The Inventor

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Creative Nonfiction

This story contains sensitive content

THIS STORY HAS SENSITIVE CONTENT, ABUSE AND SUBSTACE ABUSE. She had problems. She had real, identity thieft problems. No one, knew who she was. She lived in a world, where she would be considered, a hostage. A free hostage, if there was such a thing. Her identity thieves, were relentless, hacking her phone, answering her calls, from her business associates. They would knock her out, with a device, that would render her unconscious, and answer her door. Impersonating her, the woman, Lee-Anne, to anyone that came along. "Do you have something for me" they would always ask the stranger. Like, Lee-Anne couldn't have a visitor, without him/ her, giving her something. She was the best novelty inventor, in North America, selling more novelties than any other, since the beginning of time, everything she touched, turned to gold. She earned absolute billions, and never had a thing, to show for it. Twenty years of earnings. The first twenty of her life, were invested the cosmetology trade. Cutting hair in salons, and traveling, was what she liked to do, back then.

The imposters, looked like a fashion model parade, wheeling into the banks, with Lee-Anne's rings, they had stolen from her, on thier fingers. One of the rings, was her father's, a wedding band, from when he was married, to her mother long ago. The other diamond clusters twinkled, when her worst enemy, was in the bank, talking to the bank managers, about how hard she worked for her (stolen) money. Dianne, and others, told of this schizophrenic woman, who was compromising her money, and she just couldn't risk the chance of her( Lee-Anne) stealing any of it, from Dianne. Would the bank, please, end thier relationship, with that other crazy woman, she had little funds, in the bank anyways, didn't she, they would whine. Diannes money, was actually Lee-Annes. Diannes name was Lee-Annes, Diannes everything was Lee-Anne's. Dianne LeeAnne Lenore, was the best liar, that the banks, would ever know. Her involvment, with an international thieft ring, left many billionaires, without thier money. Lee-Anne was one of them, that suffered. Her losses, were of great amounts.

The year was 2013, she drew up the heated pill, in the spoon, and carefully injected it, into her hand. Using a different spot, everytime, saved her from having the track marks, that other junkies had. She closed her eyes, and said to herself, that she had better "quit soon." The money, she had earned, was saved, and invested for her, while she was on the deep end, with drugs. No one in the manufactureres circle, wanted to give a junkie, five hundred billion dollars, to kill herself with. This amount, took 14 years, to save, after smaller amounts in the beginning, were invested.They spoke of her, very little, everyone knew, Lee-Anne was rich. She had made a promise, to her good associate, that she wouldn't spend the money, he helped her earn, on drugs. Lee-Anne punished herself, starting a trust fund, that paid her government checques, in welfare poverty amounts. This was cleaned out, by the women, and never to be seen again. She felt, she was doing something right, in her drug induced haze, not spending her money was rightious. She was keeping her promise, no matter what. Fourteen years, she used drugs, and never spent a penny, of the money, she earned from her career. When she was finished with drugs, then she would have lots. The grocery store products, she came up with, enabled her good associate, to start over 30 businesses. Food products, that had never been on the market, before, became his fortune. Velcro, was a product that everyone knew of . She had told him about a concept she had, he had proto typed it, and a zillion dollar company, was crested from her concept. Velcro itself. The idea of VCR's, and DVD players, built into the television set, another one of her novel ideas. A children's reader, with hollagram, and an olfactory component, was the start of her electronics, invention career. Life was good, for everyone except her, she had a monkey on her back, and couldn't get it off.

Many of the women, in the organizations club, had no career, and did not have an income, like Lee-Anne did. They took advantage, of a camera hack, with her head on thier bodies, at the bank, stealing her accounts. They used a voice synthesizer, to con her three manufacturers, into giving them billions, of her hard earned money. The women had million, and billion dollar, scores going on, there were " no limits" to the intricate electronic gadgets they would have, privately invented for them. These weren't your Radio Shack inventors inventions, these were the Big Boys inventions. People like the creator of the Bully Law and such, took part in these rip offs. They would seduce these billionaires manufactureres again, into giving them money, for they boardgames she designed. Pretending to be Lee-Anne. Being Lee-Anne, became a racket. The women, often talked of her, like she was a spoiled rotten bitch, and that they deserved her money more, than a drug addict did. Some even wondered, if Lee-Anne was alive, didn't she notice all the money, that was being spent, by others. Talk was that they had a phoney funeral, then posted an obituary, claiming she was dead. This enabled Dianne and others to create a new persona, thd tenth of December was born then. They took full advantage, of the gentleman's kindness, when it came to her funds. It became a joke, to be Lee-Anne, and have all that was hers. The manufacturers 0wondered, where Lee-Anne, was spending all of these millions, at first. Then they caught the thieves, in Vegas, spending 60 million dollars in one night, on gambling. One woman posing as her. The manufacturers knew, that Lee-Anne didn't gamble though, and cut them off, of any future, money spending sprees. They were not happy, and thier husband's, would have to support them now.

