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Disclaimer! Never, ever try to do what is written below to your siblings. It could result in crying, screaming, hair pulling, cursing, and may even land you in jail! So, by all means, don’t do this. It might not be good for you. Especially if your sibling is a fighter, scaredy-cat, or a general person who can’t take a joke. So! With that happy note, enjoy!

Okay, I love my sister but come on. What kind of sibling doesn’t prank their big sis? Especially when she pranks me every week.

First, it was the toothpaste in Oreos.

Second, it was shaving cream when I was sleeping.

Third, it was the “car accident” in the driveway.

And the most annoying thing is Mom and Dad don’t even do anything! Favoritism much?

All these pranks have one thing in common.

They are done to annoy me. 

So I’m going to turn the tables.

But with a little twist.

*insert evil laugh here*


Step 1 to pranking: Find an accomplice

My sister, Emily, and I were chilling at home. Mom and Dad were away on a business trip, so it was just us. Man, how times have changed. Once, I threw a party without my parent’s permission, and I got grounded for two months. They also said I could never stay home alone. But this trip was mandatory, and they couldn’t find a nanny, so… FREEDOM!! 

(They think Emily is responsible enough to babysit me. They don’t even know all the parties that she had here. And she would kill me until I die if I told them.)

“I’m soo bored,” Emily’s muffled voice groaned.

I glance up from my phone. I saw a mop of brown hair peeking from underneath the wool blanket. I stayed quiet and continued texting Alex. To make this prank a success, I need backup.

He texts back: Dude! How can I say no?! Emily’s gonna freak!

Me- Wait 4 me at ur house. Don’t forget the rope. 

Alex: Gotcha. My brother’s home, but he’s playing basketball in the back. Won’t notice a thing.

Me- Sweet. C U in 10.

“Logan!” Emily moans, “What are we supposed to do?”

I get up. “I’m going to Alex’s. Find a way to entertain yourself.”

Her head pops up. “Can I come??”

“Absolutely not,” I sing, grabbing my car keys and dashing of to the garage before Emily can get up.



Step 2 to pranking: Arrive at the chosen destination and form a plan

Once I arrive at Alex’s house, I spot him lounging in a folding chair, eating chocolate while doing something on his phone. A bag sits beside him. 

“You have gotta cut back on the junk, man,” I laugh as I get out of the car.

“Hey, my logic is that you can eat all you want as long as you work out twice as hard. And look at me now,” he grins. 

I roll my eyes, amused. “Anyway, do you have everything?”

He gets his bag and opens it, taking out some tape and rope.

“Where’s the mask?” I ask after I inspect the supplies.

He shrugged. “Didn’t have one. Is it mandatory, though?”

“Yes, or she’ll know it’s you.”

“Come on, man. The mask will look fake. We have to go through with this until the end. Can’t I just face the opposite way so she can’t tell it’s me?”

“Okay.” I give. “But it has to be smooth. Move a lot and try to scream. We have to be convincing.”

Alex’s mouth twists into an evil grin. “Time to put those acting classes to the test.”



Step 3 to pranking: Set it up

Alex stands as I put the rope around him, tying it tightly. Before I put the tape on, he said, “This will hurt so bad when you rip it off. Why did I have to get the extra-strength tape?”

I grin. “That’s on you.”

After everything is set, I drive back home. It’s time.



Step 4 to pranking: Lure in the victim

When I walk in, I see she’s in the same place I left her in

“Hey Em. You want to go get some food?”

My sister became a rocket, shooting out of the couch at the speed of light. She gave me her trademark smile as she said, “About time.”

We piled into the car and drove to McDonalds. After we ordered, we drove back home, eating in the car. It was time to do this. Hopefully she doesn't scream. 

“So, sis,” I began as we wrapped up lunch. “You trust me, right?”

She seemed skeptical. “Umm, yes and no. Why?”

“You know how Mom always says mistakes are forgivable,” I continued, trying to sound scared and nervous.


“Well, I made a really big mistake today, and I kind of need your help.”

“Okay, and that is…?”

“The thing is, it was intentional.”

She looked annoyed. “Where are you going with this?”

As if on cue, there were muffled screams and a lot of thumping coming from the back. Emily looked back and saw nothing.

“What the heck was that?!” she shouted at me. 

“Look! I need you to promise not to tell anyone! Please!”

She looked panicked as she heard more strange sounds. “This is not okay! What did you do?”

“I had to!” I yelled, trying to keep a straight face. 

She immediately got out and went to the back. 

“Open this. Right. Now.” 

I opened the boot and she screamed. 

“Be quiet!” I hissed. 

“What did you do, kidnap someone?! I have to call the cops!”

"I told you because I trust you! Don't even think about calling the police!" I said in a deadly tone.

She looked at me like an alien. "How on earth could you do this?! Who is that?"

Alex kept on "screaming" and moving, and Emily backed away.

"Look, I had to do this. For research purposes."

She looked like she wanted to slap me. "Explain."

"I wanted to know if you were stupid enough to think I kidnapped someone," I said solemnly.

"Exactly! Wait... what?" she said, looking confused. She still looked like she wanted to slap me though.

I didn't say anything until the message kicked in her brain. She shoved me playfully. I laughed, enjoying the shock on her face. It was usually me who had that expression.

"Clever, clever," she mumbled. "But if this is a prank, then who's that?" she said, pointing at the body in the trunk.

I pulled Alex out of the trunk and ripped the tape off his lips. His scream was louder than Emily's.

"Why did you do that so fast?!" Alex mumbled, ripped his lips after I took off the rope.

"Do you peel off your bandages slow?" I asked him back.

Emily hopped back into the car, put it into drive, and said this before she drove off.

“Oh, and by the way, I’m never going out with you again.”

July 29, 2021 23:01

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