The Past is not the Present and it will never be the Future

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This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues.

Everyday I wake up feeling glorious. I am aligned with myself and my purpose. My first conscious thoughts of the day, every day, is the hubbub of the subconscious. I am already giving glory to God. The God I give glory and praise to is the God, the total God of every universe and dimension and cosmos. It is the God of every living creature and inanimate object.

It feels good, this flowing through my veins, this praise, this worship, this glory. It elevates my soul and I know beyond any reasonable doubt, beyond any doubt at all, that I am on the right path.

It wasn’t always this way. I was spiritually diverted into serving the needs of other peoples flesh by some very clever devils. Well, they thought they were clever, the way they used words, colours, symbols, to manipulate me into doing what they wanted. They had people abuse me, connect to my energy fields in evil ways, and they made the gain while I was left with nothing. A clever person would have ensured I was kept happy and given above and beyond what I was asking for to ensure I stayed where they wanted.

I knew the entire time that things were wrong, when they had me on that path. I knew because I still had morals, even though the people controlling me wouldn’t let me have the joy of experiencing them. When your not in alignment with the path you are on you know you are on the wrong path. The fact I never released my morals, that I kept them there in my soul is testament to the power of God sitting within me, waiting for the opportunity to help me exit a path I should have never been on.

See, this world is a spiritual battleground. Most people don’t realise this. They succumb to their enemy because they get rewarded from the enemy for being evil. I was never rewarded for doing what they asked me to do. Not once. I would obey these clever devils and bit by bit they stole my family, my self-confidence, my future. When the enemy doesn’t reward you for obeying them, your on the wrong path.

So, what happened, you ask? How did I realise I was on the wrong path? Because things just weren’t working out for me. I wasn’t happy. I knew that things were wrong. I am a person who has always valued faithfulness, loyalty, honesty, morals, truth. I never let go of my values. The behaviour these clever devils had me doing was just not in agreement with who I was and something had to give. So it did.

Covid hit and this was the enemies opportunity to socially isolate me even further in an attempt to break me and force me into suicide. The only contact I had for months was watching social media and the news and this is no good. It was what they wanted. An echo chamber they could control.

Covid hit and the holiday that I had earned was taken from me. We all know that people need holidays and a person who is being abused daily by evil people needs on even more if they want that person to keep tolerating that level of abuse. Something snapped. I put my foot down and decided that if the people whom I had granted favours to weren’t going to allow me the vacation I deserved, they weren’t going to get shit from me.

There was also the matter of certain promises being given to me that were supposed to have been fulfilled by the end of 2018. Well, that didn’t happen then either so I withdrew myself for a few months.

I started deprogramming heavy in 2020. I had already been through judgement and forgiveness with God in 2016 to see the evil that had been done to me by a very well organised group. It was at that time I realised I had been controlled very effectively by people. I had to deal with forgiving people who were making no effort at changing and forgiving myself, not for having done anything bad, but forgiving myself for having been gullible.

The deprogramming started and it was difficult. You can’t deprogram if your angry about it, because strong emotions bind you to the words. They know this. It is a mammoth task to sit there and deprogram while you have fools dancing around you trying to trigger your emotions to keep you programmed.

And this is why I believe in God. I do not think that an individual who has been through as much shit as I have could have done this on there own. I had no help from a therapist to do this.

By the way, did you know addictions are programmed? There is not an addiction that is real. It is all part of a program, everything from smoking drugs or cigarettes to drinking alcohol or watching sport. Addictions are a way to control people. The programming begins early in a persons life. Being a bully, is just a programmed personality. So is being a liar. None of those personalities are real. Guess what else? Even the desire to kill yourself is just a program. There is no such thing as a real suicide. People, real people, just aren’t built that way. You will also have every single person in mental health arguing against me, because people with poor mental health is how they make there money. If everyone was deprogrammed and following their soul instead of the wrong path, therapists would be out of a job.

I went heavy into the deprogramming and I did it with God.

Then, after the deprogramming came the collapsing of the timeline. My timeline was hijacked as a little baby by evil people. This was because past life karma allowed some of this to occur. If the timeline they had programmed into me had been the real path of my life, I wouldn’t have been able to collapse and exit it.

How did I collapse a fake timeline? Easy. Visualisation. Very heavy visualisation. But I sat in silence, meditating, visualising and collapsing.

Then there was the cancelling of what I call a ‘demonic contract’. I’m not really sure what the hell it is, but those are the best words I can use. My family made an agreement with powers and principalities, both physical and spiritual. Certain things were supposed to go down and it would set my family up for life. Well, they set themselves up, all right. There is a clause in this contract. If the contract is not renewed personally with the individual whose spiritual energy it was made for, the individual is allowed to cancel the contract, because it was made without their consent.

So, I cancelled the contract. This has been officially recognised by both the physical and spiritual powers and principalities who made it. Of course, the family isn’t really thrilled because they have forfeited their own spiritual energy. But, tough. I don’t owe loyalty to the people who betrayed me. To quote someone "When you realise your karma." Those words will bite that individual in the ass in a future life, if he is allowed to reincarnate.

Things are still challenging in life, but things are improving. It looks to me I will have plenty of opportunity before I die, in about 40 odd years, to earn all the good karma I can and have the life I’ve always wanted in my next life. I will have family, a real family who loves and cherishes me, including children, grandchildren and a loving husband, wealth, success, maybe be born into a position of power, have a job, as long as I stay on the path I am on. I’d do anything for these things and if remaining righteous and moral is the price I have to pay, I am willing.

The path I am on is Gods path, the path of spirituality, the soul, righteousness, eternal life, enlightenment and salvation. I know it’s the right path because I am happy. How you feel within is an indicator of if you are on your destined path.

Any path which means you have to suffer abuse, theft, rape, being diddled as a kid sorrow, being beaten up many times, murdered, had people attempt to murder me, being stalked, being bullied, ill health, and cruelty, will always be the wrong path. Never once have I received justice for any of these things from the police and they have got evidence of every single offence.

That is how I realised I was on the wrong path, and finally entered the path I was always meant to be on.

January 14, 2023 00:23

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