Meeting You Was A Coincidence, Falling For You Was My Choice!

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High School Romance Teens & Young Adult

“Are you coming tonight?”

I looked at Kara and gave her a death glare for asking such a dumb question when she already knew the answer. She just shrugged and kept nudging me. Sighing I said, “since when did I ever go out on a Friday night?”

Kara rolled her eyes and gave her attention to her ‘buddies’. Well buddies as in have y’all ever seen the movie mean girls? That’s exactly who they are. Kara, Briteny and Kenzie belongs to the ‘mean girls’ group in our high school. I mean doesn’t every school have the typical share of mean girls, hot dudes and what not. I, on the other hand belongs to that one group which no one really cares about. Believe me, even nerds are famous than me. The only reason people would ever approach is to get Kara’s number. Why? Because unfortunately or fortunately we’re childhood best friends, oh wait! Let’s make it childhood EX- best-friends. It’s not that I hate Kara I mean, even if I hate her I would have to keep seeing her in every family gathering or reunions we have as even our families are pretty much close though we’ve drifted apart for god knows what reason.

I’m that one person who loves to spend the Friday nights sitting in front of the couch with a huge stack of snacks and sweets only to have a movie marathon or just chill reading a book. I know you must be going, ‘Argh that suck!’ C’mon dude, not every girl likes to party on Friday nights and wake up next day naked in some dude’s room. My elder sister, Susanne who just happens to be another socialite and thinks I’m hopeless. Well, once she took me to a college party and got me drunk and the only thing I didn’t do is dance naked in front of everyone. Since that day whenever Suse decides to throw a party she makes sure to lock my room door with me in it.

Although for me it’s just a stupid drinking party, almost every kid from Avalon High is going to be in that party. I mean although I’m stupid enough to miss it, who’d miss a chance to go to a party in a Presidential suite with the President’s son? For my knowledge, (well from the gossip I hear everywhere) even the not-so popular kids are attending the frigging party tonight as the invitation extends to the whole school and well, the whole neighborhood of Avalon. I can only picture the soulless faces of the maids who would have to clean the whole mess the following night.

Aron River, a.k.a, the President’s son is quite famous around the neighborhood for being a hot dude. I mean I get why he would be famous for being a president’s son but for his looks? Unbelievable. Well, people will argue with me of course. He might have good looks but he’s dangerously famous for being a player and most importantly for being a jerk. How I know all these? Duh, there’s something called social media gossip. The last time I ever saw Aron was in 5th grade I think. He was this chubby little guy who loved getting into fights for god knows why. After that he went abroad and apparently although he was rumored to have been travelling back and forth I never saw him. Today marks the day that he officially returns to Avalon and also the fact that he would be a transfer student in our school. But, I don’t care any of those. Why would I care about a person who I have no connection with or well who I haven’t even talked with.

Unfortunately, Kara dragged me to the party because the so-called buddies ditched her to go with two of Aron’s best-friends. The only reason I agreed was because she was bent on destroying my entire rack of CDs with the alcohol bottle she had in her hand and I was not going to let her destroy my precious collection. You must be thinking oh she won’t do something like that but sorry to disappoint you, Kara is a spoiled brat and she would’ve definitely destroyed it and many things more if she couldn’t have her way. At least, she allowed me to wear my jeans and a worn out top and not force me to wear her butt short dresses. Sorry but I don’t know what those clothes are called even.

I mean it’s common courtesy to at least stay with the person you dragged into a party right? Kara lacks that courtesy as the moment she saw her buddies she left me in the middle of the room with drunkards, couples making out and people dancing. I hate crowded place. Like a lot. Not to ignore the fact the whole suite is filled with people. Some I do recognize from Avalon High but most I don’t even know if they’re in the same neighborhood. Crowded places makes me to anxious and uncomfortable. That’s the main reason that I don’t even go out for movies or to restaurants even. I just buys the DVDs and get the food I want delivered to my house. My sister always tells me that I’m an orphan that my parents adopted as she and I are polar opposites from looks to our personalities.

