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Weddings are grand affairs. Normally, it most effectively occurs once in an existence time. Recently I have had a terrific experience of attending an Indian wedding. The invitation came from a female cousin of my pal from Lahore. I used to be very excited to attend the Indian wedding to know about all the captivating traditions and their rituals. To style the stunning unfold of food as I heard a lot about the Indian cuisine. My buddy had connected me to her pal when I first time visited Lahore, we had appropriate intentions of meeting up but sadly couldn’t get the danger to do so. Therefore, when I received the invitation card from her facet my initial response used to be filled with full of excitement and I was touched to acquire an invite despite in no way having met her face to face. Sensing that I was once way more excited than I possibly must have been, she informed me that it was once going to be a small affair and stated that unlike wedding ceremony in other states this was once going to be noticeably low-key. She also confides that her husband to be’s parents would no longer be coming. I hesitated to ask why however quite overtly and remember of college she advised me that they did not agree with their marriage. Upon study of her astrological sign, the dad and mom had discovered her to be an unsuitable for their son. This used to be the first time I had heard whatever like this, and it precipitated me to replicate on how different attitudes are to marriage in Indian than what I am accused to in my own culture. So, when the day eventually came, I arrived early and the bride used to be still in pajamas and there was no such excitement ,at that moment I was cursing myself that why am I so a good deal excited, I imply more than the bride I assume. After some time the bride started to dress herself for her wedding and this was also shocking for me as no one was there to do her makeup and helped her. Once the bride used to be prepared, she was once whisked off straight away and the pujas (prayers) began. I discovered all the distinct traditions involving special household members. My favorite phase was stealing the grooms shoes at the equal time I used to be amazed to comprehend that some of our traditions are similar to Indians.

After that everyone was waiting for the food and they was once coming in line or in a que , I was amazed observing this it was an outstanding initiative and this rule was once known as The popular rule of thumb. I was also relieved then to discover that the line for a buffet looks to be the only line in Indian society that receives its due respect. Everyone took a plate and patiently waited even as the diner in front acquired their fill. It was oddly pleasant to experience, like a breath of sparkling air. I never idea that I would respect waiting in a line! Satisfied with the food as properly as the things which I have on my plate. But the aspect was once I generally ought to not hesitate to consume with my hands, however the sheer scale of my component dented me. I used to be also aware that I was once at an excellent characteristic and so I idea I had better scene courtesy and get a spoon, I was about to get up in search of some weaponry to attack to my meals but what I discovered that all of us was once eating with their hands and it was pretty revolting to me. The other thing I liked about this wedding that it is used to be a dry wedding. No alcohol and no such things, I know that this is no longer how all Indian weddings are. Alcohol at weddings is no longer forbidden, it just relies upon on which state the families are from. What I learned with the passage of time that all the human begins are similar because, Aunties in attendance were especially interested in my marital status. Most regarded to be instead involved for me that at almost 23 I had but to be made a wife. I tried to explain that marriage had in no way absolutely interested me for my part and that in my country it’s very ordinary to be this age and unmarried. All of that, however, was lost in the language barrier and so I just had to accept the looks of sympathy and words of hope that they offered me and act like being unmarried upset me. What I learnt from my first Indian wedding journey used to be that all my initial issues and fears have been a whole waste of time. I used to be so well-looked after via anyone and guided via every stage of the wedding ceremony that it didn’t count that for the most part, I didn’t apprehend what was once going on. I was once made to feel at ease and free to revel in the day. What was additionally satisfactory was once that my attendance at the wedding ceremony regarded to be enjoyed by means of the family as tons as I enjoyed it! I got the affect that the family were not solely blissful to have me as their guest, however they noticed it as an honor to host me. Also, my presence regarded to add some other level of enjoyment to the day as I was once definitely unaware about the culture. I was once so keen to get completely involved in each section and so the household had a lot of enjoyable showing me how to do things and instructing me about their culture.

It was rightly said that:

‘’You have the ultimate responsibility for your experience’’.

February 11, 2020 18:43

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Ryan LmColli
15:07 Apr 08, 2021

That was amazing a smart story! You're a gift to those around you.


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Sarah Butland
17:30 Feb 20, 2020

I'm so happy you got the invite and were able to experience that!


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Nehal Zaidi
09:08 Feb 18, 2020

Very interesting!!


Maham Raza
10:40 Feb 19, 2020

Thank you..


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