Creative Nonfiction Friendship Happy

It was a pleasant Friday evening. Rumi returned home from school, exhausted. She was a high school sophomore. It was four in the evening.

She decided to take a nap for some time and work on her assignments. She locked herself in her room and slept peacefully.

Rumi's sleep was interrupted by some noise from the living room. She woke up and looked at the clock. It was half-past seven. Rumi groaned and jumped out of her bed. Her hair looked messy. The noise was emerging from the living room. By then, Rumi realized it was someone talking and laughing in her living room.

She was curious to know who the person was. She composed herself and emerged out of her room. She saw a middle-aged lady and a young man seated on the couch.

‘Rumi, Look who has visited us, today.’, said Rumi's dad.

It was Rumi's aunt but she couldn’t recognize the young man. Rumi greeted them with a smile.

‘And, Do you remember this guy?’, asked Rumi's dad.

Rumi stood still near the door. She was puzzled. The young guy headed towards Rumi and gave her a handshake. He was tall, fair, and had few blemishes on his face.

‘I think Rumi has forgotten him.’, said Rumi's aunt.

‘It seems you don’t remember me, Rumi. I’ll introduce myself. I’m…’

‘Aahil Bhai, my cousin.’, said Rumi before he could introduce himself.

Aahil smiled looking at Rumi.

‘How can she forget, Aahil? When they both were kids, Aahil used to fight with Rumi and Rumi used to cry. You used to scold Aahil and I used to console Rumi. Just because my daughter wasn’t in contact with your son doesn’t mean that she has forgotten him.’, said Rumi's dad laughing.

Rumi's aunt too smiled looking towards Aahil and Rumi.

After a while,

They were having dinner together.

‘Rumi, Are you free tomorrow?’, asked Rumi's aunt.

‘Yes, aunty. Why?’

‘Aahil is here to explore the city. Take him to few good places in this city.’

‘Sure aunty.’

‘By the way, Where is Ruksana?’, asked Rumi's aunt.

‘Ruksana has visited Mussoorie to complete her office work. She’ll be back within Tuesday.’, said Rumi's dad.

Ruksana was Rumi's elder sister.

After finishing dinner,

‘So, Aahil Bhai, Which place do you wanna explore, tomorrow?’, asked Rumi.

‘I have to ask you that question. You live here. I don’t know any places here. Where are you taking me, tomorrow?’

'How about visiting the Mall?’, questioned Rumi.

‘Nice Idea. So, Tomorrow we are going to explore the mall.’, said Aahil with a wide smile.

Rumi smiled back looking at him.

Next day,

It was noon. Aahil was waiting patiently for Rumi to get ready. Rumi was roaming around her house searching for her hair clips and bands.

‘Yaar, Rumi. Get ready soon. I have been waiting for the past thirty minutes.’

‘Sorry. I’m ready. Let’s leave.’

They both left the house and reached the mall. Aahil got to know about Rumi's likes and dislikes. Aahil got to know that Rumi's hobby was photography.

He got to know she loves shopping, so he bought her good-looking clothes. When Rumi was searching for few good books, her eyes were drawn towards Aahil. He stood far away from Rumi. Rumi noticed that he was talking to the shopkeeper secretly. Rumi was about to approach him when something stopped her from doing so.

‘Rumi, Don’t disturb him. He is doing something secretly. Wait here and watch, what he is doing.’, said Rumi's heart.

Rumi stood there silently staring at Aahil. Aahil bought something wrapped in colorful paper. It was a gift. He carried two bags and approached Rumi with a wide smile.

‘Hold this Rumi.’, Aahil said as he handed over one of the bags to her.

‘What's this?’, inquired Rumi as she proceeded to unwrap her gift.

‘Hey, wait. Don’t unwrap it now. We shall reach home first. Then, you can unwrap the gift.’

Rumi disagreed with him and was about to unwrap it.

‘Hey, Rumi. I think you won’t listen to me. Give me the bag, I’ll hand over this bag to you after reaching home.’, said Aahil as he grabbed the bag from Rumi.

Rumi was startled.

Aahil saw Rumi holding a book, he took the book from her and went through it.

‘Do you wanna purchase this book?’

‘No, I was just looking for few good books.’

‘Ah, then you must read it. I have read this book. It’s an amazing one. I’ll buy this book for you.’, said Aahil as he approached the cash counter.

‘No, Thank you. I’ll buy the book someday or the other. Bhai, please listen to me.’, yelled Rumi.

Aahil didn’t listen to her and bought her the book along with lots of chocolates and sweets.

He handed over them to Rumi. Rumi glanced at them.

'What's this?', asked Rumi.

‘ Can’t you see? It’s a book and chocolates.’, smirked Aahil.

‘Why did you buy these? You spent too much money today for me.’

‘No problem. It’s a gift for you.’, said Aahil smiling at Rumi.

They played few games together and enjoyed it a lot.

Despite Rumi's disapproval, Aahil bought her pastries, ice creams, pizzas, and doughnuts. He made sure she finished everything.

‘I enjoyed a lot with you today.’, said Aahil.

Rumi looked at him raising her eyebrows and smiled at him.

They both reached home safely. Aahil was tired so he sat on the couch.

‘You both came back from the mall. So, Did you enjoy at the mall, Aahil?’, asked Aahil's dad.

‘Yes, Uncle.’

‘He gifted me lots of stuff and also made me eat till I’m full. He spent lots of his money to buy these gifts.’, said Rumi.

‘It's ok, dear. He is spending his money to buy gifts for his cousin’s sister. So, Don’t worry.’, said Rumi's aunt.

Aahil nodded his head with a smile.

‘Yeah, Rumi. I forgot to hand over the bag to you. Come here and take it.’, said Aahil.

‘What about the other bag? Hand it over to me.’, said Rumi.

‘It belongs to me. This bag only has your gift. Take it.’

‘I know there’s a gift in the other bag too.’, said Rumi.

Aahil raised his eyebrows looking at Rumi.

‘Is that gift for your girlfriend?’, smirked Rumi.

‘Shhh…..’, said Aahil and started blushing.

Rumi entered her room with the gift, laughing.

She placed the gift on her study table.

‘Oh, I forgot it.’, said Rumi and took out her handbag and started searching for something.

She headed towards Aahil and handed over something.

Aahil was puzzled.

‘What's this?’

‘Can’t you see it’s a gift?’

He unwrapped the gift. It was a wallet. Rumi smiled at Aahil and left the place.

Rumi entered her room and unwrapped the gift which Aahil gave her. She was astonished to see the gift.

It was DSLR Camera.

‘What’s this? A DSLR Camera. Why did you gift me this, Bhai?.’

‘You love Photography, so I gifted you a camera. Did you like it?’

‘I love it but still, I would have bought it by myself. Why did you buy me such an expensive gift, brother?’, asked Rumi.

‘I bought it for my sister and it’s not much expensive.’, said Aahil tapping her head.

Rumi playfully hit him on his shoulder.

‘I'm never going out with you again.’, said Rumi as she ventured into her room.

Aahil laughed looking at Rumi while Rumi realized she has an elder brother who is concerned for her.

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