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The timing was uncertain. An elderly librarian was currently scouring the library, trying to find a certain book. “Ah, here it is.” The librarian grabbed the short book, marveling at its cover before flipping its pages. There a familiar name greeted their eyes, and a smile of recognition graced their lips.The old librarian smiled and took a seat. The library was quiet, perfect for the librarian to read the book. Adjusting their glasses, they began to read the story.

“Life is the only gift that most people don’t appreciate. When things go wrong, they wish they could escape the world or be taken away from it. But there are some people who go through so many trials but still feel grateful and find joy in the world. Even those who can not see the world still appreciate being in it. Mary Berry is a young beautiful blind girl, with short blonde curls and blue eyes. Mary has stayed in an orphanage for as long as she could remember. She has a caretaker named Mrs. Faith, who kindly shares some strawberries with Mary. Mary loves the sweet and juicy flavor as she bites into the strawberry, for it reminds her of her vivid memories of her and her mother sitting together eating strawberries. One sunny afternoon during break time, Mary and Mrs. Faith both walked up a small hill, revealing a swing set, the rope being tightened around a tree branch. Mary sat on the swing and moved her legs up and down as Mrs. Faith started to push her high up in the air. The air was calm and some leaves sprinkled down from the tree above Mary. Mary felt grateful to be alive. A few minutes passed and soon Mary felt the swing go lower and lower, her feet touching the hard ground gently. “Is there something wrong, Mrs. Faith?” Mary asked.

 “There is nothing wrong my dear. There is actually something that you might be pleased to hear!” 

Mrs. Faith picked up Mary and led her down the hill. Mary did not understand what was going on but she stayed silent, patiently waiting for Mrs. Faith to explain further. As Mary laid her head on Mrs. Faith’s chest, she hears her heart beating and her chest moving up and down slowly as she inhales and exhales. It gave peace and comfort to Mary, as she remembered the time when she laid her head on her mothers chest. Mary then felt her feet touch the hard ground and her hand tightly held by Mrs. Faith frail hands.

“Mary, you are finally going home, with your dear older brother, Phillip Berry.” The owner of the orphanage said, her voice stern but soft. 

Mary looked around, waiting to hear her brother's voice. 

“Where is my brother?” Mary asked politely. 

“I am right here, Mary.” Her brother said, his gentle and quiet voice filled her with warmth. 

“Let me see your hand, my brother.” 

Phillip chuckled at the words Mary used but proceeded to lay his hand in her hand. Mary placed her brother’s hand on her cheek and caressed it for a quick second. Oh how it gave her comfort just like her mother.

 “It is a pleasure to meet you my dear brother.” Mary said politely.

She then let go of her hand from Mrs. Faith and held her brother’s hand fully. 

“Mr. Phillip, I am glad that you and your sister are now together. You truly love your sister, from what you told me you and your sister got separated in different orphanages when your parents passed away. Then because you were old enough to work, you worked for a long time until you had enough money to buy a stable home. Now, you were given the authority to adopt your sister. This is something I will never forget.” The owner commented.

Phillip smiled and adjusted his hat. 

“It’s God’s love that kept me going, Mrs. Deber. I’ll be on my way now.” 

Mrs. Deber waved goodbye to Philip and Mary while Mrs. Faith escorted them to the carriage. As they entered the carriage, Mrs. Faith took out a bag of strawberries from her pocket and placed it on Mary’s lap.

 “Here is a bag of strawberries for you Mary. It is a farewell gift from me, I hope you visit me soon my dear.” 

Mary giggled as Mrs. Faith planted a small kiss on her cheek. 

“I’ll visit, Mrs. Faith. Thank you for everything!” 

Mrs. Faith's eyes dropped a tear at the kind words. 

“Oh Mr. Phillip, I admire your clothing! Your top hat and coat is a very touching look to you, especially with that blond hair of yours.” Mrs. Faith said. 

Mr. Phillip chuckled and responded with a thank you. 

“Goodbye, you two!” Mrs. Faith said. 

Soon Phillip and Mary’s carriage was away from Mrs. Faith’s view. Mary sat quietly on her seat as she began to eat the strawberries that Mrs. Faith gave her. Phillip, who sat in front of Mary, watched her, admiring how much she had grown. She was a true resemblance of their mother, especially the ribbons she wore on the side of her hair. Mary wiped her mouth with her handkerchief and placed her strawberries on her lap. 

“Phillip, where are we staying?” Mary asked. 

“We are first going to visit our neighbor’s house. Since she is an elderly woman and her husband passed away, I have volunteered to help her around the house.” Phillip responded.

Mary nodded at his response and decided to take a small nap. The carriage went on for a couple of miles and soon came to an abrupt stop. 

“Mary, we’re here.” 

Mary woke up tiredly and held Phillip’s hand down the carriage. Phillip watched the dark sky and then the bright blue house in front of them. The grass was nicely trimmed and the plants hanging outside the door were just watered. Phillip led Mary to the house and knocked on the door.

“Coming, Coming.” 