No one was going to tell these thieves, that they couldn't have, Lee-Anne's money. She was overpaid, they all said. Rumours of Lee-Anne, stealing the money, from thier organization grew, and no one gave her credit, as being one of the best novelty inventors, soon to be noticed, as one of the best in the world. The conspiracy had been paid, and paid well, they lied thier face off, for Dianne. Her friends, would earn a return, of cash, for thier lies, there was no shortage, of false witness bearers. Ready to tell people, that they were inventors themselves, or just pretend they were, old money rich. Many people, that recieved Lee-Anne's money, stolen by one of the girls in the thieft ring, would pay people back with Lee-Anne's money. This became, an easy sport. Fake identification, in her first and last name, went for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This also, turned into a racket. Every time Lee-Anne recieved a deposit, someone's money would go missing, and Lee-Anne would pay it back, out of her accounts. Even though, she had never taken the money from them, in the first place. The ID, that was made for people, enabled them to see an amount at the bank, in her account, close to what they lost. They assumed, because she wasn't spending it, that it must be stolen. This automatically, gave them the idea, that she had taken it. She didn't take anyone's money, ever, from them, never to this day, ever doing bank fraud. She paid them back anyways, thier wives daughters and girlfriends, assuming her identity, and giving all kinds of people, money from her account, from this game. At one time they were caught, and deprived food, this was a hard time and Lee-Anne begged for thier lives, a man they stole from, after, let them go. She told him" to let them have a little bit of money, they made a mistake" He then thought, they were her friends, asking for thier mercy, made him question her associates. In his eyes, she was stolen from too, and they shouldnt get away with it. Lee-Anne believed the Bible, and He (GOD), told her to "give your coat, when they take your shirt" it had said. Her reputation deteriorated, as people started, to just take her money, and pretend she had thier money. The girls stealing, then keeping, all the others money, then getting them to virtually, steal Lee-Anne's instead. Her bank accounts, were never full anymore. A fraud scam, like no other developed in this women's ring of crime. A program just like the banks program, that they could duplicate people's accounts and funds, became thier second favorite scheme.

Using Lee-Anne's name, to steal Lee-Anne's money, made one of the manufacturers think, that "all was well, Lee-Anne must be spending the money she earned," he thought. He kept an eye on it for her, and shook his head, at the way, he had thought, she spent money. Like it was water. Meanwhile, she didn't spend any of it. The impersonators did. They spent it all.

They got cut off. That's, when the women got ugly. Two of the manufacturers went missing, for six years, people asked each other, where they went. One, was a sixty eight trillionaire, one, was a zillionaire, both in thier seventies by now. Both of these men, were upset at the losses, that had incurred, and said to people, that the whole fortune, would someday be Lee-Anne's. They had, been imbesseled, tricked into giving her fortune away. No one would take her inheritance, "they had enough." Some day, maybe she would be off drugs, by the time they had passed away. Lee-Anne, knew where they went. They were hostage, by these identity thieves. After the women were told, that it was Lee-Anne's money, and they couldn't have anymore, they decided to teach these older gentlemen a lesson, in sharing. No one could get it through thier heads, that Lee-Anne actually worked, for the money she recieved. That they had stolen. That the university awards were Lee-Anne Lenore's, not the thieves. It was thier gravey train. Dianne was severely brainwashed, in the midst of it, actually believing, that she was now Lee-Anne, and that anything that was Lee-Anne's, should belong to her. For some reason, probably a monetary payoff, others called Dianne thier inventor, even though she had never, had an invention in her life, none that came from her own mind. The conspiracy grew, and grew, and Dianne paid her conspiracy of liars well, buying, about a two hundred and fifty billion dollar enemy team, against Lee-Anne. In the mean time, Diannes team of sisters were busy, putting Lyle and Carol in jail, Lee-Anne's parents, for spending money that Lee-Anne had left to her father, the benificiary. Dianne took a stranger, into the court room, and said that the two parents, were stealing her billion nine. That they had the same name as Lee-Anne and her father. In actuality, Lee-Anne left it to her parents, in case she died. No one had the same name as Lee-Anne, they had done a statistics check, in the year 2000, there was no other, with her name, in North America. The thought that often went through her head..."dying," while she was on morphine.

