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Date: The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, 2032

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans, 

I stand before you in this momentous address with a vision for our nation. We are at a time of dire despair, a low point that calls for bold solutions. I present a vision that seeks to heal the wounds of the past and forge a united future.

To achieve this, I propose a transformative restructuring of our country, dividing it into four distinct regions, each representing a fundamental element: fire, air, water, and earth.

Our esteemed scientists worldwide have tirelessly dedicated themselves to aiding this plan. Hailing from diverse regions, they have contributed their expertise and knowledge to address global challenges and advance scientific understanding. These brilliant minds, who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge, have worked diligently to unlock the mysteries of the universe, push the boundaries of human understanding, and create a brighter future for future generations.

We all yearn for peace, and it is imperative that we initiate this journey on the ground where we are.

Starting today, let us embark on this transformative path together. 

It will go as such:

In the realm of elements, fire represents the essence of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement. Its untamed passion, irrepressible energy, and relentless drive for progress make it a powerful force.

This fraction shall be the catalyst, the spark that ignites the flames of economic prosperity, illuminating the lives of all Americans. It shall foster a culture that reveres creativity and boundless ambition, nurturing an environment where collaboration thrives, and innovative ideas are relentlessly pursued.

We shall grant them the extraordinary gift of manipulating flames, conjuring intense heat, and unleashing powerful energy surges at their command. Our fire citizens, imbued with fire's dual nature, will harness its destructive might for strategic offensive purposes while simultaneously channeling its transformative essence for groundbreaking innovation and unwavering progress.

Air, a symbol of freedom, communication, and the strength of ideas will reinforce our democratic principles by fostering open dialogue and ensuring that every voice is heard.

This faction will provide a platform for free expression, creating an environment where diverse perspectives can coexist harmoniously. Through open communication and ideas exchange, this group will revitalize our democracy and strengthen the bonds that unite us.

Air faction members can manipulate air currents, generate wind gusts, and control the weather. Air warriors will excel in mobility, using their powers for teleportation, healing with wind, and manipulating air currents.

Water represents compassion, adaptability, and the strength to endure any storm. This faction prioritizes cultivating a society that values the well-being and equality of all its members. It will work tirelessly to address social injustices, ensure access to quality healthcare and education, and establish a safety net that prevents any American from being left behind.

This faction will be the nurturing force quenching our society's thirst for fairness and compassion. Its members can manipulate water, create powerful waves, and heal wounds. Water warriors provide unwavering support and protection, shielding and nurturing their allies. They may also be able to purify and cleanse, both physically and metaphorically.

Lastly, the earth element represents stability, resilience, and a profound connection to our natural world. We will entrust this faction to preserve and protect our environment. It will champion sustainable practices, strive to combat climate change, and safeguard our invaluable natural resources.

This faction will constantly remind us of our interconnectedness with Earth, inspiring us to act as responsible stewards of our planet for future generations. Earth faction members can manipulate the Earth, create barriers, and even control plants and natural elements. They will excel in defense and fortification, utilizing their powers to construct strongholds and protect their allies. Additionally, they will possess the gift of healing and restoring balance to the environment.

While these fractions may have distinct focuses, it is essential to remember that they do not intend to further divide us. On the contrary, they aim to celebrate and amplify the unique strengths and qualities that make us Americans. They represent our nation's diverse tapestry, and we will find true unity through their collaboration and cooperation.

In the spirit of unity, I implore each party to adopt empathy, understanding, and collaboration. We must acknowledge the multifaceted nature of our challenges and seek harmony among all elements. We can build a stronger, more prosperous, and more equitable America by working together.

In this new framework, let us put aside the bitterness of the past elections and come together as one indivisible nation. Let us bridge the divides that have plagued us and build a future defined by unity, progress, and shared purpose.

Settle down. Guards, guards….

Regarding fairness in this assignment, I will give each fraction equal opportunities and resources to thrive.


I will assign individuals to each group based on objective criteria. We have assessed individuals' skills, aptitudes, and personal preferences.


We will ensure that each fraction includes representation from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This will help prevent any single group from dominating or marginalizing others.


While each fraction may have unique powers, fostering collaboration and cooperation is essential. Encouraging joint projects, shared resources, and cross-fraction initiatives will help promote unity and prevent division.


A system of checks and balances will be established to avoid abuse of power. This will involve regular evaluations, accountability mechanisms, and a commitment to upholding ethical standards.

We shall begin now.

Go in peace.

Mic Drop

Date: The first Wednesday after the first Monday in November, 2032

“FORE!” The president yelled, watching his plan unfold in Mexico on the 18th green. 


The air crackled with electrifying energy across the country, its essence infused with the citizens' untamed, primordial power. The elemental forces of fire, air, water, and earth unleashed their assigned powers. They collided in a cataclysmic clash, unleashing a raw, unbridled fury that transformed the countryside into a realm of chaos. 

In New York, fiery tendrils of incandescent flames pulsated with an infernal rhythm; with hunger, they licked at the heavens. At the same time, furious gales of wind, howling like banshees in Nebraska, tore through the landscape with relentless, merciless force. 

Tumultuous waves in California, their crests foaming with untamed fury, crashed against the shore with deafening roars that echoed through the very depths of the earth. The ground itself, unable to withstand the colossal weight of the elemental conflict, quivered and groaned, its very foundations shaken to their core.

