“You’ll have a blind date this evening, Katana.” Mom told me while we’re eating breakfast. 

I stopped my spoon midway and looked at her with a raised brow, an open mouth, and a confused face. “You’re just telling it to me now. Are you serious? I’m not even into blind dating.”

“I know that’s why I informed you the same day as the blind date, so you can’t refuse.” She put an egg in her mouth. I stood up and walked to my room. I can’t believe my mom did that.

I am so against this blind date thing my mom set me up. I mean, I’m not that old to hurry into marriage. There are a lot of guys in the world, and I’m sure I won’t run out of them. 

I looked at the mirror and did some breathing exercises to calm my nerves. I don’t ditch meet-ups, so I have to do this tonight. I’ll just bear with it for an hour or so then bid my goodbye. 

Evening came, but I’m frustrated with what I’m going to wear. I am forced into this blind date, but I want to look decent in front of whoever he is. What if he’s a pervert, or a murderer, or something. A shiver went down my spine from the thought. I’m going to regret this blind date. I can feel it.

I arrived at the said restaurant and walked inside. I was looking for a man who doesn’t have a date yet. My eyes landed on a man facing his back at me. He has broad shoulders, and he looks tall even though he’s seated. 

I approached the table where he was and stood in front of him. He stood up after seeing me and pulled a chair to let me sit. He’s a gentleman. Also, he’s tall. I think I might not regret this blind date. I smiled and took my seat and he took his afterward.

“I’m Brian.” He stretched his hand towards me for a handshake. I looked at it for a few seconds and decided to take it. I don’t like to look rude. He smiled, and I secretly pinched myself under the table because I felt butterflies in my stomach. 

“I’m Katana. Nice to meet you, Brian.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” He called for the waiter and asked for the food to be served. The waiter left, and once again he looked at me straight in the eye. “By the way, you have a cool name.” 

“My dad likes Japanese history, so you know. I’m lucky he named me good, or else I’ll nag to him my whole life for having such a smelly name.” He chuckled, and it sounded so sexy to me. Oh gosh. 

“And it suits you. Katana has a sharp blade, and I can feel that you have a sharp tongue, too.” Ohh I like his humor. 

“Yeah, people often say that.” Like none, only you. 


There was silence between us after that conversation. He was looking at me the whole time, which I don’t like. It’s uncomfortable. 


My friends had set me up on a blind date, which I did not know about it. I’m not against blind dates, but I want to decide for myself and not others. I thought of ditching this blind date, but my friends insisted. They would send me a couple of messages in a day. My inbox is full because of there scripted messages telling me to go and everything.

They’re my friends, and maybe they want me to experience romance, but that’s not my priority. My priority is to stabilize my career before anything else. I want to focus on my career before dating anyone. I want to pay back my parents for everything they have granted me my whole life even if they aren’t asking for it. I still want to.

Also, love must not be searched because love would come to you in the most unexpected way. It would pop out of nowhere and grow without you noticing. Love would find you and not the other way around. 

After debating upon myself to go or not, here I am seated in front of a simple yet dazzling lady I have known by far. She has long brunette hair, thick black lashes, thin pinkish lips, eyes that shows me a world I don’t quite understand, a pointed nose that would make someone’s nose feel shame, and a smile that screams innocence. 

She was so simple yet so dazzling, elegant, sophisticated, and the list goes on and on. She’s wearing make-up but not the ones you see on Instagram. Also, her dress matches her stature. The fabric-covered what needs to be covered and what needs to be seen. 

“Excuse me. Are you going to eye-rape me the whole night?” Irritation was evident in her voice. I didn’t notice I was staring at her for minutes. Her right brow was raised, and her forehead a little creased, but nothing made her look less perfect in my eyes. 

“I’m sorry about that. I was awestruck by your beauty, that’s all.” I honestly told her. Her cheeks flushed red, and I smirked because she looks cute with that expression.

“Okay.” She ended the conversation this time. I want to talk to her more because she caught my attention, alright. 

