ever laid eyes on. Valerie is a tall woman who works as a nutritionist. She loves the beaches, workouts, and eating healthy foods which is exactly the kind of stuff I'm into. This evening she wore a purple cocktail dress that stretch up to her knees. She was accompanied by a business fellow who looked like a tool to begin with if I'm quite frank. He wore nothing too special. What he wore seemed like his same old business attire. Which to shows that he clearly hasn't made any effort into the date besides having the radiant Valerie to be put in his schedule.

Lolo and I eventually followed the host to our table as we crossed our arms together like celebrities. I bet we looked like a million bucks. In fact, I could feel the whole restaurant stare at us. Not much people has seen me in a suit considering Ready O' Chad always wears a speedo or spandex in his profession everywhere he went or was on TV. 

Tonight was different for I was in a nice suit and accompanied by a breathtaking Lady in Red. Now that I mentioned it, I can't help thinking of the song of that same title by Chris de Burgh. Such a classic song. I was even humming it in my head as the jazz band was playing a different tune. Couldn't remember what it was considering I was thinking of that one sing I have mentioned.

Anyways, we were seated at a table across from Valerie and her date. Once we have got ourselves situated, Valerie looks pass her date and over to our table confused. I'm willing to bet she was trying to figure out who was the handsome guy in the suit with that beautiful lady in red. After a couple of minutes of figuring out, I could see the expression on her face when she had so. She was astonished and her date was trying to figure out what was with her face. 

"What? Did I say something that shocked you?" I could hear him asked. Apparently he was rambling on about something but Valerie wasn't pay much attention to whatever he had to said.

Valerie snaps back to reality and her date. She quickly replied back: "No, I'm sorry Steve. I wasn't paying much attention to you for the past couple of minutes. I just saw someone that looks awfully familiar." Leave it to Valerie with her honesty and straight forwardness.

Steve responded with: "Oh, it's okay. As I was saying I was sitting there as my client-"

"Excuse me for just a moment, Steve. I'm sorry but I need to..." Valerie interrupted while getting up from her chair as her words trailed off.

As she approaches the table where Lolo and I, the palms in my hands were sweating quite significantly. I quickly took the nearby handkerchief and remove my sweat from my hands.

"Chad? Ready O' Chad? Is that you?" Valerie asked just for clarification.

I got up and replied: "Yes, I am. How's it going, Val? It's been a hot minute."

"It sure has," she said as she gave me a hug. "Been super busy with all the nurtion in the world. And who's this lovely lady?" she asked towards Lolo.

Lolo gets up from her chair and introduced herself by shaking Valerie's hand: "I'm Lolo, nice to meet you."

"The same goes to you," Valerie replied back with her hand shaking Lolo. Though we could see Valerie was a bit unnerving. I could see the envy in her eyes. There was then a awkward moment of silence between the three of us as the jazz band was still playing. Valerie finally then says: "Well then, we shall catch up on another time, Chad. As you two can see I have a date."

I proceed to go: "Yeah, I can see that. He's one lucky man. And we most definitely should, Val."

"Lovely, and thank you for your kind word. Talk to you later Chad. Nice meeting you Lolo," Valerie smiled as she said. She gave a smiling nod and left to her table.

Lolo looks at me and says: "Oh my gosh...she's so jealous..."

I replied excitingly: "Yes, she sure is. I can see it in her eyes."

Shortly afterwards the two of us decided to dance to put on a show. After the first one, the band for the evening played Chris de Burgh's Lady in Red (jazz version). Lolo and I couldn't help to laugh but proceeded to continue on dancing. It just felt right. She was truly Lady in Red and she was dancing with me.

As we danced, the two of us noticed Valerie's glacing every once and awhile. Most definitely jealous. Eventually the two of us went back to order some food. Steve and Valerie were on their way out the minute we seated. As they went, Valerie waved a good bye towards me. I waved back with a smile and then looked at Lolo who was very amused about the outcome. 

"Looks like you might still be in luck," she smiled.

"Oh yeah, it certainly does look like so. Should expect a call from her anytime now," I smiled back.

"Wait until I tell my lover all about this," Lolo said still feeling amused.

I responded: "I'm sure she'll have a good laugh."

"She sure will," my good friend replied.

And like that my evening with Lolo the lady in red came a satisfying end. We both had our friendly dinner and headed to our separate homes. We had successfully achieved our goal for that night which was to get the girl of my dreams jealous. Now all there is to do is wait for a call for Val. Question is when? We shall see.

July 30, 2022 04:50

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