Sad Creative Nonfiction

‘Tanya, Let Rishi know about this. He has the right to know.’, said Tanya's heart.

Tanya was resting on her couch. She was lost in her deep thoughts. She got a phone call from Rishi.

‘Hello ‘, said Tanya in a low voice.

‘Hello, Tanya. Shall we both meet up today at a coffee shop near the mall? ‘, asked Rishi.

‘Ok., Rishi. I want to share something with you. It's important, Rishi.’, said Tanya.

‘Is that so? I too want to talk to you about our lives. We'll meet up at the coffee shop by 4 pm.’, said Rishi.

‘Ok, Rishi. See you there. Love you.’, said Tanya.

Rishi hung up the call without saying a word. Tanya was puzzled.

Rishi reached the coffee shop by 4 pm and was waiting for Tanya. Tanya didn’t turn up till 4:30 pm.

Rishi lost his patience.

‘I don’t know why she takes me for granted? I have been waiting for her for the past 30 minutes. Tanya… Tanya.’, mumbled Rishi to himself as he dialed Tanya's number.

‘Pick up the call, man.’, said Rishi.

Tanya didn't pick up Rishi's call. Rishi was furious. When he finally decided to leave the coffee shop, he saw Tanya walking amble towards him. He noticed Tanya's head was covered with a blue scarf. Rishi’s anger vanished as soon as he saw Tanya.

‘I am sorry, Rishi. My cousins visited me. So, I couldn’t make it up on time. Please forgive me.’, said Tanya.

‘That's ok, Tanya. At least, you could have picked up my calls', said Rishi.

‘Actually, My phone is in silent mode, Rishi.’, said Tanya.

Rishi smirked mockingly. Tanya surprisingly looked at him.

‘Ok . You wanted to talk about something. What is it? ‘, asked Tanya.

‘Tanya. Let's end it.’ ,said Rishi.

He was not able to make eye contact with her.

‘End what, Rishi?’, asked Tanya surprisingly.

Rishi paused for a minute and said,’ O … Our Relationship’.

Tanya looked at him confused.

‘What? But Why? ‘, asked Tanya with sad eyes gazing towards Rishi.

‘Yes. I don't think our relationship will work anymore. You are completely changed, Tanya. I think you don't love me anymore. We don't even meet up regularly. You are busy with your friends and work. You don't even know whether I exist or not.’, said Rishi.

‘Is that so, Rishi? Look into my eyes and say those words again.’, said Tanya as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rishi didn’t respond.

‘Actually, Rishi I was not busy with my friends and work. I was suffering in silence without letting you know what I am going through. I have…’

Rishi interrupted her.

‘Depression, right? For how manyn year's will you be suffering from Depression, Tanya? You had depression a year ago and you treated it with medications. Now, again you are telling me you are depressed? Do I look like a fool?’ ,yelled Rishi.

‘Let me finish my sentence, Rishi. I am not in depression. This is more serious than depression.’, said Tanya hoping Rishi would listen to her.

 ‘ It's over, Tanya. We are strangers from today.’ ,said Rishi.

‘But, Listen to me once. ’said Tanya.

‘No, Tanya. You can’t convince me. I am clear about our relationship. I am sorry if I had hurt you.'

Tanya was crying silently.

‘You broke my heart and apologizing now.’ , said Tanya.

Rishi stood near the table without even uttering a word.

‘By the way, you wanted to say something right? You said it's very serious. What is it, Tanya?’, enquired Rishi.

‘Nothing, Rishi. It won’t make a difference if I reveal it now. Thank you for your concern.',said Tanya wiping her tears.

‘Shall I drop you home?’ ,asked Rishi.

‘No, Thank you Rishi.’ ,said Tanya.

Rishi and Tanya parted ways and moved on with their lives.

A year later,

Rishi was sitting in the same coffee shop having a cappuccino.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Riddhi.

‘Hey, Rishi. How are you? ‘ , said Riddhi.

‘Hey, Riddhi. I am good. Have a seat.’ ,said Rishi.

‘I am fine.’ ,said Riddhi as she sat opposite to Rishi.

‘So, How is your life going? Are you married?’ ,asked Riddhi.

‘No, I am not. I didn’t find a good partner after I broke up with Tanya.’ ,said Rishi.

Riddhi smiled looking at him.

‘By the way, How is Tanya?’ ,asked Rishi hesitantly.

 I visited her house two months ago. It seemed that she had shifted her house earlier.’ , said Rishi.

‘Rishi, Didn't you know what Tanya was going through? I thought you broke up with her after knowing her condition.’, said riddhi.

‘Depression, right?’ ,said Rishi.

‘No, Rishi. Tanya was suffering from Brain Tumor.’

Rishi was shocked to hear this.

‘Yes, Rishi. She was suffering from Brain Tumor. She never wanted you to know about her tumor. She was suffering in silence. I used to accompany her for her chemo therapy sessions. Her cousins used to visit her frequently to cheer her up. That was the reason why she was avoiding you. She decided to reveal the truth about her health condition to you so she agreed to meet you in the coffee shop on that day. And, I thought you broke up with her after knowing her health condition.’ ,said Riddhi.

‘Didn’t she talk about her Brain Tumor with you' ,asked Riddhi.

Rishi was holding back his tears and nodded his head.

‘Is she alright, now ?’, asked Rishi.

He wanted Tanya to be safe and healthy.

‘I am sorry, Rishi. She is no more. She passed away three months ago. She was madly in love with you till her last breath.’, said Riddhi in a sad voice.

Rishi left the coffee shop, sat in his car and cried uncontrollably.

Rishi recalled how Tanya begged him to listen to her. Rishi regretted his decision of not letting Tanya speak. Rishi realized why Tanya's head was covered with a blue scarf when he met her for the last time.

He took out his phone and got hold of Tanya’s photo.

He cried looking at her photo.

‘I am sorry, my love. I should have listened to you that day. I should have been with you during your difficult times. Forgive me, darling.’, said Rishi as he kissed Tanya's photo.

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