Funny Coming of Age

I glared furiously at the yellow sign with the words " Welcome to Tech Studies!" Scrawled in blue Sharpie. "Genesis what would you like to do about the petition to fix the water fountain?" "Ask Mrs.Harrison to fix it," I said gesturing her off. "Genesis the French club and Latin club use the same room what should they-." "Create a routine." I cut Jacob off and he rushes away.

Behind me are about 5-7 people wanting their problems fixed. I already asked Jessica (VP) to take over but these people think they're so important. I stare viciously at everyone and they back away and get the point. They slowly one by one head back the student council room for Jessica to fix their never-ending problems.

As a student council president, it is my duty to help the never-ending problems of our school. 2 weeks ago Jessica did a school-wide club assessment to see the clubs and decide which ones had to go. She came back from Tech Studies with her hair frizzy and note for me.

"If people like it. People KEEP IT!" The same scrawl as the yellow sign. The club president is Oliver Jaison. Jessica told me that people in Tech Studies just play on their phones and call it Tech Studies.

No wonder 56 people joined. They petitioned for a bigger room and got the room next to the gymnasium the largest club room in the school. I was going to use that room for student council purposes.

I flatten my gingham pants and tucked a white shirt. I fix my ponytail and rap at the wooden door. "CODE!" I hear Katherine Deanson yell." Tech Studies" I yell. She opens the door and doesn't bother to look at me. In fact, nobody bothers to look at me. Then Oliver sees me and straightens up and tells others that I'm here. They all start to straighten up and change their screens.

"Hello Tech Studies!" I say sweetly to the 56 people in the room. They look at me and the mood changes instantaneously. I recognize some faces like Skyler Hansen and Bethany Laufen from the student council.

"I would like to join Tech Studies." Their looks of grief turn into utter confusion. I unclip my form of consent to join Tech Studies and hand it over to bewildered Oliver. Then he struggles a grin and says " Welcome to Tech Studies! Where we study modern society through our...phones." His voice gets more sheepish by the word.

I scan the room and find unused bookshelves, printers, and textbooks. I sit in the cleanest empty seat, next to Skyler Hansen. I smile at him and he flushes and turns away. "Let's get started." Whispers saturate the room and Oliver nods at everyone and they start on their phones, tablets, or computers.

Once they get settled I look at Oliver. " What will they be doing today." I could see him trying to thinking of something, but I play along. "How social media affects our daily lives." I see others nodding in agreement and they start to go on their phones.

I walk around and see studies on all types of social media platforms. I really can't do anything about this, but I do have a trick up my sleeve. "Oliver, it clearly states in the club rules that any club that includes electronics of some sort of school or personal needs an adult consent." Oliver shifts and everyone exchanges a look. " We have my brother's consent." He says murmuring. " Is your brother 18 years or older?" I say. " He will be in 2 months." I shake my head in pity and say.

" I hereby reject this club." I hear angry murmurs until Kathy comes out. " You can't! SNITCH!" I look at her and scoff. "I will NOT tolerate such vulgar language." Anger spreads across the room but it dies down quickly as Mrs.Harison, our school principal enters the room. "If Genesis thinks it is right then we will reject this club." I flip my ponytail and walk away with a smug grin.


As I walk to my house Kathy blocks my way with 3 other girls that look just as indecent. I smile sweetly at them and try to pass them, even though I know what's going to happen.

Kathy is notorious for terrorizing kids who piss her off. So, I'm next. She jumps at me fist aiming for my face. I dodge and shake my head in disagreement. " Let calm down and settle this in a civilized manner-" A hand brushes against my arm. I gasp and a hands wrap my arms and hold me in Kathy's view.

She slaps me hard on the face but I struggle to keep a straight face. I notice Kathy's baggy jeans are sagging down and she pulls them up every 2 minutes. Before Kathy could slap me again I kick the back of one of the girl's knees and they buckle giving an extra arm for myself.

Kathy takes my arms and I quickly use my feet to pull her jeans down enough to startle her and she lets go of me. As she pulls her pants up I start running. Kathy struggles from behind me but can't catch up. I pause at the park and I drink some water. I hear loud breathing and shuffling from behind me. I glance behind me and I meet eyes with Kathy. She looks at me viciously and runs towards me. I run through the playground and through the parking lot.

5-year-olds stared. If I was 5 and I saw 14-year-olds running I would think they were playing tag. They begin to chase Kathy but fail to reach her speed. As we get to the sidewalk I stumble on a rock and Kathy yanks my scrunchie around my ponytail letting my hazel hair loose.

"GIRLS!" I look behind me to find Kathy's mom looking scornfully at Kathy. Kathy and I used to be best friends but I joined the Student council and she decided she wanted to be a disagreeable type of person.

Kathy's mom yanked Kathy by the ear and dragged her home. I sigh with relief and start to head home.

"Genesis!" I hear Bethany yell. Behind me, Bethany is running towards me. A grin is pasted on her face and shes running happily towards me. Until it happens. She runs across the road. A truck is coming her way. She doesn't notice until the very last second. Then blood. Shock paralyzes me and I stand there open-mouthed. I look around but no one is around us. I fumble with my phone and dial 911 and a monotone voice answers me. " My friend got hit by a car!"

August 25, 2020 17:36

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