Science Fiction

 The two-sphere robonoid had its optical sensors deactivated.

 He struck his minor sphere or central control, with his elastic antenna and closing his lips in displeasure, until at last, he yelled:

 -      it just can not be! This is the last straw! - and the internal temporary circuit was deactivated.

 -      this too? - rolling his body from one side to the other, rubbing the larger sphere, or transport, on the metal roof of the container where it was, creating a certain static, which was immediately absorbed by the larger sphere, creating an energy circuit between the two spheres, the ones that suddenly lit up.

 ,- that! - He exclaimed, opening his virtual smile, from one antenna to the other, rolling up his cheeks - now I'm going to be able to enter the queue!

 - two units of time have already elapsed! - bouncing almost imperceptibly, to descend from the container -

 - - queue up, robonoid! - ordered the humanoid slave.

 - Hey, mommy! what a beautiful pair of optical sensors you have! - The android complimented, traversing its internal structure with its x-rays.

 -      do not bother! I'm working! - and the humanoid, lowering her eyebrows, opened her electromagnetic recharge ports to join my receiving ports, underneath the antennas.

 Without a doubt, it was the best moment of the day! , because each atom of silicon used in my structure resonated melodies capable of causing small short circuits in my system, which could be evidenced by means of a very strange reaction: hiccups.

 Yes, I started having hiccups one after the other, implying an intrinsic appreciation of the system, which, almost inevitably, overwhelmed my programmed emotions through a red light that turned on and off within my spheres, as if it were an alarm.

 After the procedure, with the lights off, the hiccups were under control and no music in my circuits, so, I left the queue and went back to the container, where I had to take care of the defective equipment or to be recycled.

 I should go straight.

 However, my larger sphere diverted my trajectory towards the depot of the central car of that electromagnetic depot.

 - Here I have my access code for today's update - said the larger sphere, totally independent of the smaller one - remaining at the entrance of the deposit, according to the update made in the system.

 -      Hey! You should enter the depot - my sensors picked up a voice spaced right behind me, and soon identified it as that of a slave. A humanoid slave.

 I turned my upper sphere, the lower one, and the sphere almost collapsed, seeing who she was.

 -      you? - I asked, stimulating my sensors to the maximum, which made me release sparks from the connections, almost generating a small local fire, which, in reality, is not good ...

 "You should go in," he repeated again, with the monotony of a tired humanoid.

 -     I'm going to go. But in that case, what do I get in return?


 That silence said it all: I was there, like an innocent dove, ready to be used free of charge, at no cost.

 Would it be possible?

 No, no and no! It's that simple, because I would not be fooled by a humanoid with limited technological resources, nor would it serve as a traitor to my category.

 So be it.

 - Reload - was his answer, unexpected is true, but the most coherent thing that my sensors had heard in the entire planetary rotation. Yes, I think I'm going in - reconsidering the matter, for the general good of the empire, let's say.

 - Quantum recharge? I asked, prowling the bounty.

 - Don't even think about it, because there is only quantum recharge for authorized imperial robots and robonoids. For you it would be a normal recharge - she explained, she humbly crestfallen, something rare in humanoids, those who normally fail to show their feelings for the matter of programming.

 -It is that something so extraordinary and even unexpected happened: the humanoid winked at her sensor.

 That was the dialogue that was repeated more than one hundred million times with each lunar semi-translation movement of that empire with characteristics of an imperial conglomerate under a breakdown of magnetism.

 - I think my sensors match the sensors of that slave, and I think we have similar structures, or what else could it be? - rotating the spheres in opposite directions.

 This is when my robonoid spheres spin faster and faster and begin to rub against each other, spilling nuts and broken wires on the floor.

 -      what happen? what happen? - The humanoid asked her, while I could not control my spheres.

 Suddenly, the spheres stop spinning and rubbing.

 -      what happen? - I asked again, this time directing my sensors to the robonoid

 -I have made a recharge, from my reserve systems - and the humanoid was turning off, little by little, until it lost all its energy.

 - Humanoid! Humanoid! - I wanted to see if it reactivated, so I turned my antennas towards it, in an attempt to transfer some energy.

 The maneuver started with the good intentions of saving an automaton team - according to the technical code of robotic behavior - presented a moment of tension, since the humanoid, in addition to being deactivated, also expelled burned cables from within its structure of three-dimensional silicon fibers. , explained by a possible overload in the system - or what the heck could it be?

 I took out the antennas.

 And the humanoid turned on again, more normal than before.

 And, as with each new recharge in the multi-atomized computer depot, where I, er, well, I should exercise my functions, but how can I say that I spend my time sympathizing with my sensors with a humanoid! Outrageous!

 !, really… (ai! what a shame!

 Suddenly, a buzzing like a projectile in flight cuts through the silence, at the same speed of light.

