Coming of Age

Kyle’s Secret Weapon

Kyle had spent every venture he’d ever dreamed up, this way, in front of his bathroom mirror. Donning his best attorney face he practiced his speech so as to ensure exact expressions and to tweak his tone where needed.  In this way he perfected each sentence carefully to make sure his words rang true and his ideas were not only accepted but inspiring.

He was proud of his accomplishments but he was also driven, forever dreaming of his next adventure. This latest idea would require the best he had in himself and he knew it would be a tough sell, but as usual he was convinced that this would lead to new heights, bigger dreams and perhaps even one day an airline of his own. His portfolio was growing steadily and his propositions were exponentially also increasing. The ideas were easy for Kyle, but the cash needed was another matter and therefore the rehearsals in the bathroom were crucial to his dreams.

A precocious child, Kyle started with ideas when he was only eight years of age. He convinced his family that a chicken coop in the back yard would be a great investment and a good income for his family, not to mention the free eggs. His parents were of course against the idea so he compiled evidence that showed it was not only possible but also profitable and with the practicing in front of the mirror he perfected his speech and his manner, which became more convincing as he grew older.

 They still have the dozen chickens in the middle of a city, and they are still profiting with a number of satisfied customers. The toughest part of course was getting the city to allow this practice and though it didn’t hurt that Kyle’s father was on the city counsel, it was still Kyle’s idea and therefore his responsibility to feed and tend to the fowl.  After the building was paid for, the profits went toward poultry food, the side product towards his mother’s garden and what was left over went into his education fund. It was definitely a win-win situation.

Kyle’s next venture was also equally difficult but he succeeded and now manages a wood shop two blocks from his house where he employs someone to cut live wood pieces of oak, cherry and ash for gentrified folk as table tops which he sells on internet market places. He finished paying for all the equipment he required to make the venture work. This too required the bathroom mirror and the rehearsed arguments not to mention a great deal of research. The research was always easy for Kyle for it seemed he had a natural ability since he was raised on a computer since infancy. He asked himself logical questions, which lead to compelling answers, and thus further increased his knowledge while new avenues were discovered.  Solutions came easily to Kyle.

 Getting the funding however required his ability to convince others that what he said was not only feasible but an extraordinary idea. It was the first time that Kyle involved the banking industry. The loans manager soon became not only a trusted friend, but also an investor. Kyle’s infectious and inspiring ability grew as he spent hours in front of his mirror building his performances.

Kyle’s greatest accomplishment so far involved the trust of people he hadn’t met as this venture went worldwide. This proposal required many investors but it was also his first humanitarian effort. Kyle set up an account in which his previous investors could contribute funds and also gain tax credits to a degree that would not only help thousands of children in need, get an education, but it also reinforced his followers to remain interested in his future endeavors. 

This was a zoom call of dynamic proportions that required translators in various countries as well as his charismatic charm. He obtained detailed knowledge of the law but most importantly it required significant rehearsals on front of his bathroom mirror, but sell it he did.

Delivery is everything. Bankers, investors, and jurors alike needed that spark, that quality that could not be resisted. Kyle knew from an early age that everything is possible and the ability to convince the majority was the ticket to success.

It was not an easy process, because not only did he have to think of every possible avenue, every unforeseen pitfall, but he had to instill confidence, erase all doubt and above all make each person involved want to know that what he was telling them was gospel and probably also profitable. For Kyle this meant hours performing in front of his mirror. 

As he looked at himself in the mirror today though, he noted tiny glistening sweat beads on his forehead and upper lip.  He’d never experienced that before. He noticed a deflection in his voice and although it was intermittent and almost inconceivable, it was there. But even worse, and for the first time ever he noted a blemish on his otherwise perfect creamy complexion. It was almost insignificant but no, there it was, a tiny red speck on his right cheek and although no one would likely see this imperfection, he was for the first time ever, a bit worried. Perhaps he could remember to turn his face a little to the right when he made his delivery. 

Kyle was having doubts for the first time. Perhaps this project was out of his league. Perhaps he’d bit off more than he could chew, but wait, no, his determination was unlimited and he’d already done so much work on this project that he just couldn’t let it slide. He took another critical look at himself. His crisp white shirt, the impeccable Armani suit, shoes polished to see his reflection, it all sparkled with incredible confidence. 

He started his speech from the beginning and after several trials, he was satisfied that despite those little distractions his argument was iron clad. He finished his delivery with the words that would be absorbed, indoctrinated and the decision he felt would be sealed.

 He would begin this next new exciting chapter, with these words “ And for these reasons I see no need to delay to begin this outstanding new project and that what we need now, Mom and Dad, is your blessing and your investment for me to get my private airplane lessons

December 10, 2021 18:33

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Wilma Segeren
14:05 Jan 22, 2022

Thanks so much for your interest. I’m really just starting so any input is greatly appreciated!


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Alex Sultan
22:02 Jan 07, 2022

This was fun to read! A short, interesting life/backstory to this character you've created. Thanks for the read.


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