Trust Nigerians, always starting their functions an hour late.


The drive to Aisha's house was tiring, Nancy sat close to me and kept complaining about how late we already are, and how much time I wasted changing from from one party dress to another, Chidinma was just on her phone all through the ride, looking up only when the keke bounced on portholes. The truth is, this party would start after we arrive because when I called Aisha by 6:30pm, she was just getting home from her 'Hectic' birthday shopping, and it was 7:30. She can't possibly be done with everything by now. Aisha is my very good friend, we are in the same Art department in school and I've known her since forever, pardon me, it's only been a year, but it could count as forever too.

We got to Aisha's house by 7:45 pm and the place was filled with so many people, I knew most of them, and the rest, I plan to know them soon. We hugged as soon as I entered her room and I brought out my gift to give her, I remembered that Nancy and Chidinma didn't get her anything, so I just presented the gift.

'' From me and my friends, the three musketeers, you know.'' I smiled and she laughed.

Where did those girls go? I looked around and saw Nancy sitting on the staircase before chidinma went to join her. She was always the lone wolf, never wanting to socialize or get involved. I still wondered how I managed to convince her to come.

The cake arrived and it was beautiful as expected, trust Aisha's mother and her baking skills, I quietly put my index finger in the icing and took out a little and put it in my mouth.

'' Shola, come help me pick out party dresses.'' Aisha called out to me. I always love picking out dresses.

Soon, I was made the usher, moving around and telling every one to take a seat, it was already 8:15 and every where was dark outside. Aisha would soon be making her first entrance and people have got to notice her, at least. I looked around, Nancy stood by a wall,why am I not surprised. I walked over to where she was.

'' Hey girl, the party is almost starting.''

'' Oh really? finally.'' She rolled her eyes.

I rolled mine too and it landed on someone Chidinma, standing close to someone familiar.

'' Nancy isn't that Edgar, the guy Chidinma has a massive crush on?''

She looked as well and smiled

'' Thats him, trust Chidinma to fling herself at him.''

We laughed and I noticed chidinma was looking at us.

Aisha's cousin, Musa is so boring, nobody paid any attention to him as he gave one long speech about Aisha, some people started throwing their party cups at him. Something had to be done, so I went over to him and collected the Mic.

'' DJ, turn up the beat!''

Soon every one was dancing to a Davido's song.

30minutes later I got my own drink, it was slightly spiked, but I finished it in one gulp,you don't get to live twice, I said to myself. Nancy was sitting alone and giving her drink a weird look, she didn't fancy anything with 0.001% alcohol.

'' You don't like it?''

She looked up at me '' The drink has alcohol in it, I don't drink alcohol.''

'' I thought as much'' I took a seat beside her.

'' Its illegal, we are not yet 18, she could get arrested.''

'' We are inside her house not in a club.'' I laughed, Nancy is one patriotic individual.

The part I love the most,cutting of cakes, This part people donate money to the celebrant for each cake slice they cut. I started off by donating a thousand naira, and soon people joined in. Nancy was already giving me the stink eye, I laughed, I knew she was broke. I looked at Chidinma, lost in a conversation with Edgar. Chidinma was the only child of her parents and they spoiled her with everything.

'' Chidinma!!'' I called out and everyone started clapping.

Chidinma has never looked less confused than she did now. She stopped to talk to a girl I recognised as unyime who shrugged and walked away.

'' Why did you call me?''

Why was she whispering?

''Time to cut the cake.''

She just smiled and donated three thousand naira.

We all met at the food stand and talked for a little while before i moved to meet more people.

'' Hey shola''

It was Nonso, our senior at school and Nancy's all time crush

'' Wow, Nonso!'' I was surpriced '' Aisha does know more people than me.''

He smiled and looked around showing his dimples.

'' Cool party, thanks to you''

That was so touching

'' But it would be cooler, if you can go cheer up that girl over there.''

He looked towards the direction my hand was pointing at and saw a very familiar person.


Trust shola to always waste unnecessary time, unlike Chidinma I was impatient and to deal with that I would always voice out my irritations. This party was supposed to start by 6:00 pm and by 7:15 we were just entering keke from Shola's house Arghh.

We got to Aisha's place by 7:45pm and to my chagrin they haven't even started. Shola didn't look surprised at all, and before I could spite her she was off to somewhere I did not know. Aisha too was everywhere, I don't really know her well, although we are in the same class, we are not more than ' Hello' and ' Hi' people. I just stood with Chidinma at the entrance to Aisha's room, we don't really talk much, we are just mutual friends.

We both sat on the staircase and watched the people come in, at some point we would make jokes at the people who dressed funny. Soon Chidinma left me to be with her nerd people, I knew she was out in the look for them. I looked at Aisha's room to see the beautiful cake that just arrived few minutes ago and Shola already had her index finger inside the icing. Typical Shola, sugar queen.

The party had almost started and Shola was running around telling people to seat close to the birthday setting.

She walked toward me and urged me to take a seat close to where the party was.

'' Nancy isn't that Edgar, the guy Chidinma has a massive crush on?''

I looked at Chidinma with a group of her type of people. It was clear and obvious that Edgar doesn't like her.

'' That's him, trust Chidinma to fling herself at him.''

We laughed and I agreed to seat close to the party. By close, I sat where no one would talk me.

