It's been 5 years, I find myself, seated in a train cubical, traveling back home. As I look out through the window: I was drawn into the glimpse of my past taking me to the place where I once grew up — a memory worth preserving. It was a beautiful village toward the north, surrounded by paddy fields and rubber forests. As the day began, my mother would shout "Get up! You're getting late for school". We lead a simple life. I rode on my bicycle everyday and cherished every moment I spent on the road. Ah! Yes, the beautiful road that ran in between the paddy fields. You could feel the early morning breeze touch your skin softly as you paddle along. At a distant, you could see an oil lamp swing side to side. It's a small tea shop, a famous stop among our village folk. On my way to school, I stop in there to enjoy a warm tea — a habit that I grew attached to. Just imagine the cozy feeling you get by sipping a warm cup of tea held in between your cold hands. Yes, this is what it was like in my childhood — the blissful world that surrounded me. I'm sure you too would love to enjoy that sensation. As I enjoy my tea, I look ahead to see the mist settle above the paddy fields as the dawn approach — this always gave me a peaceful mind. 

While seated, a girl passed me riding her bicycle: her long black hair pushed by the wind, her fair skin glowed as the dawn approached making my heart skip a beat — Oh! Yes, she's the girl of my dreams. I always felt shy when ever I see her at school, and I still do when I think about her. Seeing her every morning filled my day, but I was afraid to approach her. As I stood up, shaking these thoughts out of my head my friends joined me to ride our way to school. As boys we were playful and naughty in nature, but I do like to be known as the obedient boy to my parents. As an only child I have a big responsibility, I know they have high hopes in me but they never showed me a hint about it — I took into my heart to make them proud. After school, me and my friends took off to swim in the lake. We use to climb the trees and jump into the water, splashing, making our cloths wet. And when I come home, I sneak around the house to make sure that my mum doesn't see me. Otherwise, she will chase me around the house making me hide behind my grand father — this made me smile reminiscing my childish behavior. 

Dinner is an important part of the day when everyone gets together. It also keeps my grandparents in their toes. But this day was meant to end differently. My father is a working class man and worked very hard to provide a comfortable life for us. Though rough, he is a sensible man, yet not so sensible when he decides to drop a bomb. "I have decided to send you to a better school in town to complete your higher education," he said casually while eating his dinner. This made my mother drop her serving spoon. We all looked at him. I asked, "Dad, did I do something wrong? Why did you take such a decision?" For this he replied, "why, my boy, you do well in school: just because we have financial trouble doesn't mean that you don't deserve a well education. You are our only son and if I can't do anything for you what's the point of me working hard. Think about it!" That night I couldn't sleep. I kept rolling over making me fall of the bed: I'm sure this made you laugh. I argued with my mum by flatly refusing to enter a new school: seeing my behaviour my dad harbored a disappointment in me. 

Next day, as I rode my bicycle I stopped at the tea shop, though with a disturbed mind, I noticed the girl who used to fill my day didn't appear today. My disturbed thoughts shifted when I felt a hand on my shoulder: I found my friends standing beside me, pulling me toward the bicycle so we could go to school. I told them about my father's plans for my future. But surprisingly, they reacted to it better than I expected. They told me about the opportunities I had outside this village and that I was luck being able to attend a better school. I tried to reason with them but they bluntly refused. Finally I gave in to the though besides our school year is ending. I told my father about the change of my decision and that I'll be leaving at the end of this semester, but something in me didn't feel right about leaving.

Only two days left for exam, I studied very hard pushing my focus beyond the point where I would snap. My mind wasn't settled, it was constantly being nagged by my heart. A part of me though about the girl I'm about to leave behind questing my chances with her. That evening, I rode my bicycle to the tea shop when I saw my girl riding her bicycle, just passed me, making me look at her. She got down from her bicycle and looked at me while she entered the tea shop. Her beautiful eyes froze me. She approached toward me and said, "Hey! I see you every morning. How are you?" You should have seen my face — beat up red and she smiled. I stammered, "I'm fffine — you're beautiful" I set back flushed and repeated "I'm so sorry" like an idiot. She laughed and said, "I'm Amy and you are the not-so-naughty and known obedient boy at school". I felt intense, I realized she had noticed me more than I expected. I said, "I'm leaving by the end of school year". She said, "Oh!" In a depressed nature and asked, "when will you be back?". I looked down and replied, "I don't know. My dad wishes to send me to a better school in town". She looked far ahead and replied, "I understand — any parent wants what's best for their children." As we talked and walked along the road I didn't realize that I had reached her house. She kissed me on my cheek and walk way melting my heart. That night I was in cloud nine, my thoughts were occupied about her, that the intensity I felt by my impending exam reduced, but it saddened me to leave her. As the days grew close toward the end of the school year, I took every opportunity to spend time with Amy and my friends. I'm sure you too would do the same in this situation. 

Finally the day arrived, I found myself holding my suitcase in one hand and glancing at the train right in front of me. It was morning, 8 am, I was with my family and friends including my sweetheart. We didn't have phones like you guys do today so we exchanged our addresses. I looked forward to write letters once I settled in my new boarding school. My grand ma was filled with tears hugging me to a point where I couldn't breath. I didn't have the opportunity to come back for holidays due to the expenses so I had to spend them in high school until I finish my higher education. My father came along with me to drop me off at school and as I look back, I see hands waving from the loved ones that I may or may not see again.

Suddenly the train hit the breaks bringing me back to the reality. I stood up caring my bags to move out of my cubical. It's been so long that I'm a 19-year-old freshmen attending collage, so I thought to visit the place where I once grew up before my year starts. As I stood at the entrance of the train before leaving I couldn't help look at the changes in my life. And as I got off, I came across a pair of familiar eyes. Those beautiful eyes that I longed to look upon stood right in front of me. As our eyes meet so did our hearts taking me back to the moment I first saw her. I knew, right then, where my heart belong — do you?

August 23, 2019 04:33

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