Lisa was so confused. It was her best friend’s birthday and she couldn’t find anything better for her.

“Mom, can you help me?”

“Yeah sure. What is it?”

“It’s Bella’s birthday and I am not sure what to gift her.”

“Oh, when is it dear?”

“This Friday.”

“Oh it’s soon. So do you have any ideas about gifts?”

“Yeah…maybe like flowers or chocolates”

Mom laughed.

“Think outside the box. Gift her something that would remind her about you each time she sees it.

 What would Bella like? You know her better than me.”

And mom went to the market.

“Hmm… mom got a point. What is it that will last longer? What would Bella like? Lisa, you got a big task ahead!

Buckle up!”

She took her phone and called Emily.

“Hey Emily, its Lisa.”

“Yeah, I have your contact right. Well, what’s up man?”

“What do you got to gift Bella?”

“Oh, and why should I tell you? To copy me?”

“No, not exactly. But I can get the idea right?”

“Okay. I was confused too. But Bella once like a teddy bear when we at shopping market. So I bought it for her.


“Oh, you lucky girl. Why I didn’t come with you guys? Alright, now Teddy’s option is out.”

“Obviously” Emily was laughing.

“What else she liked?”

“We were not there too long. So, not sure.”

“Alright, thanks by the way. See you at the school tomorrow.”


Now Lisa was in trouble. So she decided to call Jack. Jack was a cool guy and always madhyasthi karane.

“Hey, Jack, what should I gift to Bella?”

“Oh, Hey Lisa. Wait, give me a moment. What about a cool race car or laser light?”

“What? I am not gifting you. I am asking for Bella?”

“Yeah, so what’s wrong?”

“Forget it. I forgot you will suggest boy’s things.

Lisa could not figure out what to gift.

“What it should be that will be perfect for Bella? She is my best friend from day one of school so the

 present has to be perfect. What about a pair of earrings? But Bella has a huge collection of them.

Sunglasses? Bella often goes to the beaches so it’ll help her. But it’s too common, isn’t it? A coffee mug with our

 photo printed? Oops.. I gifted it last year. A photo frame? Nah…”

While she was thinking Mom returned. She cooked dinner but still Lisa was lost in her own thoughts.

“Hey Lisa, are you still thinking about the gift? Dad is already home. Come let’s have a dinner.” Mom said.said,

“What? Dinner? What time is it? I was not aware of it.” Lisa amazed.

At dinner table, Lisa asked her questions to dad. Dad said,

“Gifts are not important dear. The bonding is important, the emotions are important. And I know you two are

the best friends. Gifting shows your emotions towards your loved ones but a true friendship doesn’t require

anything but trust.”

“You are right dad. I understood.”

“Good girl. By the way, how about a movie and fun this Saturday? Bring Bella too.”

Lisa could not be happier.

“Thanks dad, you are the best! But I have to gift something because it’s her birthday anyway.”

Lisa was making a list of gifts. Mom said,

“Go to sleep Lisa. Do it tomorrow.”

In the morning Lisa waked up so early that even mom surprised. She was still writing the list but unable to find

 the right one.

“Drink that milk and finish your breakfast first.”

“Are you still figuring the right gift?”

“Yeah dad.”

Dad took the list and read the gifts she wrote.

“Watch, Tops, Music cds, Snacks, Makeup kit, Jewellery, Games, Dolls, etc.”

At school, she was about to make Bella tell what would she like on her birthday, all the time. In the lunch break,

when both of them wandering in the school garden Bella saw a little plant. It wasn’t looking fresh, maybe it didn’t

get water as it hid behind the big plants. Bella placed a handful of soil to its stem and watered it. She caressed other

 plants too.

After school, when Lisa and Bella were heading towards Bella’s home for the planning of birthday party, they saw

a cute little puppy injured and crying for help. Without waiting for a moment Bella took band aids from her bag

apply to his injury. Lisa gave him some water and Bella feed him food from her tiffin. That puppy looked refreshed

and start licking both of them. A big dog came and he ran towards her. It was his mother. Our kind girls ran

towards home happily.

That day Lisa looked so happy. When dad came home Lisa told something in his ear and they all went out. Mom was

confused about where they were going but she was about to know very soon.

It was Friday and Lisa couldn’t keep calm. It was a sweet coincident that the school has holiday so Lisa went to

Bella’s home so early. Emily and Jack came and they all got busy decorating the home. Balloons, confetti,

colourful lightings and tasty food made by Bella’s mom. At 4 P.M. party started. Everyone’s parents were there

except Lisa’s. They just came a moment before Bella was about to cut a cake. Everyone clapped.

Lisa and Bella’s mom and dad served delicious food to everyone. Everyone appreciated the tasty food.

Parents were talking while kids played games.

And now it was a time for gifts! Emily gave a big teddy to Bella and Bella seemed happy. Jack presented a smart watch

to her. She also liked that. Colours, drawing kits, jewelleries, toys, stationary, many gifts to Bella! But she

 was waiting for Lisa’s gift. Actually, many people were waiting about Lisa’s gift because she had asked so many people

for advice. And the moment came! Lisa went outside with her dad and returned with a basket in her hand. That leaved

everyone in awe. Bella was so happy. It was a cute Labrador puppy, with a black dot on his head. He was so cute that

Bella didn’t want to put him down.

“It’s the best gift I ever had! Thank you so much Lisa!”

“Wait Bella, its not over. I have another gift for you.”

Lisa turned and called his dad inside. Her dad was holding a plant and a basket. Bella was dancing happily.

“Take care of it. When it will grow big it’ll be a sign of our friendship. And have this basket. It has different kinds of seeds

you would certainly like.”

“Yes, sure. Your gifts are so true and meaningful. Our friendship didn’t fail. I love you Lisa.”

“Love you two, three, four….hundred times.”

Everyone appreciated their Friendships. Lisa found the perfect gifts for her bestie. Everyone enjoyed the party. The party

was a mixture of fun and emotions!

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