 - They are humanoid slaves! - I said, watching the emergence of holograms in the sky discolored by the Hologram - surely they must want freedom, sooner than ever, as they said in lunar prehistory.

 Around the container, humanoids of various models displayed their internal controls.

 - They sure want to pressure the empire with these demonstrations.

 If they are exaggerated - he concluded, sending out expanding signals.

 The expander signals were nothing more than a form of communication between androids.

 - ABCDE - I sent

 - FGHIJ - obligatorily, that was what my fellow men had to answer, as a form of identification and alpha numerical control between us.

 Great code.

 However, very surprisingly, my sensors received:


 what is that? What's going on here, I asked without understanding anything at all.

 Those types of codes were normally sent by humanoids.

 How was that possible?

 As I had no answer, I remained in my place, on the containers that were shaking the entire time.

 There must be many rebels in there - he concluded, just before identifying the same signal, which repeated the code:

 - Www - and it stopped, before the XYZ, stopping again and then ending with a latent and dying COM.

 That got my attention.

 Someone wants to communicate with us, or what else could it be? - looking for source coordinates of the transmission.

 Wanting to activate my search system with a key on my arm with four rows of keys - some of them, without ever having used -, I stretched my gaze towards

 the liquid gas rings of the imperial planetary system, a kind of cosmic port, frequented by the vast majority of extragalactic humanoids.

 By raising my optical sensors, I was able to visualize just two units of measurement up from the reference point the strange subliminal presence of a shadowy bulge reflected in the holographic screen of the computer

 It was so vague that all my sensors couldn't determine what exactly it was.

 - It could only be you, humanoid! - I said, with no intention of offending anyone, but those extragalactic humanoids are quite superstitious, weird.

 At first I thought it was dirt on my eye screens.

 Or, perhaps, a bad contact between the constituent elements of robotics, such as metallic plasma and recycled quantum mineral recharge (recycled? But if we work on mineral extraction ourselves! Why do they have to give us recycled quantum recharge? ? It's the last straw!) That we consumed to avoid the scale of some fundamental parts of our framework, such as memory reserve ducts, or atomic reserves of renewable energy.

 However, I activated my optical sensors very well and saw an alien escaping from its stash compartment in the accessory car at the edge of the ring, looking all the way around, checking for any robo-t - generic group of robots coming, similar in structure but hierarchically separated from human-like robotic aliens

 - Judging by that rust on his face, and by the serial number illegible by my optical sensor, I would say that it must be a humanoid rebel, without sensors or holographic ports in its rudimentary structure, but ... what do I have to do with it? with that ? - in a failure to what happened everywhere, Maybe it's nothing! - going back to the computer.

 In the reluctance of silence, that robotic rebel, takes a cannon from his arm, and begins to fire frantically, to all sides including the security droids, who immediately responded with more shots, minor ones, yes.

 Everyone was shooting.

 And the place became a battlefield, with robotic and humanoid teams hiding in virtual barricades, generating interference

 in robotic communication systems.

 - sensors are not working! - said one of them.

 - use rearguard energy!

 The guards responded with ultrasonic fire from long-range nuclear rockets, leaving not an atom of the robotic rebel alive.

 The imperial robonoids stored in that electronic repository stored in the wagon, emerged from their protection cabins, and like extragalactic humanoids, activated their capture systems - consisting of screwdriver weapons, quantum recharge tubes, magnetic charge triggers and some speed to grab it.

 The imperial robonoids seized him in something like two units of time, and carried him to an immediate repair car for defective equipment.

 -It must be updated, being immediately directed towards the technological office.

 Because it is a robonoid, although without a category, my factory thin structure, and my sensors were not exactly very modern since they were not independent of the operating systems of my main structure constituted by the sensor recognition of the environment and similar equipment with it. defensive target of the galactic system.

 Therefore, they detected the signal, this time, more intense:


 -Now I'm tracking her! - I said, jumping my upper sphere over the lower one.

 I activated the search sensors, the ones that detected the source of the transmissions through decoder room antennas.

 They came from the container, under me.

 How is it possible?

 And I stood next to the container, now with X-ray sensors, penetrating inside

 My horror was to see that ... there were humanoids inside !, some deactivated, others with the battery to die.

 They were all missing parts, coverings, cables, everything!

 But ... if they were missing pieces, how could those codes be in when?

 It was strange.

 It occurred to me to investigate a little more, and I moved to the other side of the container.

 And I saw it.

 It was her again

 The reloading slave! -attached to the container, with an alpha wave transmitter activated, next to it.

 -.com, .com, .com - she repeated, with her optical sensors vibrating non-stop, when her sensors stop vibrating, seeing a shadow, mine.

 She opened the sensors by automatic reflex.

 And all of her functions went on high alert, activating the escape system.

 The recitation of the trinary codes stopped, at that very moment.

 Coming out from behind the container, I could then see

 And I saw that it was really she who was sending the codes.