I tried to go out and grab a taxi but as I just let Kara drag me, I don’t even know where I am now. If anyone can get lost in a suite, that would be me. Not knowing where I’m going I started to walk towards somewhere with less number of people inside the suite. Only when I stepped in I realized that I had just stepped into the dance floor. I wanted to scream and shout so that people would make the way for me to leave but I don’t have that much confidence. If I had confidence, I would’ve just let Kara destroy my rack and stayed at home without letting her drag me into this stupid party which I don’t belong to. Suddenly someone pushed me from the front and I lost my footing. I tried to hold onto someone but my hands didn’t obey me no matter what I said, because I’m not someone who would hold onto some stranger. Just then someone put a hand around my waist and pulled me. I crashed into heavy muscled body and I was just about to scream when he covered my mouth. Frightened I looked up only to meet with a daring pair of light brown eyes.

Usually in movies and novels, the hottest dudes have ocean blue eyes but he did not. He was still holding me and his appearance was screaming the word playboy. But for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off from him. I knew I should make him let go of me and leave this place that I don’t even belong but something held me. I have seen and even read stories about girls claiming that would get butterflies when met with a guy but I never believed those. For me, those stories were just made up ones by people who have great imaginations until now. I could feel butterflies in my stomach and I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I wasn’t even holding him. My hands were numb and my legs were shaking. But I still couldn’t take my eyes off from him. It’s his eyes. His eyes were daring and something in me just couldn’t take my eyes off them. And for some reason he didn’t let go of me either. He was holding me so close to his body that our bodies were touching closely. He kept looking at me and I could feel his stare making my whole body go numb. Yet, I couldn’t remove my eyes. The more I stared back the more I felt something burning in my body. I felt like my whole body was on fire.


The moment I heard the name my whole body became tensed and the person who was holding my waist let go of his hand and turned around. And I knew at that moment, he was Aron River. He has changed so much since 5th grade and I didn’t even recognize him. Taking my chance, I quickly pushed my way through all the dancers and away from him. Even when I was away from him I could feel my whole body on fire. It was burning so much and I could feel my heartbeat drumming in my ears. I was loss for words and seeing bottles of drinks I quickly drank maybe around three bottles just to stop the fire that was getting stronger and stronger in my body.

As a person who had no knowledge about parties, only when I was feeling tipsy did I realize that I was getting drunk. Not wanting get laid anytime soon, I went to the second floor looking for a room to lock myself in until this whole party is over. I went to the farthest room and for my luck it opened without a budge and there wasn’t anyone inside the room. I quickly went inside the room and let the door close behind. The room was bigger than our entire living room and it was the definition of majestic. There was a luggage open and clothes lying everywhere near it. But I didn’t give much of it a thought and took a shaky step towards the bed. Wobbling the whole way, I tried to manage to get hold of the bed, but before I could get inside someone opened the door. Feeling conscious and defensive I quickly turned around to run out only to stop dead on tracks. It was Aron. He kind of seemed surprise to find me in or I must be imagining stuff because I was so drunk that I can barely stand. He didn’t say anything but closed the door behind him shutting off all the chaos outside. He was looking at me. I didn’t look at him knowing full well that I wouldn’t end up doing something stupid being drunk. But I could feel his eyes on me. He wasn’t checking me out. It’s just I felt his presence in every part of my body.

Wanting to get out soon I tried to walk towards the door only to find my legs give away. He quickly took exactly two steps towards me and held me in his arms again. This time I was holding onto him having no other way to steady myself.

“What’s your name?” he asked me and I felt goosebumps all over me. If any of his girl-friends find me I would be dead meat for sure. I didn’t say anything but risked looking at his eyes and realized I should’ve controlled myself. I was burning all over again and I knew I should go out of this room soon but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it with the way he was looking at me. And suddenly without any other words, his lips crashed into mine. At first he was forceful and I tried to push him but I didn’t have the strength to do it. I numb all over again. He was holding me so close to him and I could even feel his breathing getting harder. Knowing fully well that what I was doing was a grave mistake, I opened my mouth and let him take control over me.


