Crime Suspense Mystery

This honestly couldn't have taken any longer, she thought to herself as she stood on the corner of the sidewalk in her red bottoms. Kerry’s crimson red hair had caught adrift in the wind, she could feel her dress beginning to rise but it didn't bother her. She enjoyed living on the wide side, she was the type of person to color outside the lines, or rather completely obliterate the lines and create her own. Unfortunately she had lost herself over the course of time with the addition of a series of unfortunate events. 

“ One time for my freak..” 

“When I do my dance, money fight”

“It's time for the Twerkulator” 

“It's time for the Twerkulator” 

“It's time for the Twerkulator” 

She could still hear the club music, she could still feel the base of the music systems though she had left the building. Kerry had a hard time letting go the way she used to and being able to enjoy a night out with her friends became more of a burden than anything. 

I don't even know why I thought this was a good idea. I know damn well a couple of drinks, an expensive outfit, and some dance music isn't going to fix any of my problems. When push comes to shove, I'm still disowned, my heart is still broken, I'm still manic, and my life is still going to crap. 


“Taxi?” The taxi she had called over an hour ago had finally arrived pulling close to the curb.

“Yea that's me.” She replied

“Where too lady?” The taxi man asked

“42 Hollow Drive off the Turnpike” she said.

The taxi pulled off and Kerry lowered her window to feel the wind in her hair, she needed to feel something to make her feel alive. Her tolerance had skyrocketed considering she had ten different drinks and she wasn't even the slightest bit tipsy. God this entire night blows, I could've ordered a pizza and gotten in another episode of CSI Miami she thought to herself.

The taxi was about two or three houses away from hers. 

“That’ll be 52 plus tips.” The old greased mustached man smiled at her. She handed him a hundred dollar bill, stepping out of the car and slamming the door behind her. Kerry had done well for herself considering all that she had been through. After not being able to live up to unreachable expectations that her parents had set for her, she had been thrown out. She had nothing but some birth control pills in her pocket, a heavy heart, and a $5 scratch off. Kerry immediately dyed her hair, got a job, and erased everything from her past, changing everything about herself that reminded her of her past. Eventually she climbed the corporate ladder getting big business men to take pity on her taking her under their wings. 

There she was standing in front of her 1.5 million dollar house. She had gotten everything she wanted that money could buy, but it all felt like nothing. She was alone. 





She could hear her heels in a synchronous beat as they touched the pavement. Kerry began scouring her purse attempting to find her keys in the maze that was her bag. And just as she was about to unlock the door she looked over at the back window to see that the glass had been shattered. Stupidly enough she went inside realizing that the door had already been unlocked. 

“Perfect, just what I needed as if I didn't already have enough to deal with.” 

Kerry walked right in, not even caring that somewhere in this house was an unwelcome guest attempting to rob her for all she had worked effortlessly to have. She went right for the Jack Daniels, slipped her feet out of her 4.5 inch heels and threw them across the living room floor. She fell backwards landing in her favorite part of her lover's cushion, as she began to guzzle down her favorite drink. She got up for a second to turn on her 3500 dollar stereo. Oddly enough she had an undeniable love for teenage pop culture. She began blasting Wonder by Shawn Mendes. This was the one thing that kept her going. Blasting her music everyday to the point where she could feel the beat, she needed to feel her music, she needed to feel something, because for a short period of time it made her forget. 

“I wonder what it's like to be loved by you!” 

“YEA I wonder what it's like”

The beat dropped. 

She began dancing around the living room making her way around the coffee table spilling Jack Daniels on all the furniture. She had a better time in her house by herself then she ever did in a sweat congested club with a million people she didn't know. The song changed.

“Baby please don't gooo.”

“If I wake up tomorrow will you still be here?”

Just as she was getting ready for another sip, a man dressed in all black began approaching her from behind. The music still blasting, Kerry continued dancing around her living room finally drunk. She faced the tall man's direction and pulled him to dance. 

“Baby please don't Go-Go-Go-Go!” She began screaming and singing in the man's face.

“Uhhh lady you know I was robbing you right?” The man attempted to speak over the blasting music.

“I don't care if you can have it all.” She replied back. 

He was confused, he didn't know how to approach the situation. He looked young, freshly out of college. He was 6’2, with sandy blonde hair, and he didn't look like he knew what he was doing. He began burning a hole in the back of Kerry's lower back. He had never been confronted with a situation like this. She began dancing so recklessly that she was knocking over the priceless antiques. 


“Oops sorry.” She snickered back at him. 

“ Okay so theres clearly something wrong with you, so I think Im just gonna go.” He began picking up a faster pace towards the door afraid of what was going to happen. Just as he was about to bolt out of the door Kerry pulled him from his blacked hoodie spinning him around in her direction. With a G18 in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other she pointed the gun at his head.

“Where ya goin?” She asked sneakingly

“The parties just getting started.”

June 07, 2021 23:17

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Jay Luuu
03:21 Jun 08, 2021

Cool story, Ashley! I like the simple plot and how Kerry wasn't afraid of an intruder in her own home. Also how the tables turned at the end. But for me, I felt like you could have added some more words to your story. Like some extra description or a little bit more of a glimpse into her life. There are 3,000 words max after all. Also, I don't know if it has to be super strict, but after a quotation, there has to be a comma if a dialogue tag follows. Like for your line: “HEY WHAT THE HELL MAN I NEED THOSE” He screamed out. There could be a c...


Ashley Hassan
16:32 Jun 09, 2021

Thank you for the comment! I usually look back at my stories at night and add in some corrections but Ive been really busy lately which is why I haven't corrected any errors. That's also why I keep my stories to a 1000 word limit. Have a blessed day and once again I appreciate the comment :)


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