He was standing there, all in a gentleman position, with a black suit. I really wanted to go to him and say hi (and of course, introduce myself), but I didn’t have the courage. I had never been shy before, except for this time. I was feeling stupid and ugly. Why wouldn’t I? he was so gorgeous and happy, and a real businessman. How did I know? Well, I had my own research. He was Becca’s husband’s best friend’s friend. I know you don’t know him at all, I reminded myself. Who cares though? I was singel, tired of my alone life, and waiting for my prince to come with a white horse. The only thing is, now I’m almost thirty-five and waiting for my king to come. He was talking to this man with gray hair and navy-blue suit when he turned and looked at me into my eyes. Shit, I was staring at him too. Stop it Summer. Don’t look at men like you’re too hungry to stop eating them with your eyes. But I’m not hungry for them, I’m just hungry for this man. Shit shit shit he’s coming toward me. Nope, can’t be possible. But yup, there he is, in front of me. Handing me a glass of red wine.

-Thanks for staring at me with your pretty eyes and rescuing from that old bastard.

He laughed at his joke.

-I’m Kevin by the way.

Reached his hand to me.

I shook it.


-Beautiful name, just like its owner.

I blushed.

-I wasn’t staring at you.

-Yeah right, you were deeply into that old guy. I’m so sorry for interrupting, but he is not as reach as I am.

He laughed again and I blushed more.

-No need to turn pink every the time say something. Just kidding you know? I have this sense of humor.

-Yeah, obviously.

-I hate parties. Would you want to join for a walk outside in the back yard?

I hesitated. But whom I am kidding? I wouldn’t just want; I would die for.

-Yeah, why not?


He said and put his hand on my back and pushed me forward. Walking from my back he said:

-What do you do?

-I’m an accountant.

-Excuse me I didn’t hear you.

The music was too loud. He opened the door for me and let me go out.

-I’m an accountant.

-Wow. I would tell. You have the decent, logical face of accountants.

I smiled.

-And you?

-I’m a lawyer.

Yeah, that’s it. I should’ve guessed. That’s how he convince the judges.

-Why are you here?

-My friend invited me.

I replied.

-Who’s your friend?


-Oh, the host.

-You said you hate parties??

-I do. So bad.

-Then, why are you here?

-Something told me I’ll meet a pretty woman here.

He smiled. I turned red this time.

-Come on Summer. You’re as hot as your name.

-Do you live close?

I changed the subject.

-I don’t. not even a little bit. And you?

-Have been here my whole life.

-You need to travel then.

-I do travel. Never moved though.

-I see. Too logical to change your path.

-Something like that.

-No family?

He asked all of a sudden.

-I do have a family.

I answered.

-Parents I mean.

-Oh, single then hah?

I nodded. Didn’t want him to ask me such a question. But then, he may want to know my marital status.


-I don’t have any here. Why don’t you spend your holidays with your parents? Not a family person?

Tricky question. I thought.

-I’m a family person, but just spend the Christmas with them.

-New Year, new friends.


We laughed.

-Aren’t you cold?

He cares. I thought and loved it.

-A little bit.

He took off his coat and covered me with. I was shy, blushed, and shaking of interest.

Then he kissed my lips.

What just happened?

He continued kissing me until it turned to actually eating my lips. Then he licked my chin. He wouldn’t stop and I didn’t make him to.

Then he stopped and looked at me into my eyes.

-Liked it?

I was breathless. The shame came over me thousand times harder. I managed to nod.

He slide his hand over my upper hip. I cling mine on his chest.

-Don’t stop me Summer. You’re so attractive.

I didn’t even want to stop him. He was so handsome. Such a real gentleman.

He rolled my dress’ skirt up and pushed me to the wall behind us. It was a dark corner. He was touching me like an expert. Of course he was an expert. He was almost what? In his forties? He was reach, handsome, successful. He probably had slept with billions of pretty women. But why did he choose me? I was pretty, but not a perfect one.

I pushed him back.

-Why are you doing this?

He was breathless too.

-Because… you wanted too?

-That’s why?

-You gave me the signals.

-I didn’t.

He backed off.

-Sorry then. Misunderstanding.

The slow music was playing inside.

-Let’s go dance the.

He took my hand. The butterflies danced into my stomach. See? He is such a gentleman. He didn’t insist of having sex. He can wait. So do I.

There’s a huge amount of smoke inside. I can’t breathe. And it’s annoyingly hot. I’m burning. Mostly because I’m still on from the earlier. People are watching us like we’re zombies. It may be my hair. He pushed me to the wall. it’s messy for sure. My hand in his. That can me the other reason of them staring at us. No one could have ever imagined this successful man with a total random woman.

We did the tango dance. Moving slowly. His hands wrapped around my waist. Mine around his neck. My head on his shoulder. I feel happy. Finally I can start a wonderful year. They say you’ll finish a year the way you start it. I’ll start mine with this wonderful man. My eyes got closed with the slow rhyme of the music. I imagine myself in the white, shiny bridal dress. Dancing in our wedding. I see our future. I’m too desperate to stop imagining. The music changed, and we had to split apart.

His phone rang.

-I need to take this.

He left me there. I stepped out of the dancing floor and stood in the corner.

Ten minutes. He is not back yet.

I ordered a drink. A soft one and tasted it slowly.

The crowd is coming and going. No one notices me anymore, standing there, waiting.

Twenty minutes. Nope, not coming.

I ordered a strong one this time.

Waiting for him. Waiting. Waiting. Until it’s thirty-five minutes.

I put my glass on the table and left the house. He was not around. I checked everywhere. He was not there either.

I returned inside again. Checking the rooms. The kitchen. The restrooms even.

Then I saw Becca. Talking and laughing with one of her guests. Her husband’s hand around her waist.

-Becca. Excuse me. You have a moment?

She excused the came to me.

-What happened sweety?

-Have you seen that…

She didn’t let me finish.

-He did that to you too? I wanted to warn you he’s such an asshole, but you were dancing I didn’t want to ruin your night.

-He did what?

-Don’t look for him. He has a family in New York. He has a five and three children.

She nuzzled my shoulder.

-I’m so sorry honey. I should’ve told you before.

I left Becca’s house. Leaving all my future’s hallucination inside.

December 31, 2019 05:52

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Noel Thomas
22:20 Jan 08, 2020

Good story! It reminded me of the moral of the movie, "An Education". You ended it very well! Great read!


Ariga Arkian
04:21 Jan 09, 2020

Thank you for the kind words.means a lot ♥️


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