The door opened and there revealed a tall woman wearing a blouse and a skirt, her hair nicely tightened into a bun. 

“Phillip, you are back!” 

The woman gave a small hug to Phillip and then moved in front of Mary, bending her knees to look closely at her. 

“You look just like your mother! You look so tired, dear. Come in, Come in! I have some food in the fridge if you feel hungry and there is a guest room at the top right.” 

Phillip thanked her and led Mary into the house. Inside was warm, the air smelling of chicken and tea. 

“Thank you for letting us stay in your home, Mrs. Moon.” Phillip said. 

Mary sat on the kitchen table, eating some chicken and drinking pink lemonade that Mrs. Moon had prepared.

“No problem dear. After all the help you have done for me after your parent’s passing has truly been a blessing. Your sister looks happy and healthy, I am glad the orphanage took good care of her. But now that she has reconciled with you again, I have some news to share with you.” 

Phillip and Mrs. Moon watched Mary set her fork down and walk to Phillip, tugging his coat. 

“I’m tired.” 

Phillip picked up Mary and cradled her in his arms. 

“May we speak of this tomorrow, Mrs. Moon? My sister has had a very long day. I will be cooking breakfast tomorrow if that is alright with you?” 

“Of course dear. Get some rest, and you are free to use my kitchen whenever you like.” 

The next day Phillip woke up early to cook breakfast and once everyone was awake and ate, Mrs. Moon led Mary to the porch outside to pet the chickens. The breeze was warm, letting Mary enjoy the early morning. 

“Let me grab some strawberries for you dear. Your brother told me of your love for strawberries.” Mary nodded and continued to pet a chick that slept on her lap. 

As Mary listened to the wind, she heard a set of footsteps in the distance and a sound of a ball.

“Johnny! Don’t go near the dock!!” A woman yelled. 

“I know, mama!”

Mary heard the sound of the woman going back inside the house and the kid playing with a ball. Mary continued to pet the chick for a little bit and soon heard something go in the water. 

“Are you serious?” The kid said. “Now my ball is going to be wet!”

Mary listened as the kid ran to the dock. But then Mary heard the sound of a splash. 


Back in the house, Mrs. Moon was cutting up some strawberries and placing them in a bowl.

“Mrs. Moon, yesterday you said you had something to say now that I have Mary with me.” Phillip said, sitting on a chair. 

“Ah yes, there was news going on around this area, mostly testimonies. My dear friends told me that if you walk into the forest of wisdom, you will see an open field with a tree in the middle of it. There will be a healer. They heal for no price, the only thing you need to do is to have faith.” 

Phillip felt his heart racing at her words. Though it sounded a bit odd and unbelievable, Phillip would do whatever it takes to find someone that can give sight to his sister.

“Could the healer possibly give sight to my sister?” 

Mrs. Moon wiped her hand with a rag and looked out the window. 

“Your relationship with your sister is lovely. If you have faith then anything is possible.” 

“Where is this forest that you speak of?” 

Mrs. Moon pointed to the back door. 

“You exit through my back door and into the backyard which will lead you to the forest. Though it would be a half a mile away. Only those who have faith will find the healer waiting for them. You are a good brother.”

Phillip smiled at her kind words. 

“May you show me the backyard real quick?” 

Mrs. Moon nodded and both left the kitchen to the backyard. 


 Mary placed the chick to the side and quickly stood up. Her breath became heavy. She has never ran alone, especially to the ocean. But this noise she heard, she knew someone was trying to get out of the water. Mary’s heart began racing as she realized what could be happening. Mary took a deep breath and began to make a small run and thankfully she felt herself at the entrance of the dock. 

“Johnny are you there?” Mary called out. 

“I AM DROWNING! HELP ME!” The kid wailed. 

Mary quickly bent down to the floor and began to crawl trying to hear where Johnny was. 

“Johnny, my name is Mary. I am blind and I need to know where you are so that I may help you!”

“I AM AT THE END OF THE DOCK! HELP ME!” Johnny yelled. 

Mary heard Johnny coughing out water and gasping for air. She continued to crawl and felt the end of the dock.

“Can you see my hand?” 

Mary felt Johnny grunt and felt his hand on hers. 

“PLEASE HELP ME! I AM SCARED!” Johnny cried out.

Mary took a deep breath and stood up, her hands shaking of the weight as she felt Johnny starting to climb out. 

“Johnny are you almost out?” Mary grunted.

Mary sighed in relief as she felt Johnny lay on the dock, gasping for air. 

“Can you call your mo-” Mary all of a sudden felt her heart beating fast and her head beginning to hurt. This leading to imbalance, Mary fell into the cold waters.


Phillip and Mrs. Moon both walked back inside from the backyard. 

“Thank you for everything, Mrs. Moon. If I can, I will take Mary to the forest as soon as possible. Where is she by the way?” 

Mrs. Moon placed her hand on her mouth. 

“She must be waiting for the strawberries! She is sitting on the porch, can you bring her in?” 

Phillip nodded and made his way out the house. 


