Friendship Fiction

As Izzy stepped outside of her small cozy house, the first thing that enveloped her was the crisp biting air. It clung to her skin like a hundred needles sending shivers down her whole body. The scent of the cold clean air and the invigorating aroma of the frost kissed pine needles on the trees outside looked as if they were frozen in time. 

The snow beneath her boots was soft and echoed a soft satisfying crunch with every step. It was the sound of winter’s symphony, a reminder that nature had orchestrated its own frosty masterpiece. The ground was now a canvas of snow which sparkled like a million diamonds in the pale sunlight. 

Izzy ventured into the woods behind her house and the stillness was profound. The only sound was the distant murmur of the frozen stream, its waters trapped underneath the layers of frozen ice. She could almost hear the silent dance of the snowflakes falling from the sky as they landed on branches of trees creating delicate lace patterns. Her breath hung in the air like a wisp of smoke, the cold turning into a visible testament to the winter's grip on the city. 

Izzy pulled her bright red and green scarf her grandmother knitted for her tighter around her neck trying to shield herself from the chill that seemed to steep through every layer of her clothing. The trees stood sentinel, their branches reached towards the sky like fingers adorned with a delicate frosting of snow. Izzy ran her fingers down the bark of an old Oak tree, feeling the rough cold texture beneath her gloves. It was a connection to the heart of winter, a reminder even in the cold the tree stood with a silent strength. 

As the day wore on and the sun dipped below the horizon, the temperature dipped further. The world transformed into a quiet frozen almost dream which was bathed in the glow of the moonlight. Izzy couldn’t help but be amazed at the beauty of it all. 

With a final glance at the moonlight landscape, Izzy retraced her steps back to her warm house. She needed to get ready to meet her best friend, Starr, at their favorite coffee shop. 

The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and the melody of the crackling fire in the fireplace welcomed Izzy and Starr as they stepped inside, shaking off the snowflakes from their coats. The friends settled into their usual corner at their usual table where plush chairs embraced them like old friends. With a smile, Izzy two steaming cups of hot chocolate topped with a mound of whipped cream. Starr ordered two huge slices of freshly baked pumpkin pie with their favorite spiced whipped cream topping. This was their choice of a treat on a cold winter’s day. 

As they waited for their drinks and slices of pie, Izzy and Starr shared stories about their week with loud laughter echoing throughout the small coffee shop. The warmth of their friendship made the chill of winter almost a distant memory. When the barista brought over their hot chocolate the aroma tickled their noses in a pleasant way. When the slices of pie were placed in front of them the two friends couldn’t help but sigh and smile in anticipation. 

They clicked their mugs together as they toasted each other and their long friendship. The women took their first sips of the hot chocolate and it danced across their tongues. 

“Oh that is good!” Starr said.

“I agree. There’s nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night.” Izzy said.

Starr moved the pie plate closer to her and when she took the first bite her eyes lit up and she could hardly contain her excitement about how good it tasted. 

“That’s some good pie!” Starr said so loudly that the people at the other table close to them turned their heads in the direction of Starr’s voice.

“Can you be any louder?” Izzy said as she laughed.

“You’ll see what I mean. This pie is the kind of pie that will make you slap your mama good.” Starr said and laughed.

“Every time we come here the hot chocolate and the pie gets better and better.” Izzy said as she shoved a piece of pie in her mouth.

“I love this time of the year. You can’t go wrong with pie and hot chocolate.” Starr said as she took another sip of her hot chocolate.

“The company isn’t bad either.” Izzy said as she raised her mug again for another toast.

“Here, Here!” Starr said as they clicked mugs again.

Outside the winds of winter were starting to howl and the snow was starting to fall again after a brief lull but inside the two friends were in a haven of peace, tranquility and hot chocolate.  The flickering of the fire in the fireplace casted a warm glow on the women’s faces making Starr’s long red hair sparkle. 

“You know, Izzy, " Starr said, breaking the comfortable moment of silence between them, “there is something magical about a cold winter’s day like this one. It brings people together like me and you and everything seems to slow down just a little and it is kind of nice.” 

Izzy nodded in agreement and sipped her hot chocolate.

“Absolutely, winter days are magical and all you need are good hot chocolate and the company of a good friend in a coffee shop where everyone knows your name.” Izzy laughed.

“Well, I don’t care about anyone else knowing my name but you, my friend.” Starr laughed a big belly laugh.

Both of the women started to laugh and they clicked their mugs of hot chocolate together in a toast to the beauty of the moment. As they chatted and reminisced , the aroma of the hot chocolate and the coffee brewing in the background enveloped them, making the coffee shop feel like a haven from the world outside. 

Time passed unnoticed as the two friends lost themselves in conversation as their laughter filled the air. The cold winter’s day and sharing a cup of hot chocolate turned into a sweet memory which would be etched into the pages of their long friendship.

December 03, 2023 18:59

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