I can't stand you anymore

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It will be no exaggeration to say that the neighbor is nearer than God. In other words, the neighbor helps the man when he is in difficulty, shares the joys and the sorrows, and takes active interest in the household affairs and is also prepared to help whenever it is needed. Neighbors can make life hell, or heaven by their actions. That is why the old adage says that one should select the neighbor first and then the house. A bad neighbor might be a source of continual trouble, this is the life of Logan and Faye.

Here is Mr. Colleen, trying to sleep. He has an important meeting tomorrow, he has to present his project. He could have been asleep from a few hours ago but his lovely neighbor Faye Peterson threw a party. It was loud! The bass was too high that you could feel the thumping in your chest.

" This woman!" He sighed and got off the bed, took his phone and called the cops, complaining about the noise.

Within a minute, the cops came and stopped the party. Faye got out, talking with the cops and trying to convince them to not stop her party but the cops didn't listen to her and made everyone leave and gave her a fine. Logan was watching from his window, smiling smugly as he was taking some hits from his cigarette.

" Thank you, officer!" He yelled

" Always!" The cops walked to their car and left

" I should have known it's you, Colleen!"

" You should have listened to my warning this morning. Have a sweet dream, Peterson." He smirked at her and closed his window, going to sleep peacefully

" Colleen!" Faye seethed and walked into her house, thinking about how she will take her revenge from him

The next morning, Faye was washing her car which was parked behind Logan's car. He got out in a hurry as he was going to be late to his meeting. He noticed her but carried on his way to his car without uttering a word to her. He didn't want to make his morning worse by arguing with her. She looked at him rushing to his car and didn't appreciate that he didn't say good morning politely so she grabbed the bucket of water and splashed it on him. He gasped as the cold water hit his body and showered him from head to toes. He snapped his head at her and she smiled innocently," Good morning, Logan!" Her tone was filled with enjoyment.

" When someone sees your face, he should return to sleep." He said angrily

" Shame on you, Logan, this is your way to say thank you for giving you a quick shower?"

" There's no point of talking to you, I have a meeting to attend." He got in his car and drove to his work, still wearing his wet suit. He presented his project after apologizing for being late. He was happy that they were understanding and liked his idea even though he got a promotion.

Faye pulled over and got out of her car, carrying her laptop and her Gucci bag. Heading to her house, She met a big husky dog. Her legs trembled, her hands got sweaty and her throat went dry. She felt like running for her dear life. Like the dog, like his owner, I hate them. She thought

" Shit! Logan Colleen, come take your monster away." She yelled

" Monster? Sorry I can't."

The dog barked at her. She yelped

" Many times I told you to not let your dog play around."

" Rex, come buddy." He smirked and took his dog

" Idiot!" She whispered and went into her house

She called her kitty." Coco!" And when it didn't came to see her, she got worried and started looking for her cat, then the realization hit her

" That monster!"

She ran to Logan's house and pounded on his door aggressively. He took a deep breath and opened the door while she was in mid knock. She was momentarily thrown off balance but caught herself.

" What now?"

" Your dog made Caramel run away, if something happened to my cat. I will sue you."

He laughed. " I don't care, and you need to get off my property." He closed the door and left her there boiling with frustration.

She searched for her cat everywhere and found her on a tree.

One day, Faye was walking back home after a night out with her friends. She was a bit drunk and her car broke down on the way home. She finally reached the neighborhood. The girl was happy as her legs could not stand walking anymore. Suddenly she heard some drunk men hooting at her and calling her with nasty names. She tried to scurry away but one of them held her by her upper arm harshly.

" Come here who*e. Let's have fun."

The others laughed, she wiggled her hands and tried to push him away to be held by another one. She cried," Let go of me! ah."

They were dragging her away as she was yelling and sobbing. She couldn't do anything to stop them, they were many and much stronger. She was petrified.

She could feel her palms and feet getting really sweaty as her mouth went dry. Her hands, legs and even her breathes were shaky. Her fear was awfully clouding her mind. Her heartbeat just got insane.

the sound of the waves of her heartbeats got so fast, so rapid that she could feel it reaching her throat increasingly. If she was complaining about her mind clouded with dread, the other minute it went blank.

A dog jumped on one of them, he fell to the ground as Logan punched the other one who hissed in return and stood up to run away. Rex barked at them as Logan said, " I called the cops, they are coming in a few seconds."

All of them fled.

" Are you okay?" Logan asked her

She looked at him with her teary eyes holding gratitude. " I am, thank you."

" It's all gone, let's go home."

She nodded. He took her to her house. She thanked him for the last time and got inside.

Three days later, Logan didn't appear. Faye looked at his house as she was watering her plants.

" Why am I even worried? He goes to hell, I don't care."

She threw the pipe and closed the water, then went to his house, knocked on the door, but no response

" Logan?" She knocked again

He opened the door, coughing. She was shocked with his pale face which was a cue that he is not fine. " What did I do this time?" He asked weakly

" Nothing, you are coughing so bad, did you see a doctor?"

" No, and now leave." He said and suddenly he lost his balance and was about to fall on the ground but Faye caught him and supported him to stand

" You are not fine, let's take you to rest." She said as she slammed the door shut with her leg and walked him to the living room.

She helped him to lay on the couch and threw a blanket on his shaking body. The young woman checked his forehead. It was so warm

" You have a fever! Oh my goodness! I'm calling a doctor."

He nodded. The doctor came within a minute, he examined him and prescribed some medicines. Faye drove to the pharmacy and bought them then went back to his house. She gave him a pill for fever then put a wet towel on his forehead.