Another woman, named Rita Singh, came along, resembling Lee-Anne greatly in looks, people thought, this time that's really her. She took advantage of the men, being hostage. She managed, to sell 8 trillion dollars worth of companies, for millions to her family, and friends, using Lee-Anne's name, and building a reputation, as being a complete idiot. When it came to business sales, she wasn't smart. These belonged, to one of the hostages. 67 companies had depleted to eight. In a matter of five years. No one knew where the money, or anything went. Once again, Lee-Anne looked like the thief. A woman named Lisa Wong, claimed she owned Hitachi, and that she paid a million dollars, for the purchase, of this zillion dollar company. Lisa worked in the courthouse. She married one of the hostages, unconcentually, and changed his name to Wong, her name. Enabling her, to clean out trillions of the man's wealth. Her brother would unconsentually, marry Lee-Anne, and jumped on, the money thieving bandwagon. Leaving Lee-Anne, with nothing but a disability cheque, she recieved for a severaly broken wrist. Her last name was now Wong, as well. Thier lies told a tale, of the two men's money, belonging to thier families. It was another lie. No where, were the two men to be found, in six years. Until one was found dead, on a park bench in Chinatown. Lee-Anne speculated, if this was Lynn Archibald, one of the manufacturers of her products, her good associate, and friend.

The internet, now had the earth's worst hack in Canada, if you needed a hit man, or wanted to hack the patent office, or erase your criminal record. This was the hack to have. Unfortunately, it enabled eighteen women to hold Lee-Anne electronically hostage, once more. Being everyone, on the phone that she called, to find out information, and see what she knew.

Lee-Anne, went to the bank frequently, asking for her accounts, that all had Diannes name, in front of hers. Many of the women, were asked to come along, with the thieves, and add thier name to Lee-Anne's, on the bank accounts, that previously belonged, to the real inventor. The banks played stupid, and assumed that all these women, had a name, similar to Lee-Anne's. Lee-Anne was asked to leave the banks, and finally realized, that her old earnings were gone. She wrote story books, in her free time now, being free from needles for two years. She told an associate, that knew the thieving women, to send a message. The message was " I forgive the money but I don't forgive you". She decided, that she had looked for her hard earned billions, for long enough, and that she had a talent. Inventing, was her money maker and writing short stories, children stories, songs, and poems were her favorite thing, to do. If, she could make money before, she could do it again. Lee-Anne asked herself "what would Jesus do", and put the word out, to the women and now, men, that used the name "Lee" from her name. They had lied and conspired, and stole, they didn't have to do these horrible acts, anymore. They could do sales, in her new invention company, or charity work, there were many job openings, for people in the company. If she could turn around, some of these thieves, that spied on her, into reputable citizens, she would. Many people offered, to patent, and prototype, for a return, on thier time and money, and stopped stealing from her, and now the bank. The banks now had a hack, that would put them all in the hole, a zillion dollars. These were not Mickey mouse criminals, these were a well organized, band of thieves, that were professional fraudsters. The banks couldn't win, how could she, against them?

She now had her life back, her new invention company, was thriving. Her associates had patented, and prototyped 157, new products. She imagined all of them, often, taking up to two weeks to perfect a magnetic levitation device or other things in her head. Four and a half years later, all the product, came to fruit. The investors to her company, didn't have to steal, this was the invention industry, and it was full of money. She and the contributors of patents, and protypes, for her inventions now, had over two and a half trillion to share. Lee-Anne's take would be 25% of her inventions, 75% would go to the invention team, with a profit share and everything. There was even a surplus, the company "New Product Solutions with Lee-Anne" would pay the gst( government sales tax). The 157 products, had paid off.

Manufacturers, came out of the woodwork, and all of her new products, had been sold. She asked for agreements, for 10% total sales, and got the manufacturers agreements, she had wanted this for herself, and her companies contributors.

Life was good, until another woman came along, and changed her copyrights, into her own name. A name that was a derivative of Lee-Anne's real name. Rumours went around that this little girl, who's real name was Jessica held the editor/copyrighter hostage, and made him put all of Lee-Anne's copyrights in Jessica's name. He had copyrighted for Lee-Anne for years. Songs, storybooks, poems were all destroyed, by this 33 year old terrorist. All the copyrights, that protected her products, were compromised. Of course, she had, what I will explain later to you, a Time Keeper, to hold him hostage with.

