I stepped onto the stony paved driveway.

1456 Dock Landing Drive New Orleans, LA.

Coming back to this place bought back memories of my childhood--like running around the sprinkler in the fluffy grass, sitting on the porch singing “twinkle twinkle little star” with grandmother, watching fireflies dancing in the dark.


“Amy,” I said. “What brings you here?”

“I have the same question,” she hopped out of the rusty orange Jeep. “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

“Not really.”

“Don’t say that Anna. We are sisters.”

“I will and can. As a side note, we are only half-sisters.” My biological mother went to tons of parties and bars, which resulted in my sister. We shared our mother’s ginger hair and hot-tempered personality.

“On this wonderful day, I am collecting all of the belongings and inheritances in that house.”

“You can’t do that,” I stepped forward. “On grandmother’s will states that the house and its items belong to me.” Grandmother knew Amy’s gambling addiction can not be trusted with anything--let alone a 300K house.

“I don’t care about the house, I care about the necklace.”


“Oh, you don’t know?,” Amy’s head cocked to the side and smirked. “Her pearl necklace has a history with Henry VIII of England who gave it to one of his many lovers. That necklace is special as it has an engraving of ‘HVIII’. Do you know how much that necklace cost?,” Amy’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Three million.”

“You will gambled it away, Amy.”

“I aren’t stupid Anna! I won’t gamble ALL away; it is SO much money.”

“Amy, I won’t let you into the house. This house is mine, therefore if you step one foot into it, it is consider trespassing.”

“Anna, you are a boring goodie-little two shoes and we both know you are grandmother’s favorite. That changes today! I am tired of being left behind by mom and grandmom. I deserve equal share and respect!”

I took out my Galaxy. “Get off my property.”

“Excuse me?”

“I won’t let you disrespect grandmother’s last wishes and memories. Get off the property or you will get cuffed by the police.”

“It is a threat, I see,” Amy stepped back into the Jeep. “I will come back; it isn’t the last time for me!” She yelled from the window as pulling out of the driveway.


I laid five peal necklaces on the rainbow sheets. None of them had the mark.

Staying at the house for the remainder of the time was a good strategy for two reasons: 1) keeps Amy from coming back or breaking in 2) a mission has emerged.

Finding that necklace will prevent from falling into Amy’s greedy hands.

The question was where should I look? I checked off the bedrooms, mattresses, jewelry box (obviously not the best hiding spot), closets.

I even knocked on walls to see if there is any secret passages or doors.


“Grandmother, where would you keep that necklace? I wish you were alive and healthy.”

Little to my knowledge, August 8th, was the last day I have spoken with my grandmother as two days after became her passing. That day, the luminous sun shined as we were walking in the hospital garden.

My balded grandmother was in high spirits even though she knew the battle will be over soon.

“Grandmother, are you ok?” I led her to a mini-cemented bench near the a row of sunflowers.

“Sweetie, it is the fifteenth time that you have asked that,” she sat on the bench.

“I am worried for you,” I sat next to her. “The doctors said you should get more rest.”

“I should be worrying but I am not,” she looked at the sky. “I am at peace with everything. Soon, I am getting to be reunited with your grandfather. Oh, I miss him so much.”


“Anna, I trust you with my everything.”

“Please do not talk about it; I do not want to listen,” I got up.

“Sweetie, I am not sad; your mother didn’t left you or Amy with anything,” I heard her steps getting closer. “Please take it.”

I covered my ears. “Huh?”

“On the will, it states that the house, saving accounts, and all of the belongings within the property is 100% in your hands. I love those pearls. They are a classic to any outfit.”

I saw her walking to a bed of roses.

“Do not touch them! You will get hurt by their thorns!” I run over.

“Roses are also a classic--they symbolize lust, passion, and love. Your grandfather bought roses for Valentine’s Day and my birthdays; he gave me the blue, pink, yellow, and multi-colored roses but I favorite the red ones.”

She picked a roses from the bush. “Whenever you are either lost or questioning something, think of roses and me.”

I tossed into the sheets.

Questions will be answered tomorrow.


“Good afternoon Anna.”

Not her again. “Amy. Can’t you go away?”

“You are looking for it, aren’t you?” Amy smirked, walking on the grass.

“I want to remove these bushes to sell the property.”

“Liar,” she walked around me. “Makes sense, since grandmother favorite flowers were roses.”

“Amy, you are trespassing on my property.”

“You won’t let the police drag your sister away. Remember, you bailed me out the last twenty times.”

“I shouldn’t have and been a bad sister because you never learn from your lessons,” I pulled out the phone and dialed. “Please send someone to 1456 Dock Landing Drive. I have a trespasser.” 


“ANNA! ANNA!,” the police man dragged Amy into the car. “I HATE YOU. FOREVER HATE AND EVER.” Her shouting was muffled by the car door.

We all must make difficult decisions at the end.


4 PM

Still nothing.

I sat, defeated, on the wooden floor. Where would it be? My old room, converted into an office, had a desk, lamp, and my old dresser. All of my stuff has been either donated or sold except for the off-white dresser with rose paintings on it.

I opened the top dresser draw and saw a long blue velvet box.

The hell?

Inside the box revealed a pure white pearl necklace. With caution, I took the necklace out of its resting place and closely examined the first near the fastener.






April 17, 2020 17:56

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Em P.W.
04:16 Apr 23, 2020

I have a thing for sad endings (not that I like them, I just expect them a lot), so I seriously expected Amy to get the necklace in the end. It was satisfying to know that this had a happy ending with Anna finding it. Great job with the story!


Emma Lin
12:45 Apr 23, 2020

Thanks for your comment! I am glad that you liked it :)


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00:11 Apr 22, 2020

A very nice story.


Emma Lin
01:20 Apr 22, 2020

Thank you!


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