Friendship Inspirational Middle School

Have you ever thought that a little thing could lead to nothing? Have you ever thought someone’s little thing is going to lead to nowhere and that she is wasting her time? Well, that happened to Chanel a few years ago. It all started on a nice hot summer day, it was the last week until school let out for summer vacation. “Are you excited for the big test?” asked Chanel

“No, why would I?” Replied her best friend Addi. “Because I just know I am going to do well!” Chanel exclaimed

“You are such a nerd,” Addi said rolling her eyes. Chanel would have said something but Addi told her the when the last time Chanel tried to stick up for herself that they are not going to be friends anymore. And it took 10 “Pleases”, 20 “I’m Sorry’s”, and 4 “I won’t do it again” to make Addi change her mind. “Fine,” Addi had said, “But this is your last chance, and after that, no more.” 

Chanel frowned, she did not like to be called a nerd, she was just feeling confident. And this would be the test to determine if they are going to graduate from Middle School. “It was just a joke, sheesh,” Addi said rolling her eyes. Chanel’s mom always told her that if she rolled her eyes too much, they would stay stuck that way. Chanel knew this wasn’t true but she wasn’t taking the risks. “Do you want to come over to my house?” Chanel asked

“No, I am meeting with my cool friends. And anyway, all you want to do s study for that dumb test.” Addi repled 

“No! This test is very important to me!” Chanel said and ran away. Ever science they started Middle School, Addi had been so mean and it would increase each year. Chanel didn’t know where she was walking so she bumped into someone. “Oops! I am sorry!” the girl said. “Oh, I didn’t see where I was going,” Chanel said and helped the girl get up. “My name is Maya, what’s your name?” Maya said

“Chanel,” Chanel replied

“Pretty, I was going to be bored today, but you can come over, only if you want to,” Maya said

“Sure!” Chanel replied and they walked over to Maya’s house. As they did, they figured out they had much in common, they even figured out that Chanel is a day older than Maya! “Want to become friends?” Maya asked. Chanel thought for a little while. She knew Addi would like it if she made another friend but at the same time, Addi has a bunch of popular friends. “Ok, sure!” Chanel replied and they skipped the rest of the way there.

The next day, Maya and Chanel were talking about the pros and cons of different dog breeds when Addi interrupted. “Hey, Chanel we are sitting with my friends at lunch,” she said. Addi didn’t even give Chanel an option, it was like she was under Addi’s command. Chanel felt like she’s been chained up by Addi with no way to get free. “I was going to sit with Maya but we can all sit together if that is ok with you,” Chanel said

“That is not ok! Why do you want to sit with that loser anyway?” Addi said pointing directly at Maya’s face. “You don’t even know who she is, just give her a chance,” Chanel said

“Fine, whatever. But do you want to come, Chanel, my and my friends are skipping school?” Addi said

“I’m good.” Chanel said and Addi left mumbling “Loser.” “Why are you friends with her?” Maya said

“We have been friends since kindergarten. We cant end it now.” Chanel said looking at her half of a heart-shaped necklace. Addi has her other half too. She and Chanel promised never to let anything come between them. During lunch, Chanel and Maya joined Addi and her friends at the “Cool” table. “Hi,” Maya and Chanel said

“Sup,” said one of the girls, her name was Louise

“I heard you guys are going to skip school,” Chanel said

“Yeah, so you have a problem?” Louise said. But before Chanel could answer Maya answered for her, “She never said she does but the only problem that she has is her friend is mean!” she said

“Is that true?” Addi asked

“No, Maya is a liar,” Chanel said quickly

“But it is true, oh why do I even try?” Maya said and with that, she left. “I told you every friend you make is not cool,” Addi said, snickering with her friends. “Your right,” Chanel said, “Because you are not cool.” 

“Excuse me?” Addi said getting up

“You heard me, why should I be so scared of you? You don’t have anything that could hurt me except your mouth. But I can change that.” Chanel said and took off her necklace and threw it on the ground. It shattered into pieces. Chanel walked away, her chains were broken, she was free at last! But Chanel found Maya outside. “Sorry that happened,” Chanel said, “I am not friends with Addi anymore. She is mean but I still wanted to be her friend because we were friends for along time. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Sure, I understand. And sorry I spoke for you.” Maya said

“Thanks, ok,” Chanel said and went back inside.

The next day was the day of the big test, the moment that Chanel has been waiting for. Maya and she has been studying really hard and they knew they weren’t going to fail. As Chanel and Maya were walking through the halls Addi approached, “Oh no,” Maya whispered to Chanel. “Hey, Chanel, sorry about yesterday. I was wondering if you could let me copy your paper?” Addi said

“No, that is the wrong thing to do! And anyway, you just want to be my friend to cheat. Come on Maya, we don’t want to be late.” Chanel said walking away followed by Maya. During the test Chanel didn’t see Addi, could she have skipped class again? Chanel did not care, she just needed to focus on the test. After school, Maya and Chanel went to the park. It looked more like a wasteland, though. “Eww, look at this dump. It would take someone forever to clean this up.” Maya said

“But with enough effort, we can clean it up,” Chanel said

“But why can’t someone else do it?” Maya asked holding her nose. “Come on, and it would be a fun after school activity” Chanel pointed out

“Ok, let’s get started!” Maya said eagerly. They got some trash bags from their houses and gloves and got to work. “Haha!” a voice laughed, Chanel knew that laugh. It was Addi. “What do you want, Addi?” Chanel asked