Aisha's cousin is so silly, I said to myself as he started giving his speech, soon people started throwing party cups at him and I just laughed. It wasn't fun laughing on my own, and it annoyed me that Chidinma left me for her silly friends. Shola went to the stage and took the Mic from Musa, and soon the party became interesting. Aisha was not too pleased at first but she didn't complain.

Soon the drinks came and it was obviously spiked. I was not planning on an early death so I just kept it beside me.

'' You don't like it?'' It was shola, standing in front of me.

'' The drinks have alcohol in it, and I don't drink alcohol.'' I answered, Shola knew, we were under age and not permitted to.

'' I thought as much.''

She took a seat beside me

'' Its illegal, we are not yet 18, she could get arrested.'' I told her as I looked at Aisha who sat with a smug smile on her face.

'' We are at her house not in a club.'' Shola said and laughed, it was definitely not funny, what if someone gets drunk and misbehaves?

Money was bouncing off everyone's pocket as they were cutting cake. I had already shared a dark look with Shola warning her not to call my name. She didn't, but this time she called Chidinma's name. I knew Chidinma wasn't paying attention, the look on her face was priceless and I laughed so hard. I wasn't surprised that Chidinma gave out three thousand naira. She was the only child to a rich Bank Manager who spoils her at every chance.

The three of us met at the food stand and Shola was hyperactive and talking nonstop. I think she was tipsy. Chidinma had this distant look on her face.

'' Try watching Edgar closely.'' I said to her when Shola left. She turned to look at me.

'' Why?''

'' I don't know, I just feel like you should.''

She gave a slight nod before walking way.

I was browsing a few sites online when some one shifted beside me. I looked, and saw Nonso, My all time secret crush. I was speechless.

'' How are you today?''

I just smiled and quickly put off my phone so I could really talk.


I really didn't want to go to this party,but after seeing Shola's enthusiasm about the whole thing, I just caved in.

Trust Shola to change into twenty attires before actually deciding to wear one. I just smiled at my phone as Nancy complained non stop. She really should get used to this by now. Shola was never a person to stand by one attire.

We got to the party at 7: 45 pm and Shola disappeared into Aisha's room. People were still scatters around and the DJ hadn't started playing music because he was stuffing his mouth with chicken. I sat on the staircase with Nancy and we just laughed at the people who humiliated themselves. I sighted them just in time and a smile creeped to my face. I didn't even tell Nancy anything and I felt bad for that, I just walked over to where they stood and couldn't stop blushing as I saw Edgar. He was smiling at me too.

Good start, I said to myself, the inner me was jumping up and down.

When the party started, I sat down with them. I felt sad for leaving Nancy all by herself, but there was plenty of time after the party,plus i stood close to Edgar,the closest i have been. As i looked at Nancy, i saw that Shola was with her too and Shola made a gestures towards me and they both started laughing.

Oh, i know what they were talking about.

For most of the time, I just listened and laughed at whatever Edgar said. But most of the time I noticed he had his eyes on Tinuke, the curvaceous head girl of our school.

The drink was disgusting, and I moved to a nearby sink to dispose of it. I saw Shola and Nancy sitting together and talking, Nancy had a disturbing look on her face. I felt a tinge of jealousy because it had always been me and Shola before Nancy came along. No hard feelings, I still love Nancy.


I heard my name from afar, I turned to look at Shola who had a creepy smile on her face. In my state of confusion, I turned to the closest person to me

'' Unyime, please, what's going on?''

It was clear she wasn't paying attention too and she shrugged and walked away.

I walked over to where Shola stood.

'' Why did you call me?'' I asked her in hushed whispers but it was clear Shola didn't know how to whisper

'' Time to cut the cake!''

I rolled my eyes and wore a fake smile

'' Three thousand naira please.'' I said

I was supposed to take a slice of cake but I didn't wait for it, I had plenty at home. They all clapped for me, they always did, I think I was the highest bidder.

We sat by the food stand and talked, Shola was tipsy and I know Nancy couldn't wait to go home. She looked so irritated at everything. I kept looking back at the group I left,Edgar was still talking, he always like people listening to him and kissing his feet, can I really do that? Can I keep up the pretense everytime he is around.

'' Try watching Edgar closely.''

I turned to look at Nancy, I looked around I couldn't find Shola, I had been so distracted I didn't even know when she left.

'' Why?''

'' I don't know, I just feel like you should.''

Nancy was very observant, I can't deny that, so I just nodded and walked away.

As I approached the group, I stopped walking and looked at Edgar's hand wrapped around Tinuke's tiny waist. I was glad they couldn't see me, so I just turned around and was about to walk back to Nancy but she was already with Nonso, her all time crush and i didn't want to intrude and Shola was nowhere in sight. So I just walked outside the building and sat by the side grass.


The party ended by 11:05 pm and they both had to drag Shola out of the building so that they could with those going towards the bus stand.

As they walked home, they recounted how the party was in their own ways. Nancy couldn't get over the fact that she talked with Nonso, but she thought there was something strange in Shola's smile as she listened to her. Chidinma was having a hard time, but she still opened up and told them what she saw. Shola just placed Chidinma's head on her shoulder and Nancy hugged her close.

May 02, 2020 10:40

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This is lovely, Juliet!


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nice story, please like my story if you like it and follow me


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Love the names so much. Your stories are really good. I also wrote something like this on the same prompt, 'Fireworks', all with the party setting and secret crush and all that. But I'll take it from you and try to add a little Nigerian spice in my future stories once in a while😂


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love your content julz


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