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Wow, I finally did it, published a book. Well it is more of a novelette, but yet still a book. Like many people, my childhood was full of amazing tales of the imagination, I would daydream for hours about all the possibilities the future holds, sometimes I would write it down, but most of the time I stored it away in my memory. All the dreams of being Discovered, fame, fortune and terror, all the what would I do if I …… met an alien…….married a prince…..had millions of dollars……the dreams were endless. Then life happened, as I grew, I took the usual safe path, college, work and settled for normal or as I wrote in a poem, at age 13, called Changing Eyes  “As life began I saw a world of smiles and fun and toys: through child’s eyes I saw a world of love and trust and joys, through these eyes I knew there was a world waiting there for me. I knew that by looking hard enough, then I would surely see. Then reality took it’s toll of all the faith within my soul. I now disbelieve in love and trust and believe in hate and lies, for now I’ve seen a brand-new world, through my changing eyes.”  This poem always stayed in my memory and came back to me many times. Anyway, I of course grew up, had several degree’s, got married, had a son, life was good, I was incredibly happy.  Then one week at work as a Reflexologist, all my clients were elderly women, this was not unusual, but what happened that week was, and it is what inspired my book. My first client was reclined and comfortable, wrapped warmly in a blanket, I uncovered her foot and as I started to massage, she began to cry, I stopped immediately and asked if I was pushing to hard?                          (reflexology isn’t supposed to be painful) I gave her some tissues and she explained it wasn’t me it was her life, she was full of regrets. This was a rather unexpected situation in this job, I would have expected this behaviour in previous jobs as a counsellor, but here during a relaxation treatment it had never happened before, and even more surprisingly it happened with every client that week. Each of them had a tale to tell of how they regretted parts of their lives, some for staying single, some for getting married, some for marrying the wrong man, for having children, not having children, having too many children, not enough children, deaths of husbands and children without proper goodbyes. Regardless of the woman and her regrets they all strangely said the same thing at the end – Hindsight is 20-20. And several of them gave advice as to not make the same mistakes they made and to follow my heart. The other similarity was, I asked each of them that if it were possible to go back, what would they change?  surprisingly, they all said “Nothing” because that would erase the few good parts of their life too, and they would not risk that.

Well after such a week, I started asking my friends about their regrets, and I sought out my mother and her friends to see if they felt as my clients had. Majority of the people I spoke to said “Yes” and would go into tales from their past when they made the right and wrong choices. There were a lot of comments like “If I knew then what I know now, I would have made a different choice”    This month long event lead me to write my book called “No Regrets” it is set in the future, the book cover says this :

ASK YOURSELVES, have you lived the life you thought you would, with NO REGRETS.

What if you could see your FUTURE, would it have changed your past?

In the future where time travel exists, the government has little idea what to do with it. BUT Dr. Telsa Marks does and takes it one step farther. She spent her life developing a system called VIRTUAL LIFE VIEW. (V.L.V)  Not only does it show you your future for 10 years, but it shows how life plays out in 3 separate parallels from the one PIVITOL CHOICE that altered your life's path.  You may now SEE, FEEL and CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY, avoiding any REGRETS

Destiny is yours’s to choose, What can you gain, What could you lose?

McKenna Creed is at the age of V.L.V where she gets to see her future choices for a partner. 3 separate men, all with different personalities and lifestyles. All with a different amount of happiness.

Will you agree with her choice? would you make the same one? Do you regret the life you are living now?

They say Hindsight is 20/20 –

So that’s how I came up with the story. Then I worked on it a bit, I even wrote it in movie script form, because that is my next dream. Anyhow, I researched and found a self publishing company and proceeded to get it published. I should mention that I wrote it in an easy to read English, so that teens would enjoy it also, and hopefully give them a different perspective about making hasty decisions that effect their entire future. I was extremely proud and happy with my accomplishment and was sure I wouldn’t regret it. One thing most people don’t talk about is the AFTER it is published. I was so happy to share the book and get reviews – good or bad – I could handle, silence is what got me, why didn’t they comment? Did they hate it? Are they afraid to tell me it sucks? I can handle dislike, after all, the genre may not suit everyone, but please SAY SOMETHING.   I drove myself crazy for months, checking my emails, my website, very few reviews came in, but they were good. Now I have enlarged my review circle, outside of friends, to actual book reviewer, so I am back to checking my emails, waiting to see who will read it and give a review. I also started the sequel.  It has been an interesting process, and it felt great to be creative again. I never realized how much I missed writing. If you have any desire to publish something, I say GO FOR IT. Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you. Every mind, every life has a story, so tell it.  All in all, I would say that the journey was worth it, even the silence, I will probably do it again. I have No Regrets.

June 17, 2020 20:15

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