Story within a Story Written in the Bones

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Cold winter’s night; in a “Castle Rock,” known Haunted Castle as Whispering Falls. 

All you can hear is the whistling of the trees, and the sounds of the low growling but also the soft betting of drums…

I was about to settle down for the night when at that moment, in the living room, there was the sound of a crash, it broke the silence, but before I looked someone was looking down upon me and then it was gone.

The lights flicked, well I was walking down the hallway, the halls were little chilly, as soon as I reached my room, I needed to put more wood in the fireplace and rolling down the covers something was chilling through my bones!

I knew what that meant “I was not Alone?” trying to ignore it, the phone rang!

My voice was shaking as I was trying to find the words to say, {Hello}, listening for a while, there was a crackle and then the phone went dead.

Putting that all aside, shutting my eyes, finely falling asleep, was quickly woken by scratching sounds and now sitting straight up piercing into darkness shadows started appearing?

Standing right in front of me was a door to another realm!

Confused but also interested my mind is very curious...

Putting my hand around the doorknob, my heart beats rabidly, to having sweet dripping down and walking through a wave of mysterious hit me hard.

Dark figures started appearing, a hush fills the air as I go forward a cloud suddenly appears?

Then I was sitting back in little cabin in Transylvanian, adding more wood to the fire, you see I never thought I belonged here, and I never claimed to human!

According to this website; Vlad Dracul was born in Transylvania, Romania. He ruled Wallachia, Romania, off and on from 1456-1462. Some historians describe him as a just—yet brutally cruel—ruler who valiantly fought off the Ottoman Empire.
So, do vampires really exist? Throughout this site, I have tried to explain exactly what the modern vampire is (and what it is not) but remember that there are different descriptions of various "vampiric" or vampire-like creatures throughout mythologies around the world.
While we struggle to produce a fixed definition of what a vampire is, we may be leaving out various mysterious and unexplainable creatures around the world that have fed into vampire mythology.
At the same time, it is exactly the fact that every culture around the world has independently identified vampire creatures that makes us ask the question - do vampires really exist?

Slowly waking up realizing it is morning, that was one weird dream and now I walk down the stairs to the kitchen to start my daily routine with coffee.

While I was waiting for the kettle to boil, I started drifting off to sleep, in a foggy state I was seeing shadows of “Creatures” from the forgotten realms!

Slowly getting to my feet, I heard the whistle from the kettle and then was shaken when the phone rang.

The voice on the other end in a thick accent said {Get Out!}

Have you ever had a dream within a dream?

That is what is going on here!

In Transylvania, I took my coffee, and started walking around the grounds.


The history of this place really speaks to me! 

I know that I am only a visitor, but I wish this were my home!

Okay, back to reality, it started feeling chilly so back to the study and attending to the fireplace.

Getting up to see what that nose was, a dark figure appeared out of nowhere!

Leading me out of the study room on searching for where that nose came from.

Then I was woken up to see that others were looking at in shock to see that I was changed to a “Creature of the Night!”

Now I was woken again seeing that I am just as I was when I went to bed.

What is going on here?

If this a dream, what am I to learn!

Surrounded by vampires, flicking lights, walking down a deep damp staircase, surrounded by a coven and the leader of the pack speaking softly {welcome lost Child!}

Thunder and lightning made a crash I woke to being in my own home in Spirit Falls.

Startled, from a dream or a nightmare, that is the question?

Well since it is evening time, checking on the fire, I decided to make a cup of coffee, in doing so it felt like someone or something was around me and a chill came over me.

Guess you could it was a premonition, oh right I should share with you little background on myself you see I never said, “I was Human!”
I felt that I did not belong on this planet! {I not saying that I am an alien! Just I was in a word Different.}

New Chapter in my life.

Archangel Raziel’s name translates into “Secrets of God.” Raziel is known as the angel of mysteries.
Raziel reveals holy secrets when God gives him permission to do so. Many believe that Raziel reveals the divine wisdom that is contained in ancient scriptures. People sometimes ask for Raziel’s help to hear God’s guidance more clearly, gain deeper spiritual insights, and understand esoteric information.
{Raziel’s name means “Secret of God” because he works so closely with the Creator that he knows all the secrets of the Universe and how it operates.
It is said that Raziel can help you understand esoteric material, manifestation principles, sacred geometry, quantum physics, and other forms of high-level information.
He can also open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know, and feel Divine guidance.
Raziel is very loving, kind, and intelligent.
His presence can seem subtle, but as you invoke him over time, you will become aware of his positive influence in your spiritual practices.}

“Raven-Wolf,” I was known to have had long Firey-blue/green hair, porcelain white skin, dark purple eyes, graceful, and to have appeared cold, aloof, and imperious.

When outsiders and other non-dark elves first met me for the first time was in a word weird.

Whispers, hush words are spoken behind locked doors and now I am considered an outsider or in other words a lone wolf!

Leaving the town, just to think I wandered so far into the forest, had to be around 4pm in the evening and the further I went into the forest the creeper it became.

Walking the streets alone, I come across a group of individuals, like “a mage {Raistlin}, minitour {Taz}, druid {Gold-Moon}, thief {Tasslehoff} and warrior {Kitiara!}

Leaving the town, just to think I wandered so far into the forest, had to be around 4pm in the evening and the further I went into the forest the creeper it became.

I only knew their names through working at a little inn off the seashore and just what the rumors that were shared throughout the town!

As I arrived at a little creak to take a drink of water, {Raistlin} walked up behind me and said, “Excuse me, but can I ask what you think you're doing here?”

I just had to get away from the rubbish that was being exchanged in my name and the false statements about me!

Camp was already set up, when I finished getting my fill of water, it was super time and I asked if they could spare a little for someone who is taking the next chapter in my life!

Sitting by the campfire, talking about life in general, it was my time to share, I shared enough to turn in for the night and I was the last to fall asleep.

In the dream state, I found myself wandering around what looked like a grave site, and then the scenery changed once again.

To someone, or something was lurking around the campsite, and it was so foggy on the ground that I was falling.

Some would say that if you fall while sleeping and hit the ground you die!

Again, the scenery changed once more to me settling down by the firepit, calling out someone's name and then I was woken by “Raistlin” saying are you okay?

I found myself time traveling,” to the year 2227–2247: Pluto will be closer to the Sun than Neptune for the first time since the year 1999.

It was like the forgotten realms in the darkest wooded area and full of dark elves running wild.

I was explaining to “Raistlin” that I am from the {Elves, Bloodline,} and some would say I am running away from the lies! 

In conclusion, I am sitting in cabin in “Spirit Falls,” drafting this little novel from an old memory, or a flashback that I was here before and now I end my life story by saying {You can choose to believe me or not?}

It was the summer of 2023, sitting on the beach side, sun blaming upon my skin and a cool breeze an old friend blocked the sun.

Saying “hello Raven-Moon,” funny seeing you back in old {KRYNN!}

Oh hi, “Raistlin,” how have you been? since we last met you were in {Sorcery School?}

Raistlin said, “doing very well, past on the Honer roll," and how have you been since were banished!

Laughing, guess were rebels! 

Catching up on old times, so have you heard from the others?

Answering no, we just live our lives heathy and incredibly happy.

Something in his voice was not convincing.

Well, I must go, {Raistlin} said. Places go, people to see all that good stuff.

Parting ways, I went in because it was going on in the evening, and the chill in the air was settling because a storm was brewing. 

February 23, 2023 07:21

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