In the country's heart of the Midwest, towering walls of fire stretched toward the heavens, casting an otherworldly glow upon the visages of the combatants. Sparks danced like celestial bodies, illuminating the grim resolve etched upon their faces. Their weapons radiated with the intensity of the inferno as both sides engaged in a relentless battle for dominance over the elemental force of fire. 

A tempestuous gust of wind in Chicago swept across the plains, a formidable force threatening to quell the raging conflagration. Colossal in their fury, tornadoes spun through the air in Kansas, uprooting trees and hurling debris in every direction.

The wind warriors, masters of aerial manipulation, harnessed their powers to generate formidable gusts, attempting to repel the flames and seize control over the tumultuous battlefield.

However, do not underestimate the water warriors in New Orleans. They summoned massive waves that crashed against the shore in Alabama, drenching the ground and putting out the flames. With fluid grace, their bodies glistening with water droplets, they fought to quell the fiery onslaught. Torrents of water cascaded from their hands, extinguishing the fires and dousing the inferno's fury in Seattle.

Amid the chaos, the earth warriors stood their ground, unyielding. In North Dakota, they called upon the strength of the earth itself, causing the ground to shake beneath their adversaries' feet. In Montana, they hurled boulders and rocks through the air, devastatingly crashing into opposing forces. They formed protective barriers, shielding themselves from the onslaught of the other elements.

As the battle raged, the elements intertwined in a polka of destruction and creation. Fire consumed the air, turning it into swirling currents of smoke and ash in Texas. Water clashed with the earth, creating mudslides and quagmires that swallowed citizens whole in Georgia. The air whipped the flames into a frenzy, spreading them nationwide at terrifying speed. 

One fraction gained too much power and dominance over the others. It led to inequality and oppression. This resulted in marginalizing certain groups and exploiting resources, causing social unrest and division.

Instead of working together, the fractions became competitive and engaged in conflicts over resources, territory, and influence. This led to a breakdown in cooperation and hindered progress towards unity.

Individuals within a fraction misused their elemental powers for personal gain and manipulated others, undermining the system's fairness and integrity. This resulted in corruption, injustice, and a loss of trust among the groups. 

The Earth fraction failed to fulfill its responsibility to protect the environment, leading to ecological disasters and the degradation of natural resources. This imbalance greatly affected well-being and sustainability. 

But an unexpected balance emerged among the chaos. The forces of fire, air, water, and earth realized their powers, though formidable on their own, were even stronger when combined.

The citizens forged a truce and merged in harmony, which brought peace to the civil war. The flames subsided, the winds calmed, the waves receded, and the earth settled.

In the battle's aftermath, the warriors stood side by side, their differences aside. They had witnessed their elements' destructive power but also discovered the strength of unity. With newfound respect, they pledged to protect and nurture the world they had fiercely fought to conquer. 

Date: The first Sunday after the first Monday in November, 2032

My fellow Americans, 

Today, I stand before you to address a matter of utmost importance that has unfolded before our very eyes: the battle of the elements. Fire, air, water, and earth—these powerful forces have clashed in a battle that has shaken the very foundations of our world and tested our strength, resilience, and……..


Alas, the elements prevailed over the government in their harmonious dance on the eternal score of existence. From the fiery passions that ignited their spirits to the tranquil waters that quenched their thirst for serenity, from the sturdy earth that anchored their dreams to the ethereal winds that carried their aspirations to new horizons, the elements united as the forces that shaped our world.

Their embrace reminded us of our interconnectedness and taught us to respect and honor nature's delicate balance.

Within these elements lies the essence of our shared existence and the potential for a harmonious future.

Will embracing the elements' power and wisdom ensure a harmonious future?

Or will someone with power, impact, unpredictability, strength, resilience, controversy, and divinity once again dominate America?

March 24, 2024 06:59

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Kristi Gott
04:06 Apr 01, 2024

Love this! So original and beautifully written, plus it stirs my mind and makes me think. It is great to read something that is so unique. Good job!


E.L. Lallak
16:11 Apr 02, 2024

Thanks love!


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Jorge Soto
01:51 Mar 31, 2024

North Dakota IS the rock people place haha. Great story!


E.L. Lallak
16:12 Apr 02, 2024

Ha!!! I used to live in North Dakota!


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Shobana Gomes
10:18 Mar 29, 2024

The warriors have a lot to think about here Great writing. Well done.


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Trudy Jas
19:54 Mar 27, 2024



E.L. Lallak
02:26 Mar 28, 2024



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Alexis Araneta
10:23 Mar 24, 2024

Ooh ! What a creative take on the prompt. Great use of sensory details, as per usual. The flow was well-executed. Even as someone who isn't a speculative fiction or sci-fi fan, I enjoyed reading this. Lovely job!


E.L. Lallak
03:03 Mar 25, 2024

I hate sci-fi. Probably shouldn't say this on this specific prompt. Only because it is so hard for me to explore. Or be imaginative. If I just allowed myself, it could be a treat.


Alexis Araneta
03:30 Mar 25, 2024

Hahahaha ! Same reason I'm thinking about not entering this week. I feel like most sci-fi works focus too much on world building and less about people, and I don't like that. Perhaps, it's intentional (to heighten the dystopic feel), but...it just puts me off.


E.L. Lallak
03:39 Mar 25, 2024

I get you girl. I get you.


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