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This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Dear Reader,

I have a secret to tell everyone. It could seem as though I am crazy, but I will give examples of my findings. I would also appreciate it if you tell no one about my findings because then I will be forced into an insane asylum. I will commence my telling. 

A few years ago I was given a camera, and not long after that camera’s digital imprint was copied into all cell phones. They said it was to drastically improve photo resolution. Little did they know that I had insider information on how that was possible. These scientists developed a technique where once you take a picture…oh! Should I say it so quickly? No no, I will start with my back story, because you don’t even know who I am. 

I am Professor Yabisi of the Taino tribe. I have a doctorate degree in psychology with an emphasis on the soul. As a tribe member I was chosen to study abroad to bring news to my people and help them in this ever changing world. While I was away in the motherland—which you call America—I was told of my tribe’s demise at the hands of foreigners. Still I marched on to keep the legacy alive. I was told of others from the tribe that made it safely to the motherland. We congregated to achieve greatness and keep representation alive. As such, we spilled out into various branches of science and arts while yet others decided to settle down and have a family to once again revive our population.  

My studies led me to many travels around the world where I participated in scientific research that brought us ever so closer to not just immortality, but medical invincibility—that is, a world without diseases. That’s where my research brought me. My area of study, according to others in my field, is where disease stems from. They believe that disease comes from the mind, so if you redirect your thinking the disease will cure itself. I believe the same! As humans we need to conquer our minds as the great gods want us to. 

The camera was a gift from my tribe leader Cacique Agueybana. I don’t know how he came about it, but it seemed strange to say the least. I tried using it, but every time I did it would show people with a glow behind it; perhaps it was because I accidentally dropped it in water. Nonetheless a colleague of mine, Dr. Hindburg, saw its actual use and meaning behind the glow.

The glow represented the soul in people and animals. His conclusion was that the soul was responsible for people’s actions. The soul carries our strong beliefs, our passions, our wants; in essence it is where our feelings stem from. Dr. Hindburg believed that if we remove the soul then crime would cease to exist because there would no longer be strong passions that lead to criminal activity.

(Dr. Hindburg was also my fiancé. That's how he obtained the camera and knew of its unusual use.) 

I did not delegate to another person nor objected to his research—in fact I helped—until I realized that removing souls meant eternal damnation. People would be apathetic which would be worse. Empathy only exists in those that have yet to participate in the experiment.

His—or in retrospect our—experiment led us to said participant who had suffered from depression since the age of 13. His parents, no longer able to withstand his chronic depressive state, contacted the doctor. The young man was now in his early twenties, no friends, no work, no education. He was just living in his parents’ basement, devoid of any enjoyment. For the purpose of discretion I will call the participant Bob. Bob was admitted to our facility where he underwent grueling experiments until his picture was taken and the glow was gone. At one point we thought that our experiment would kill him because he went into shock and started convulsing. Finally Dr. Hindburg managed to get Bob under control and the convulsions ended. Bob was released, unsupervised, to his parents six months after he was admitted. Three months later Bob killed his parents and his neighbor, then waited for police to arrive to arrest him. In the news as he was being taken into custody, he was seen laughing.  

Dr. Hindburg had made Bob’s parents sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep the experiment under wraps. The final experiment that made Bob’s soul leave his body was performed on our other 96 participants—who all then went to commit atrocities. Jinger, a pseudonym, strangled her dog with her bare hands and then ate him. Constance, a pseudonym, woke up one morning after a night of a killing spree, and fed her husband and five children human meat from one of her victims. Another participant  requested a meeting with all her family. Everyone attended including her seven children as well as parents, grandparents, siblings, and even some close friends. As everyone waited anxiously she stood, pulled out a gun then shot herself. No one was aware that she had also poisoned the food. Everyone in attendance died from food poisoning. It has been by far the most heinous crime in our country. Another participant, the Dublin sisters were found outside their home actively eating the dead bodies of their parents as neighbors looked on in horror. 

All the while these atrocities were happening more and more people were signing up for his experiment. I, on the other hand, have decided to separate myself from it all. Instead I want to speak out against his criminal behavior and put a stop to it.    

Currently I am hiding since he knows of my intentions. He has sent several of his patients to come find and kill me.  

There’s a knock on the door… I will post this then continue writing…


Dear Reader,

Sorry for the outrageous message sent by one of my patients. It happens to be that some of my patients have delusions of grandeur and make scandalous accusations that in the past have hindered my work. But all is well now, Ms. Yabisi has been apprehended and placed in isolation.


Dr. Hindburg

May 05, 2022 23:35

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