Another Sunday Dinner

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Drama American Fiction

Sasha hated this time of the month, she dreaded it. The third Sunday of the month was the mandatory family dinner. Those who did not attend the dinner did not get their monthly allowance from the inheritance. For Sasha though it was no big deal because she had a good paying job and wasn’t just a freeloader like the others. She mostly went to these things to keep face and catch up on the drama. She did truly dread it though because she was still the single one and everyone gave her a hard time about it. It did not matter to the family that she was a successful business woman; all they seemed to care about was if she had a husband or family of her own. Nothing in the terms of the will stated Sasha had to be married to accept her monthly allowance and she did love her family but they didn’t seem to understand her. Being the middle child and a twin seemed to bring a little extra baggage. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time and concluded her outfit was good enough and she headed for the family estate to get the infamous family dinner over with.

Stacie loved this time of the month, the family dinner where she got to see everyone and catch up. She knew most of the family didn’t like having to come to the dinner but she loved bringing them together. Spending time with family always held a special place in her heart ever since she was little and she really enjoyed getting to see her twin. This month was her big announcement and though she was excited she was a bit nervous as well. Stacie shook off the thought and checked to make sure she had the cakes ready. Once satisfied she climbed out her car, smoothed out her dress and walked up the estate stairs. Once again she was the first one to arrive, but she didn’t mind she loved helping set up for the dinner.

Stephen fixed his tie and finished getting his daughter, Sophia, ready. Family dinner, he neither hated nor loved it. He did however have a daughter and family to take care of and every little bit helped so he sucked it up and went. Unlike the rest of the family he fought and struggled with everything. Everyone expected more of him because he was the oldest and only male. Like every month he would show up, eat, catch up and then get his allowance. He knew it would be a disaster like every other time but he had to do this for his child. Pleased with his look and happy with the way his daughter was dressed he loaded her up in his truck and headed for the estate.

Stella looked in the mirror one final time. Dinner would be starting soon and she needed to finish getting ready, to put on a brave face. These mandatory dinners weren’t what she wanted but it was placed in the will and they all had to deal with it. Being the youngest she always had extra pressure to be more like her older siblings. She enjoyed the dinners, most of the time, but tonights would reveal many secrets and surprises. Hopefully they could get through the first course before hell broke loose.

Sasha, Stephen and Stella arrived at the same time. They stood in front of the estate stairs getting up the courage to go in when Stacie came out wearing her biggest smile, like always.

“Hey everyone! Happy third Sunday!” She said as she descended the stairs and gave each one a hug. “Come on, come on. Let’s get this dinner started, I can’t wait to catch up.”

Everyone rolled their eyes but followed Stacie up the stairs; Stephen grabbed his daughter’s hand while Stella and Sasha followed behind. Once inside the house they walked straight to the dining area and took their seats then they were greeted by their mother.

“Hello children,” she said, “Glad you all could make it.” She smiled when she saw Sophia.

“Gramma! Gramma!” Sophia shouted and ran into her Grandmother’s arms.

“Sophia, my beautiful baby girl, I have missed you.” She said snuggling the child.

Mother sat down at the head of the table and waited for the first course to be brought out. They ate in silence until Stacie spoke up, “So how is everyone doing? Anything new happening, anything old happening?”

“I made straight A’s in school, so we went and got ice cream,” Sophia said proudly.

“That is great sweetie! Good grades are important. I do have an announcement though, was going to wait but I am way too excited!” Stacie exclaimed.

“Am I getting another grandbaby perhaps?” Mother asked.

“No mother, although we are trying. My big news is I’m finally getting my own bakery!”

“Oh, I see. Sophia why don’t you go play for a little while and I will get you when its dessert time.” Mother said and Sophia got up and went to the play room. “Now Stacie, dear, is that the wisest thing to do right now?”  

“Yes it is. Everything is already set up and I figured Sasha can help since she isn’t doing anything.”

“Um excuse me? What do you mean I’m not doing anything?” Sasha butted in.

“Well I mean you just sit at home most of the time, no husband or job technically.”

“Oh here we go again with that crap. Just because I don’t have a husband doesn’t mean I’m not busy or successful. As far as a job, I have one thank you very much and it’s very lucrative. So unlike the rest of you I’m no slacker or free loader!” Sasha stated.

“Whoa calm down. Some of us have families to take care of and can’t just get whatever job comes along. If your job is so money forwarding why are you even here?” Stephen retorted.

“Well it isn’t our fault that you hooked up with a gold digger who got pregnant to trap you and is now after your money without wanting the baby. We told you not to marry her but you being the oldest think you are always right.” Stella spoke up and said.

“Better than being the one who thinks the rules don’t apply to her and gets away with everything because nothing she does is considered wrong.” Stephen replied.

“Children!” Mother said and clapped her hands, “Enough fighting. You all have your faults and wrong doings. Every one of you could learn something from the other. These dinners are not meant to be for fighting but to bring us together.”

They all lowered their heads and stared at their untouched plates.

“Sorry Stacie, but if you need help or advice I’m here.” Sasha said breaking the silence.

“Thank you and Stephen if you need anyone to watch little Sophie I’m available.” Stacie volunteered.

“Good. Now that is better, who wants cake?” Mother asked.

Sophie came running from the playroom and said, “Did I hear cake?”

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