“Uhmm, actually. My friends set me up on this blind date.” I scratched the back of my head when she looked my way. I thought she was going to stay silent, but I heard her giggle. Music to my ears. 

“We’re the same. My mom set me up, and she just told me this morning.” She covered her mouth because she’s still giggling. “I’m against blind dates actually because I’m not in a hurry to find that ‘special someone’.” She air quoted the words, special someone.

“Me, too. I’d like to focus on my career first before going on dates. But how do you think of this blind date so far?” I was hesitating to ask the question because she’s not into blind dates. 

“Not bad because you made me giggle for the first few minutes, and I’m comfortable talking to you, too.” She looked somewhere else, and I saw her cheeks flushed red for the second time tonight. My heart was filled with glee because of her answer.

“You caught my attention, actually. I want to make this date worthwhile, so please feel free to tell me stories or opinions.” She nodded her head, but she was still looking everywhere but me. “Are you amazed by my looks? Because you aren’t looking at me since earlier.” She suddenly looked my way with a raised brow yet again. 

“Don’t be full of air, dude. I have seen guys more handsome than you.” She crossed her arms in front of her breasts. 

“Easy, tiger. I was just joking. So mind telling me about yourself.” She rolled her eyes, which looked so cute. I wanted to pinch her nose, but she might swat my hand. Maybe, I’ll do it later when she’s more comfortable around me.

“I’m not into commitments, but I had flings left and right. Some say I’m a f*ckgirl, but shitheads don’t know I’m still a virgin.” She was sassy while saying those words. “I’d like to enjoy life more. I want to travel around the world, and me entering a commitment might hold me back from doing so. I don’t like being caged and strained, so I don’t enter it.” I nodded my head as agreement.

“I think so, too. My priority right now is stabilizing my career on top of everything else. Commitments are like distractions for me because when I commit, I give my everything.” She looked at me straight in the eye. 

“Your girl is lucky then.” 

“Thank you. You are lucky, indeed.” Her jaw dropped from my response. 

“I’m not your girl or anyone’s girl.” I am starting to like this blind date.


“I’m not your girl or anyone’s girl.” His response triggered the bitch mode in me. I just told him I’m not into commitments, and yet he tells me I’m his girl, indirectly. He laughed wholeheartedly, and I bit my lip to suppress the smile about to creep on my face.

He affects my system already. Gosh. 

“Keep saying that, while your blushing because it convinces me very much.” Note the sarcasm in his voice. He wiggled his eyebrows, and I covered my cheeks with both hands.

“Stop laughing. It ain’t funny.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop. If you stop covering your cheeks.” I slowly removed my hands, and he smiled. “You look beautiful when you blush. Actually, you look beautiful with whatever you do.” I could no longer suppress the smile because he’s such a sweet talker.

“You have a sweet tongue there, Mister Brian. Maybe that’s what you always say to make women fall for you.” I told him with a genuine smile on my face. 

“It comes out naturally when I’m with a beautiful girl like you, I guess.” I think my faces all red by now. 

I was about to respond when the waiter came and served the food. The conversations flowed naturally while we were eating. We talked about a lot of things for hours. I came to know him more after those hours, and I didn’t know I’ll openly talk to someone about my personal life.

After dinner, he drove me home and asked to meet up again, which I agreed to. We exchanged phone numbers, and he bid his goodbye. He showed me emotions I didn’t know I have, and he let me feel foreign feelings. 

August 25, 2020 17:11

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Menna Ali
19:02 Sep 07, 2020

I absolutely love the idea behind the story and the flow of conversation between the characters. I liked how bold and sassy Katana is and also loved the unique name! Also the description of the gestures and expressions is very well written; it made me feel like I was watching them. There are a few things that could be improved, first and the most important thing in my opinion is that you should revise your story for grammar mistakes as there are a little too many of them here. Also, I sometimes thought the sentences were a bit choppy so you ...


01:30 Sep 08, 2020

Thank you for leaving a critique! It helped a lot. I really am having a hard time using linking words and how to connect each sentence to one another. I hope to get more feedback from you.


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