Lee-Anne won the Pulitzer prize, two years in a row for her children's stories, she wrote. A children's story book, had won, two years in a row. The stories, were now published, in a phoney authors name, instead of her own. The middle name on her books "The Giant and the Witch's Plan for Toes" was now "Lenaae" instead of her middle name "Lenore." The same with the children's book " Clifford Lizardsons marriage" or Plan for Marriage. Lee-Anne, was not happy again. The names were overlooked, no one noticed the O and R, were now an A and E, in her middle name Lenore. Pulitzer prize contract was given to the thief, for publishing, and twenty thousand, approximated dollars a month, were not hers or her editors, like deserved. The thief, even had the nerve to go on Sesame Street, to promote her books, that weren't even really hers. Lee-Anne had sold the story books, for a 69 Mustang, and an old Charger, in 2017, to her editor. Neither, of the cars came to Lee-Anne, they went to another identity thief, that used her name in the past, she drove them with pride, phoney all the way. Lee-Anne often threw temper tantrums, by herself, and with others. Sometimes, feeling like the stress, had caused her bouts of turrets, swearing uncontrollably at no one, hating these women, more and more each day, had become an obsession. Also, someone was putting feces down her throat, and raping her on a regular basis, knocking her out with a device, the Satanists call a time keeper, it's ability to render you unconscious, for up to three minutes. It was like blinking, not a feeling of being drugged at all. Her personality, slowly became more and more, sour. This wasn't all though, the Nobel prize, would take an interest in her invention work, and also give her a prize, in thier organization. She would win a Nobel prize, for excellence in her department. Inventing, was her bread and butter. Another woman heard of the money, it would earn, and turned all of Lee-Anne's patents, into the year before Lee-Anne's real birthday, 1968 were written on the patents now, instead of 1969. Just in time for Lee-Anne's excellency, in her invention department, to be given to another ignorant, greedy identity thief. The thief tried to change her name into Lee-Anne's, and was rejected. Lee-Anne wondered how on earth, you change your birthday, it seemed to be easy, for these women's persona, to have birthdate changes. Life became very dull, and listlessness, overcame Lee-Anne. Many days, she spent dreaming of taking an axe, to the identity thieves heads, and then she would have no more problems, with her credit being stolen. She was now, a two time Pulitzer prize winner for her writing talent, with 0 credit. Her Nobel prize, when hearing of it, became the best day of her life. The let down, about her identity thief getting her credit, was too much. Canadian imperial Bank of Commerce, gave an "Inventor of the year award" to her identity thief, as well. She actually had the nerve to accept the 100,000 dollars. She wondered, how these women, could look in the mirror, and often yelled that Pulitzer prizes, and Nobel prizes were not a fraudsters prizes, she would get even someday, she knew this.

Six years, she had clean from needles now, and a two trillion dollar enterprise, of inventions. With not a pot to pee in. She smoldered. Four and a half years of work had just gone to ANOTHER fraudulent witch. 157 inventions and 25 video game themes, some inventions in her portfolio, would be revolutionizing entertainment, in people homes and everything. Hollagram entertainment, was born of Lee-Anne's mind, along with a hollagram camera, video camera, clock, and alarm clock. These were good inventions. This new woman Jessebe, would take Lee-Anne's cake this time. A well organized conspiracy, and well rounded out, international thieft ring would appear. These are the same groups, that destroyed Micheal Jackson, in his extortion problem. Well known Bill Cosby, and many other wealthy people had fallen victim, to this ring of organized crime. Satanists, always being the people, on the forefront, holding hostages, in walls and feeding all of us, they took from, feces. This being a ritual, from thier Bible, that enabled them, to portray the "innocent one as indeed the vile one." Swearing, and violence, are a product, of being poisoned this way.

They got it all again, the prizes, her money, and her reputation, of being a creative artist, thrown away by a band of international thieves. They were all on thier way to Sweden, to shut the banks down over there, the same way they did in Canada. Off with her money, the prize money, and the promise of some new pickens in Sweden. There take, now over 58 trillion dollars. Lee-Anne will never forgive again, revenge, is her only thoughts these days. Her money will come back. She knows it will, they now have no choice. The women that impersonate her, and take he'd credit, truly are pathetic. Needing, and using someone else's credit, and work, to look smart is a deadly game. Her family will never suffer again, either will she. Don't ever play it with her again. Is she really smart? No, she's creative. Creativity is her genius. Her products, stories, songs, and poems, she made them all up.

March 04, 2022 21:59

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