The sunlight was shining directly into my eyes and turned around to block it away from my view. I felt someone was holding me and the moment I turned around I felt someone’s breath. Quickly I opened my eyes and saw Aron sleeping next to me peacefully so much that I didn’t want to bother him. But, I screamed and got out of the bed. His opened his eyes with an alarm and the moment he set his eyes on me, he looked away and said, “though I don’t mind looking at you, you should still cover yourself,”

I quickly looked down at myself and screamed again, taking the bedsheet covering my entire naked body. I couldn’t believe this. I couldn’t believe I let him take advantage of me. I couldn’t believe I got drunk. I couldn’t believe I let Kara drag me to this stupid party. If I didn’t let her control me I wouldn’t have gotten into this mess. Without saying anything, I found my clothes right next to me and quickly put them on while Aron was looking away. He took the phone which was on the stand and cursed when he saw the time. With force, I took my eyes away from him and got up fully clothed. But before he could say anything, I bolted out of the room grabbing the cap which was lying on the chair near the door. He called out to me but I ran away from him knowing fully well that we belonged to two different worlds and what happened yesterday night was a mistake.


(Extra-long after the party)


“You are not going to let her go like that are you?” he asked his best friend. When he stayed quiet he asked again,

“Hey man, are you telling me that you are letting her go like this?”

After few seconds Aron finally looked up at him. His light brown eyes stared back at him but he knew Aron was different.

“no”, with that he took the keys from him and got into the car. He only saw his best friend starting the car, in a second he was up in the high way driving fast as he can towards the airport.

“he’s an idiot. His pride is what I hate the most.” he chuckled and went back to the café mumbling, “how could he even think of living without her?”


I ran as fast as I can as I didn’t want to miss her. I have to tell her. Somehow I just have to.

I stopped in front of the dashboard and looked at the onboarding flights. She was supposed to go in UL1009 back to her father’s hometown. I can’t lose her like this. Not when everything is my fault.

I kept roaming my eyes through the dashboard and UL1009 finally popped up. The gate is already opened.

Without wasting my time, I ran towards the gate C and saw her standing in the queue with her small black backpack. She is not your every day model type girl but she is honestly beautiful. She is not super thin but kind of plump. Her hair is black but she had brown highlights. I could remember her telling one day that she won’t color her whole hair as her favorite color is black.

While still breathing hard, I called out to her, “DIANA“

She looked around to see who called her name but she didn’t turn around. So I called her again, a little louder, “DIANA“

Her whole body tensed and I knew that she identified my voice. She slowly turned towards me and when she saw me, standing there sweating and panting her eyes widened.

Right at that moment it was her chance to show her passport and the ticket. The attendant called out to her but she didn’t take her eyes off me just like the way she first looked at me in that party. She didn’t say out loud but the way her lips moved I knew she said my name.

Bringing up all the courage I have left in me and forgetting about my pride I said what I wanted to tell her all this time,

“Diana, I love you! I love you! “

First she was speechless then slowly tears started running down her face. She closed her mouth with her hands letting go of her passport and the ticket. And I said it again. Which was something that I would never have done if I never met her. She changed me. I don’t know if it is in a good way or a bad way. But all I know for sure after weeks of drinking and acting like a mad man is that, I don’t want to lose her, ever again. And this time, I will fight for her.

I took a step towards her but part of me was afraid that she will pick up her things and will go away. If she did, I would’ve never forgiven myself for being a jerk and letting go of the girl I fell in love with, the moment I held her that night in the dance floor. But I was wrong. The moment I took a step towards her, she ran towards me leaving everything behind. And I did too. I hugged her tightly and swore to never let her go like an idiot. When her eyes finally found mine, I kissed her. She closed her eyes and kissed me back passionately, hugging my sweaty shirt tightly, trying to tell me that she will never let me go again too. Whatever anyone say, what I had with her was different. I know I slept around with girls and even dated quite a few. But, what I felt for her was different. Different from everything that I have done before I met her. As much as she’s someone I thought I wouldn’t meet in my life, she’s someone I can’t live my life without now.

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