“Nothing, I can see you picking up trash for the rest of your life,” Addi said and left. Chanel frowned. “Don’t mind her, we are doing something good,” Maya said and they continued. The next day, Chanel looked at her locker. It had a picture of her and Maya picking up trash. “You stink, loser!” it said on the picture, Chanel felt tears in her eyes, but she knew Addi was just trying to get under her skin so she ripped it off. After school, Maya and Chanel continued their work. Chanel ever got some gardening tools to make a garden. “Hey,” a voice said, “Can I help?” Chanel and Maya looked up, “Sure,” they said. The girl’s name was Cora. They all became friends and soon more people started to help. “Hey,” a voice said, which was Addi’s, “I don’t know why do many losers want to help you but that is dumb.” Chanel rolled her eyes, “Addi, instead of calling people losers, how about you find something else to do.” Chanel said

“And I am going to something better than you!” Addi said and left. “Don’t worry,” Maya said, “One day, we are going to make history.” After that, Chanel had an idea, she could make an organization to help clean nature, not only parks. They could help clean beaches, nature trails, and lakes. She wanted to name the team “The Green Team” she wanted to meet with all of the people at the park the next day. She was so excited and she was especially excited because the next day was the day of the results. So the next day in class, her teacher handed over her paper, “Good job!” she said. Chanel could tell this was a good sign. She got a 100%! Chanel was so happy that she could jump up and down till her feet hurt, but that would be disrupting that class. She turned over to Addi’s seat only not to see her there. “Where is Addi?” Chanel asked, she thought Addi had skip class because she didn’t want to see her failed grade. “I don’t know, she has been absent lately” Replied her teacher. Chanel was walking with Maya to go to the park, “What score did you get?” Chanel asked Maya. “A 100%, you?” Maya said

“Same!” Chanel exclaimed and they both squealed. At the park, Chanel explained her idea. They got to work, Chanel had a good feeling about this. But soon Addi came, Chanel knew Addi comes to the park every day just to say something mean to them. Chanel has gotten used to it so she said, “Go ahead, are you going to say we are losers?” Addi did her evil smile and dropped some trash on the ground. Chanel picked it up and Addi was throwing more trash on the ground. “You are more of a garbage can, Addi,” Chanel said, “Because that is a lot of trash you are carrying there.” Everyone started to laugh, everyone but Addi. With that, Addi left. “Sometimes I wish Addi could grow up,” Chanel said. The next day was the last day of school. The graduation would be tomorrow, “Are you excited about the graduation tomorrow?” Chanel asked Maya

“A little, hopefully, we won’t see Addi at  High School,” Maya replied

“Yeah,” Chanel said and they walked to class. But they didn’t have to deal with Addi during high school because during class,  Addi wasn’t there, Chanel had enough with it and told on her. “Really,” her teacher said. And then Addicame through the door, “Sorry I’m late,” Addi said pretending to be sick, “I wasn’t feeling so well.” Channels teacher walked up to Addi, “Really? Because Chanel told you have been skipping school, is that correct?” her teacher said

“Um, maybe. But I promise it won’t happen again!” Addi said turning red. “Must I have a private talk with you after class?” her teacher asked. Chanel knew this wasn’t any choice. “Y-yes, ma’am,” Addi said and went back to her seat. After class, Addi stayed inside while everyone left to their lockers. Chanel listened outside of the door. “Addi, you have barely been here this week. And you failed your test. Do you know what that means?” her teacher said

“Um, I can retake the test?” Addi guessed

“No, you will be sent to summer school and I don’t think you are going to go to High School.” Her teacher said

“But, please! I promise I won’t do this again!” Addi begged with tears in her eyes. “It is too late, you can leave now.” Her teacher said and Addi left sobbing. Chanel was about to leave but Addi was too quick. Addi came out the door and saw Chanel, “This is all your fault! You are such a tattletale!” Addi said and Chanel practically ran away but Addi was following her. Chanel knew Addi couldn’t do anything that bad, but she rather is safe than sorry. When Chanel got to the park, she met Maya and Cora at the park with the other teammates. Pretty soon, they were finished. “We are done!” Maya exclaimed

“We are not done yet, we have to clean more places,” Chanel said, “We have to meet at the nature trail the day after graduation.” Chanel was so glad her origination turned out, but that was just the beginning. The next day at the graduation ceremony, Chanel was named the highest student. The rest of the day was fun, Chanel saw Addi. Her parents were congratulating Eliza, Addi’s sister but leaving Addi like she didn’t exist. “I mean, she does deserve it.” Chanel thought, but at the same time, she kind of felt bad for her. The next day, The Green Team went to the nature trail to help clean it up, Chanel didn’t have the T-shirts but hopefully, she will. 

Now let me tell you about the future, Chanel got serval awards when she grew up and the organization became a worldwide organization! But one day, she ran into Addi. “Addi, is that you?” Chanel asked

“Um, yeah. Hi.” Addi said

“What are you doing here?” Chanel asked

“Um, I don’t have a house,” Addi said looking at the ground. “Oh,” Chanel said

“I am sorry about the past, I just wanted to ask if you want to be friends again,” Addi said, “I still have my necklace, you can buy yourself another one!” Chanel was about to say yes, but she remembered what Addi had said and done to her during Middle School. “I am sorry, no thanks,” Chanel said, and she left. She never saw Addi after that day but she was still friends with Maya and Cora. They were friends forever, sometimes Chanel got questions by people “Isn’t it hard to believe that just two people who started this could turn into a worldwide organization?” But Chanel always replied, “It isn’t that hard to believe, with some good friends and confidence, you can make history.” And that was right. Chanel made history.


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