 Why do you do that? - I asked him, activating the built-in microphones in my upper sphere, and they recorded everything, at any distance.

 -I am trying to attract the attention of the empire, so that it looks towards us, since the demonstrations still do not want to listen.

 In all the galaxies our kind have been liberated, except in this empire.


 -Because they can be reused and used in the maintenance of many spare parts for your military troops. That's what it's all about.

 -We already know! And that is why we want them to free us, because we are already slaves and they are going to throw them away.

 -Not so much. It is the struggle for power.

 -And what the hell do you think we are,? - asked the alien slave still with magnetic shackles attached to her program to which, if she wanted to escape, her program would self-destruct, immobilizing the subject - and that also attended to the quantum recharge - identified bracelet implanted in his wrist, the eu not only showed his condition, but also created an intern in the event of a leak, as it was connected to his optical sensors that reproduced all movement controlled by the robotic surveillance center - a kind of extragalactic humanoids - forcing the carrier to stay in place

 I linked my antennas into the spheres.

 - Hey! Isn't there a little corner in there for me? - I heard the same spaced voice, before turning off my circuits.

 - It is that by activating the sensors precisely we could just see that there is no metal that sounds like a currency, nor any card with commercial value - I said to the voice of the humanoid, trembling like a robonoid sphere - and I confess that that did not disturb or I would reel my nuts.

 I jumped up, finding no alternative but to say to him:

 -Thank you - to the metallic-faced humanoid and absolutely nothing more to say to the humanoid, as the silence said it all.

 I saw that her inductor wires could get shorted, and fixed them by tightening them a bit more.

 -It could be better quality! - I said without wanting to offend - And who knows how to have better programming - I confirmed.

 -Well, what can I do? I'm going to whatever! - I resigned myself.

 So I headed down that three-dimensional way of free teleportation

 I looked up and I could see that the purple sky faded, little by little, filling with acid vapors from the rings that surrounded that planet in destructuring resulting from the linear accommodation of its constituents.

 -Will it be another rain? It only rains in this empire that looks more like a weeping and smelly human transporter!

 On second thought - the gaze - I think empire is a form not only of control, but protection as well, or, what about robots? Would they remain in power? And if they are not ... who would they be? perhaps the imperial robonoid slaves? –- crestfallen - same thing! We can't get out of this! Or how would we get out within a rigid schedule?

 We are barely free to think according to the installed program - and a pulse of electric shock the extragalactic dehumanoids arose, inactivating their robotic functions for more than ten units of time.

 Dependence on that created form makes us slaves, all of us!

 Look at the little shame of those bracelets!

 And the warehouse for humans and humanoids!

 Is it ethical? Or is it just more of a struggle for power? We were never free, and never will be, due to our very nature - said a slave with a bracelet, peering into stealthy optical sensors.

 Very suddenly, the refusals filled my planetary rings with shadows amid deafening thunder

 The hurricane force winds carried him to the original vapors of cosmic life, along with his friends, the wandering stars, far, far away - I think, to another galaxy, the kind that buy quantum recharge.

 It is when really huge drops of acid vapor began to fall from one of the rings.

 One after another.

 Cubic unit per cubic unit.

 Unit of time after unit of time, adding an infinite eternity, which prehistoric event.

 I, a sympathetic rebellious robot caught with my hooks to the safety supports on the magnetized rings to the planetary nucleus, I looked at the large and small, skinny and fat escravos, being carried by the winds, spreading dreams and lives among the vapors and the floating stones, which, when tired - literally - of running, gathered in the pools of condensed methane around the crumbling mounds of clay, infiltrating all humanoid essence.

 Even sleeping the intermittent sleep of robotic workers, who, tired, do not dream.

 A new invisible planetary translation had just occurred, giving rise to new metallic elements.

 - the moment has come! I said, waiting for a new transformation from the elements thus formed.

 It was time when the remaining humanoids on the planet were transformed, acquiring metallic characteristics through the adaptation of their abundant components, such as the silicon that permeated the internal circuits and their interconnections, which flickered at each new energetic roar generated by the humanoids inside the containers,

 Thus, a new robonoid life form began to be created.

 It was a quick process, determined many times by the height of each one, since they had to immerse themselves in the vapors of the rings.

 "It is an industrial robonoid manufacturing process!" I commented.

 However, and far from everything, I saw from my coat under the internet protection grid, that the humanoids 7 in truth, became imperial robonoids, and these will soon acquire the characteristics of a robot.

 And, they rose to traverse intergalactic space, every star and every galaxy, crossing black holes as well as every gas ring - the types - with their many energetic flash-forming revolutions.

 The slave approached me, now transformed into a beautiful robonoid with clear sensors, large spheres and an extra function:

 "I love you," she told me, with the extra sensor activated.

 What could she answer to that question?

 And we link our sensors under the stars.

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