Speculative Fiction

Tim wasn't sure whether to thank Walton or lecture him about the carbon footprint.Last night he promised to give him a solution which will ensure he work from home and only travel when it is really necessary and he promised that they'd be able to speak on a daily basis and he won't have to go to Molly's to be able to talk him.He felt an invisible weight leave his body.Tim loves nature ,he was sure if he was President he'd solely focus on decreasing our carbon footprint drastically.He lived way outside the City in a bungalow hidden by tall trees in the middle of the forest and could've been Tarzan's long lost brother himself in the way he lived.

He had wired his whole house with solar-powered electricity.He had a black white television,cassette player,gramophone and his collector's cassettes ,a coal stove and an iron.

Some thought his house was some sort of museum exhibiting the life that has passed and he didn't care, in his garage is where his dark grey honda ev plus rest with a bicycle next to his garage door since it's his favorite mode of transport and it meant less air pollution.

He sat on his dining table listening to Frank Sinatra crooning about New York when he heard the sound of screeching wheels of a huge vehicle, he went out to check thinking it was some school kids who are going to camp on the other side of the mountain but that was not the case today.

"Uhm excuse me I think you're in the wrong address, I didn't order all your uhm... machines " Tim confessed why the guys were busy off loading technology things that littered the offices in Waltlings Holding .

"413 Preston Valley, Mr Tim Howlings?" The guy in black with a name tag written Ian asked quickly as he studied the delivery note.

"That's correct, I'm Tim and I didn't buy all this " Tim said pointing the mess around him

" Mr Walton bought it and I delivered it , the guy in blue will install it for you,don't worry by the time we all done you'll be on that computer maybe by this time tomorrow you'll be taking selfies like a pro " Ian chuckled and passed the delivery note to Tim " Please sign here for me and I will leave you to it.

Tim stands in his study and look at the sleek messy in there,he must admit it looks current and expensive but this was not the solution he ought to get from his partner and best friend but he can't blame him.

He opted for the seat and started tinkering with the computers, he wasn't sure how he did it but he found himself on Facebook and he almost fell to the floor when he saw Suzzy or rather Suzanne his pre-school crush,he was busy looking at Suzanne's pictures when the small brick on the desk vibrated ,ugh he thought ,Steve bought him a goddamn cellphone.

He picked it up ,hoping to hear the traitor's voice but was amazed when he saw his best friend's mischIevious face on the small screen.

"How's are things Grandpa?" Steve smiled and wiggled his eyebrows

"How big is the hole in our bank account?" Tim asked,offering his friend a shy smile letting him know he's joking

"No hole I promise, the stuff there is part of the free gems we got from HP our new partners ,remember the Autumn deal? then these are the fruits" Steve ran his hand on his head

" You're running your hand in your hair, let me guess ,you did more damage?" Tim looked at Steve with his Principal look.

" I Know you said I shouldn't but I wanted to do this for you,I get it that you believe too much in nature but surely we have to apply some effort ..."

" Spit it out" Tim pointed at Steve

" I Found your brother Austin and he wishes to meet you..."

" It's not possible Sting,how come he has never reached out to me?" He couldn't see Steve anymore ,we reached for his face and realized he was crying.

"You're a day old in the world of technology man, the only way one can reach you is through the post which you only collect on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays,you had no cellphone until today "Steve kept his tone small and friendly.

"Do you have his picture? Does he look like me at all?" Tim opted for the seat again.

"I don't but I know for a fact that he's on Facebook,so maybe you can chat to him there or stalk him like you did with Suzanne's profile" Steve wiggles his eyebrows

"When's the next board meeting?" Tim changed the subject.

"I don't know I will have to ask Suzanne for a yearly business calender to be sent to my hermit partner... " Tim coughs hiding laughter

"Does Suzzy works for us?" Tim asks a howling Steve

"I didn't get that ,you network is not smooth , I think you should consider cutting all your trees for better reception. I have to head out we'll finish this conversation later"


Tim felt as if all the inhabitants of the trees Steve suggested he cut down were coming at him with angry faces ,he was to destroy their homes for a mare cellphone connection.He could see the images in his mind clearly







A cellphone connection which ensures that he can speak to Steve countries apart.It looks like it will reconnect him to his long lost brother.It showed him his crush Suzanne .It will enable him to attend his business meetings at the comfort of his home.

He went to the window, and laughed at the squirrel jumping from one tree to the other and strangely enough it looked at him and shrugged as if it was saying "At what cost?"

February 22, 2021 12:23

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Ashley 💜
09:02 Mar 23, 2021

I very much like your story and think it has a very interesting storyline. I think that you should work on using the grammar to involve people more into your story than you already can. Beautiful, congrats!


Yvone Mthembu
12:24 Mar 23, 2021

Thank you so much Ashley


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Hiba Irfan
12:37 Mar 04, 2021

I like the detail you put in the story so it felt more realistic!


Yvone Mthembu
12:42 Mar 04, 2021

Thanks Hiba Irfan


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Yvone Mthembu
12:42 Mar 04, 2021

Thanks Hiba Irfan


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Yvone Mthembu
12:42 Mar 04, 2021

Thanks Hiba Irfan


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