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 ‘Shravan dear, Just because we won’t be here doesn’t mean that you can roam around the city with your friends and come home late.’, instructed Shravan's dad.

Shravan nodded his head in fear.

‘Don’t scold him unnecessarily. He doesn’t roam around the city during late nights. He is a good guy.’, said Shravan's mother patting his head.

Shravan smiled looking at her.

‘Take care, son. We’ll be back by tomorrow evening.’, said his mother and left along with his father.

Shravan is a twenty years old, introverted guy. He doesn’t like socializing so he denied attending the wedding at Indore. His parents had to attend the wedding, so they left him alone at their home.

Shravan was happy as he was alone at his home. He decided to watch horror and comedy movies on Netflix. He decided not to step out of his house without any valid reason. He also decided to order his meals online. He had many more plans too.

He felt sleepy so he decided to take a nap. It was ten in the morning.

Shravan woke up from his sleep. It was two in the afternoon.

‘I slept for too long.’, said Shravan as headed towards the bathroom.

Then, he headed towards the kitchen and saw a bowl of Plain Rice, Dal and Potato Fry which his mother prepared for him before leaving their house. He saw a note stuck on the kitchen wall.

It read,

‘Have your meals on time. With love, your mother.’

Shravan smiled as he read the note.

He had his lunch and thought of watching a movie.

By then, his friend called him. He picked up the call.

‘Hey, Kamal. What’s up?’, asked Shravan in a low voice.

‘Hey, Shravan. Shall we hang out for a while?’, asked Kamal.

Shravan slammed his hand against the wall.

‘Who are going to accompany us?’, asked Shravan.

‘You, Me, Amir, and Rehaan.’, said Kamal.

‘Actually, I’m not feeling well. My head is aching so badly.’, stammered Shravan.

‘Is it so? No problem. We shall hang out some other day. Take care, Shravan.’, said Kamal.

‘Ok, Kamal. Have fun.’, said Shravan.

Shravan was relieved after Kamal believed his lies.

He started watching a movie on Netflix. After thirty minutes, he heard some noise. He paused the movie to check upon it. Someone was banging on his door and continuously ringing his doorbell.

Shravan was agitated. He wanted to know who was the impatient person banging on his door continuously.

He unlocked his room's door furiously and approached the main door. He looked through the door viewer. He was shocked to see four people waiting for him to open the door.

It was his aunt and her three kids.

Shravan furiously slammed his head on the door.

He cleared all the mess in his room and opened the door. He smiled awkwardly looking at his aunt.

‘What we’re you doing, Shravan? We have been knocking on the door for the past ten minutes. Now, move aside.’, said his aunt pushing him aside and forcefully entered his house.

Shravan gave her a weird look. He couldn’t understand what was going on? Her aunt sat on the couch and ordered her kids to get inside the house.

Her kids sat next to their mother. One was a young adult, other two were twins, a boy and a girl.

‘What took you so long to open the door? Where are your parents?’, asked aunt.

‘I was watching a movie, aunty. So, I couldn’t hear the sound of the doorbell.’

His aunt gave him a weird look.

 ‘Don’t you know how to treat the guests? Can’t you turn on the fan?’

Shravan turned on the fan.

‘Will you give me some water? I think you don’t know anything.’

Shravan was furious. He headed towards the kitchen filled the glass full of water. When he entered the living room, he saw those two little kids missing. He handed over a glass of water to his aunt and stood aside.

‘I’m asking this question for the second time, Where are your parents?’

‘They had to attend a wedding in Indore. So, they have left for Indore.’, said Shravan in a low voice.

‘Are you sick?’, inquired the aunt.

‘No', answered Shravan. He was puzzled.

‘Then, Why can’t you speak louder?’, said aunt as she rolled his eyes.

Shravan was annoyed. He wanted to yell at his aunt. When he was about to yell at her, he heard a sound from his room.

He emerged into his room and saw those two little kids who had broken his favorite photo frame gifted by his parents.

‘How dare you?’, yelled Shravan looking at the kids who didn’t even bother to glance at Shravan. The boy tried to unlock Shravan's phone.

Shravan lost his patience and yelled at them.

‘Step out of my room.’

‘Excuse me, I’m sorry for whatever my siblings did. I apologize to you. Please forgive them.’, said the girl who accompanied his aunt.

The young lady took her siblings out of his room and apologized to him again.

Shravan cleaned the mess in his room, murmuring something.

Meanwhile, the young lady had informed her mom about her sibling’s mischievous act.

‘So, What? They are kids. It’s Shravan's fault. He should have kept it in such a place where children couldn’t reach.’, said the aunt.

Shravan couldn’t control his anger after hearing his aunt's words. He just wanted to free himself from his aunt.

Shravan made a phone call to Kamal and said to pick him up from his home as soon as possible. He agreed to spend some time with Kamal and his other friends.

Shravan approached his aunt, ‘Aunt, I have to leave. It’s an emergency. Thank you for visiting my house.’, said Shravan loudly.

‘When will you return home?’, asked his aunt rolling her eyes.

‘No idea. It’s an emergency at my friend's house.’

‘Then, I’ll leave. I’ll come home on one fine day to complain about your mischievous acts to your parents.’, said his aunt and departed with her kids.

Shravan locked his door and went along with his friends.

‘How are you feeling right now?’, asked Kamal.

‘I’m fine now. Let’s leave.’, said Shravan with a sad face.

While traveling with his friends,

‘Hey, Shravan. Why didn’t you stay at the house after your cruel aunt left? You spoiled the whole plan, Idiot.’

Those were the words by Shravan's heart.

‘I thought she would return and claim I lied to her about the emergency at my friend's house. She was the one who spoilt my entire day. She had told me that she would return one day to complain about me to my parents. I don’t know what she's gonna say? I’ll be dead on that day.

Wait a minute. Why I should be scared of here. I did nothing wrong. It was her kid’s mistake. I’ll face her with full confidence whenever she returns home .’, replied Shravan's brain.

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