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No matter M. Scott Harris considered one amazingly graceful author of Schwenksville's, a promising (albeit late blooming) up and coming early twenty first century prolific wordsmith, nonetheless he feels dogged (deep teeth marks will prove claim) every step of his way to success. Inexplicable to him, why language spell binding (to him) in general, and English words in particular. Similar to launching writing career, said scrivener also finds the art of taking pictures, especially healthy nature flora and fauna fascinating. Since marrying the famous photographer A. Robin Zison, the latter avocation took figurative Kamikaze nosedive rendered into bajillion smithereens at ground zero. Back in the day (circa preceding onset of digital cameras) family and friends would hashtag him as an antsy buzzfeeding shutterbug. The promise barely only hinted at, when hand his oldest sister gave him her hand me down Pentax. That camera went everywhere (think Mary had a little lamb lyrics) the budding modest perfect picture taker M. Scott Harris happened upon i.e. read where any other intrepid stalwart photographer adventurer reluctant to secure capitalist funding.

Rumor circulated that top notch National Geographic illustrators contemplated sinking sizable wad of cash launching promising career regarding aforementioned promising excellent prizewinning hinted he could become. Principally, I personally believe financial investment regarding expending seed money would garner most successful outcome if unknown unsung talented sleuth actively steadily pursued master procrastinator. Born that way reedsy poker face newborn Matthew Scott evinced fumfering being fashionably late exiting birth canal. That characteristic would best be set aside as stand alone story de jure. No other mortal throughout the annals of civilization could live maximally, why do today what you can until tomorrow?

Actually that same pathetic outcome nearly occured regard writing assignment. With his acknowledgement, I commenced to haphazardly draft an extemporaneous conglomeration, somewhat predicated on acquiring new skill and/or buttressing dismal perseverance scotched courtesy inferiority complex. No idea what explains evident talent left to wither on the figurative fine. Be that as zit may, only speculation can intimate how pluperfect prospects never amounted to hill of beans, but absent self motivation dashed inborn propensity. Therefore elaborating an unfulfilled possibility more difficult then threading a camel thru the eye of a needle, yet incipient spark flickered, whereat thrills awoke to joie de vivre linkedin with positive emotional state after completion of some daunting, yet realistic aspiration. Now that yours truly generated at pervasive expiation, nonetheless an innocuous sin to leave unattended bountiful results that never given an opportunity to blossom forth. Although thee facilitator associated with tackling this voluntary impossible mission invited elaboration about a person trying to learn a new skill or hobby they find intimidating but want (or need) to learn anyway, the tangential offshoot potential prompt awoke regarding how the self emasculation, humiliation, insurrection... deprived hypothetical manifestation (sic) acquiring confidence exhibited grappling challenges against self defeating gulag archipelago mindset.

Exaggeration could be prevaricated trumpetting donning oneself with adulation (this posturing strictly rooted within humble perception of self. Thus without further let me resume loosing imagination to ponder sticktoitiveness nudging out that beastly ogre, viz you will eye zing untapped potential not necessarily to acquire fame or fortune, but merely accomplishments meekly touted as gift to share with others, perhaps even members of my immediate, who dared to prophecy fulfilling ambitions to stave off existential nihilism, which includes the following definition excellently accessed to under_score powerful point regarding quintessential possible overarching notion simply typing in search criteria, and yield hospitality of anonymous contributors to Google website Existential nihilism equals theory life proffers no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, existential nihilism suggests that a single human or even entire human species considered insignificant, without purpose and unlikely to change in the totality of existence. Greater effort required then that which Atlas shrugged to foist such pessimistic mental paradigm, but if for no other reason versus purpose to "play along" temporarily cast

aside, no matter overpowering viewpoint permeated deep within the psyche of yours truly, who best mind his mulling over totally tubular zero affiliation with zest concerning handicapping myself when just in cross hairs of capturing success merely pronounced by ever slight pressure of index finger, whereat (prestidigitation) instantaneous moment frozen within space/time continuum.

Envision self importance enshrouding me risking life and limb to affix breathtaking image upon countless onlookers, who gesticulate animatedly when blessed with golden opportunity to take stock of sensational expose, a premise such unarticulated gushing enthusiasm triggered privy to posthumous retrospective adulation of mine storied swiftly tailored harried style. Hence increased popularity headed toward one direction opposite south. This despite my lifeless corporeal essence long since cremated. Ironic how perseverance augmented genre bending one after another pièce de résistance established one mortal within the pantheon of other superlative artistic persons in general naturally insinuating Matthew Scott Harris as household name in league with classical movers and shakers under the umbrella connoting creative arts across the board. Intuitive intimations fostered before Mort Hessian whisked away to Hades. An inclination (as iterated) did shutterfly, snapchat, tinder... blessed adoration while still stayin' alive, though still practically living nonsocial hand to mouth even when death got poised to strike one perp pet chew wool Homo sapien.

Rather uncomfortable to affect being boastful, fruitful, (albeit grateful when dead), though inclination branding me outstanding discerned when increased familiarity included positive sounding adjectives. Though taken aback with pleasant surprise, the former anonymity allowed, enabled and provided visible incognito, yet grudging acceptance flirting with sudden cessation struggling to finance even a Spartan lifestyle (trojan along me merry way trying to n Troy mesself) did most definitely alleviate anxiety to live without onus of growing unpaid bills, and invariably homelessness. I appeared hypocritical within mine third eye blind professing the aversion trending toward material wealth, and bitta bing bitta bang, the angel of mercy brought toward looming dark shadows pointing at instinctive outer limits of twilight zone, where consciousness ceases to exist. Though prone prostate by dichotomy writ by fleeting scores of years meditating, reading, writing... as one puny peon upon oblate spheroid, that palpable rush implemented courtesy renown did serve as panacea to mental health issues. Self esteem buoyed aloft and spirit bid fare thee well, bon voyage, adieu... to August creative capacity illustrated time and again by one primate still hesitant to acknowledge accepting attainments as photo journalistic aficionado.

November 12, 2019 04:33

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