Phillip froze at the sight of only a baby chick on the porch. 

“Mrs. Moon she is not here!” Phillip yelled. 

Mrs. Moon came out quickly and gasped.

In the distance they saw a kid running toward them. 

“MRS. MOON!!” The kid yelled, tears falling down his face.

“Why are you wet?” Mrs. Moon asked in a concerned voice, trying to calm the kid down. 

“A girl helped me when I was drowning and now she is in the water!”

Phillip widened his eyes and quickly removed his hat and coat. 

“MARY!” Phillip yelled.


Mary felt her body fall in the cold waters, her mouth forgetting to close causing the water to go in her body. Her body felt weak and with a small amount of strength Mary tried swimming to the surface but she couldn’t. She was going to drown. Oh how Mary feared death, she saved that kid but she felt like she was so young to die. She did not even say goodbye to her brother, this was so sudden. 

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.”

Mary heard inside of her head. As Mary felt herself passing out slowly she felt someone wrap their arms around her


Phillip brought Mary to the surface, gasping for air. He laid her on the dock, many people surrounded them. Phillip started to do chest compression, fear inside of him. 

“Oh Mary, please wake up.”

Then that is what happened. Mary coughed up water, her eyes tiredly opening. Mrs. Moon, with tears in her eyes, brought a towel and wrapped it around Mary. 

“Am I going to be okay?” Mary quietly said to Phillip. 

“Yes, Mary.” 

Mary smiled and drifted off to sleep. 

One day later, Mary was better with only a few scratches on her leg.

Phillip and Mary exited the backyard gate and walked into the entrance of the forest. Phillip noticed the height of the trees blocking the sunlight. The air felt colder and colder, Phillip soon lifted up Mary for the rest of the way. After what seemed like hours, Phillip decided to take a rest for the night. He then set up a blanket for Mary and stood watch for a little bit before he went to sleep. The sky turned dark, Phillip now closing his eyes for the night. As Phillip slept, Mary heard a soft humming in the distance. Mary was frightened but noticed how soft the humming was. She stood up and moved a few inches away from the resting area. Mary stood silent trying to hear the humming, it sounded familiar. 

“Mary, what are you doing?” 

Mary froze as she heard Phillip’s voice. 

“I heard something, Phillip.” Mary responded.

Phillip stood up and stood next to Mary. 

“What do you hear?” 

“A person humming. I think I recognize the tune they are humming.” 

Phillip nodded and gripped Mary’s hand. 

“Let’s go find out.” 

Both Mary and Phillip walked through the trees, Phillip mostly following Mary as she was the one hearing the humming. 


Phillip looked up and gasped in surprise. In the distance was a huge empty field with only one tree in the middle. 

“What do you see, Phillip?” Mary asked. 

Phillip could almost feel a strong presence by standing here. The healer was around here. 

“A tree in the field. A truly beautiful tree.” Phillip commented. 

Mary listened again and heard the humming again. 

“The humming sounds very close!” 

Phillip and Mary made their way to the field and walked through the short grass, filled with flowers. Though it was dark, Phillip could see the tree completely. Its leaves were a light green combined with what looks like bright leaves also. Oh how the beauty amazed Phillip. Mary and Phillip stood in front of the tree in silence, waiting to hear the humming again. 

“Stay here, Mary. I will look around to see if someone is here.” 

Mary sat down, leaning against the tree while Phillip looked around the field for the healer. 

“Are you Mary?” 

The sound of the voice, oh how it sounded calm and kind. 

“Your presence and voice gives me warmth, who are you?” Mary asked.

“I am the creator of this universe.” 

Mary stood up slowly. 

“May I see your hand?” Mary asked.

A gentle warmth enveloped Mary’s outstretched hand, and as her fingers brushed against something intangible yet undeniably present, she felt an overwhelming rush of emotions - peace and love. 

“Are you made of butterflies? Your presence reminds me of butterflies, they resemble hope and love.” 

The voice chuckled. 

“No, dear child. I created the butterflies as I created you. They are a reflection of My artistry and love. What can I do for you?”

Mary already felt tears coming down. 

“Lord, please recover my sight.” 

Mary felt both of her hands being held by the creator.

“Go on your way; your faith has made you well.”

Mary opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a dandelion in her hands.” 

The librarian closed the book, tears falling down their face. All of a sudden the librarian heard a young girl’s voice. “Mrs. Faith?” Mrs. Faith turned her head and beamed at the sight. “Mary!” Both hugged each other tightly. “I just read your story and oh how beautiful it is.” Mary grabbed a handkerchief from her pocket wiping away Mrs. Faith's tears. “Even remembering that moment makes me cry too.” Mrs. Faith looked behind Mary and gasped in delight at the sight of Phillip. “Oh my dear! You look more handsome!” Phillip chuckled at her response. “Oh how much I’ve missed you both. Oh Mary, how amazing it is that you can see now. How is the world looking to you?” Mary grabbed her brother’s hand. “It is truly beautiful once you know that the Creator of the Universe loves you.” 

The End

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