Rain of Magical Happiness

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In towns and cities the people look at the rain with anger, anger to their Business Suits becoming drenched, hair looking like a drowned rat, or waiting at a bus stop because they forgot their umbrella. But this story isn't about people being angry at the rain because its a nuisance to their everyday lives, this is about the difference to a race of people that the rain barely exists, where the ground is dry, the plants rotting away what life they had left. Rain has not landed in two months its like the World has just paused Time and the only thing these dehydrated souls has felt is the baking sweltering heat from the Sun. A young child passes in the night, their heartbroken grieving family asking is this the end off them all knowing they cannot survive one more day without any water. The next Day a wandering white figure who seemed to be holding a long like staff wearing a white robe and a white beard walks calmly into the little village, it is like he has been here before. Who is this mysterious stranger who has walked into this village of sadness and lost hope. Will we find out who the white figure is, no not today or maybe any other day but what happens next is a story that no one will believe in Centuries to come. Standing in the middle off the Village holding his long Wooden Staff he strikes it down into the cracked dry land and then starts to spin it between his soft skinned fingers. A whistling echo travels around each Villager including the animals who to us would think the sound would scare them but instead their heads did a 360 to trying to find the source off the whistling. Can this White Figure see the Villagers and their livestock surrounding him drawn to this soft whistling sound, no one can tell. A small vibration travels up through the wooden Staff and a thin beam off light shoots up into the Sunny skies. And then all off a sudden the Sunny sky starts to turn to a darkling grey, clouds begins to form hovering over the Villagers who are all looking up to this bizarre phenomenon. The whistling echo comes to an end, the Villagers look back to where it had all started from but the mysterious White Figure is nowhere to be seen, how could this person have disappeared surrounded by all the Villagers and their animals, did the Earth somehow swallow him whole. As baffling minds try to digest to what is happening their confusion starts to cease to when the heavens begin to open up its waterfall. The Rain cascades upon the Villagers who has their heads looking up, mouths open to receive this pureness off riches, mothers carrying out their children holding them up in the air so they can take it all. The Villagers start to Dance grabbing hold off their loved ones, the ainimals doing their own celebration dance kicking up their back legs splashing about in the once dry land that has now become a mini swimming pool. The Rain eased up after an hour or so and still there was no hair or trace off the mysterious White Figure it was as if it was all an illusion but yet not only one Villager saw the figure the whole Village saw it so how can no one have saw them disappear and no one know about it. Could this strange figure be from a different planet or was he the heavenly Father that so many on Earth believe in. The Children off the Village rolls around in the rainwater, holding the hands off their loved ones and the each other jumping up and down splashing in a pool off water forgetting how death nearly consumed them. Sometimes it is not up to us to question the extraordinary things that happen through our lifetime but to try and take it in, appreciate what has been given to us as these souls after two long months off no rain danced to their hearts content in something that costed no money but just the love and care from another soul.

This is what pure Happiness is meant to be. In towns and cities we show anger to the rain as we treat it as a nuisance but in a Village like this where rain barely exists when it comes it is greeted with open arms and is bowed upon with the utmost graceness. The moral off my story to Today's People is to stop taking things for granted, we can enjoy life with very little than with having alot. Love the person that you are and not what others want you to be. To Love and Care for others who are needing a Little Hand for Support we should never be ashamed to ask for some help. When you strip away all religions we are all one and the same a human being who we each have our own wee feelings. We shouldn't judge one another but to be kind, caring and supportive because at some time in our lives we all need a little hand no matter how proud a person we are.

Alot off readers will assume this is some religious story writing and yes I wanted to add that effect to the story but the more point off the story is to enjoy what you have in life, when its raining stand out in it look up to the sky and just enjoy the moment. Whether you are kissing the girl off your dreams, your girlfriend/boyfriend, partner or wife out in the pouring rain that is what life is all about living each day to the full. When it rains where I live I love being out in it, I hold my head up to the sky letting myself get completely drenched thanking my lucky stars to how blessed we truly are. I hope you have loved my little story, thank you for taking the time to read this. My Love to you All.

September 24, 2021 18:14

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