" I'll make you a chicken soup." She told him as she stood up to head to the kitchen, he held her hand. " I'll be okay. Don't bother yourself."

" I want to bother myself, thank you."

She made the soup and helped him to have it.

" Shosho! Open for the train." She scoffed as she traced the spoon to his mouth

He chuckled. " I can feed myself."

" Come on!"

He opened his mouth and he took it in. The food tasted heavenly but he didn't admit it and took the bowl from her hand and carried on, having it.

She looked around and found Rex sitting sadly, looking at his owner.

She gathered her courage and walked to the dog, caressing his fur.

" He will be fine. Let's feed you."

She went to the kitchen, filled the dog's plate with food and gave it to Rex.

He barked, thankful and started eating it.

She went to her house and took Caramel to stay with her. She never let the dog approach her kitty.

At night, she was staying by his side as he was sweating and yelling due to fever. She wiped his face and neck with the towel. Then she woke him up

" Logan, you have to change your T-shirt, it's wet with sweat."

He nodded and sat up." Go to my room and get another t-shirt please."

She smiled, and did as she was told, then she came back. The young woman was shocked and in awe of the sight of him shirtless, wiping his muscles off to cool his body... It was breathtaking for her.

" Faye!" This was enough to bring her back to reality

" Yeah?"

" The t-shirt, please."

" Yeah, sure." She handed it to him as he smirked at her

" Stop with that smirk and lay back." She said as her cheeks turned red

Logan woke up at 3 am to be faced by Faye sleeping on the chair holding the thermometer in her hand. He smiled at her. He was grateful. The girl took care of him the whole night. He checked his fever and it was gone. Since three days ago, this fever hasn't gone down but look, the care can change everything. He left the couch and lifted up his neighbor and took her to his room and put her on his bed, covering her body with a blanket. She deserves some peaceful sleep.

The next day, Logan woke up feeling a lot better. He fed the two animals, then took his dog and went on a run around the neighborhood. He got some groceries on the way home and made breakfast.

Faye woke up as the nice scent hit all her senses. She found herself in his bed, and got confused, but shrugged it off and went to the bathroom freshen up, then walked downstairs where she found a king sized breakfast sitting on the table in front of her.

" Good morning." The men said politely

She smiled and wished him back. He took her hand and led her to her seat. She giggled. It's so odd to have him this gentle. He sat in his seat and they had their breakfast together.

Even with this kind attitude, these two still couldn't stand each other. They fought about the smallest things and made a debate about the silliest stuff. Fighting over the parking lot, the dog pooped in her garden, The cat sleeping under his car.

Last fight, Logan went to Faye's house to complain about her wrong way of cutting the grass, apparently it was wrong.

" What's wrong with my way, huh?" She asked

" You don't cut it for an appropriate length. You are ruining the appearance of our neighborhood."

" And what's the appropriate length according to you?"

" 0.5 cm."

" Ohh so I should cut the grass and check the length with a ruler, right?" She scoffed

" It's your problem."

" So flatter yourself, I won't listen to your shit, and get off my property."

" You don't understand like usual!" He said, shaking his head

" Because you are not reasonable like usual." She retorted

" I can't live with you anymore... You are so difficult."

" Like you aren't? Always fighting about everything, even about breathing next to you." She pointed her finger on his chest several times.

" Do you want to hole my body? And do you want to know why I don't want you to breathe next to me?" He asked in his deep sexy tone, approaching her making no space for ant to step between them

" And what is it?" She said rebelliously, trying to not fall down for it

" Your breathing suffocates me." He whispered

She tried to fight him and stepped back. He slid my arm around her waist, pulled her closer, so close he could hear her heart hammering in her chest the same quickness beat like his.

" I can't stand you anymore." He said looking right in her eyes

" It's mutual." She said back

They were staring at each other, searching refuge in each other's eyes but it was like a maze with no escape but to give in.

He slipped his other hand on the back of her neck and grabbed it closer as she parted her lips and brushed their mouth on each other lightly, sucking and kissing passionately. taking the kiss further and deeper, He lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around his hips and they got into the house.

After a year of dating, they decided to move in together.

They went to check an apartment on the 10th floor. It was a cozy place, it was not too big, about 90 to 100 square meters, with 2 bedrooms and 2 balconies. The apartment overlooked a bridge, and it was located.

" So how is it babe?" Logan asked

" This size is perfect for me when it comes to cleaning the house, you would not feel discouraged by all the chores we have to do." She said honestly

" I liked the view too and the location."

" It is probably more convenient to buy this condo."

" I guess so."

" So do you make up your minds?"

" Just give us a couple of days to give you our final decision."

" Have your time."

They bought a condo in a building complex, the same apartment they visited before. Faye, as a person who loves color and nature, decorated the house with lots of paintings and plants. Logan made a hanging garden in one of the balconies and put small chairs and tables out, so they could sit there and enjoy the small garden together. They used yellow -tinted bulbs and lamps all over the apartment to make it cozier. Finally, they bought some furniture and settled in happily.

Few months later, Faye and Logan got married. Those neighbors fall in love and become a peaceful home for each other. They thought it was hell at first, and they couldn't stand being around each other, but it turned to heaven. They finally found out what made them stick together, Love.

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Tony Coppo
08:33 Jun 05, 2022

Beautifully lovely written. Enjoyed reading it!


Chayma Chouchen
14:31 Jun 05, 2022

Aw thank you this was so nice of you 😍


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Lili Hugo
22:30 Jun 04, 2022

Fluffy story. I enjoyed reading it


Chayma Chouchen
22:31 Jun 04, 2022

Thank you ☺️


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Hello Hey
22:24 Jun 04, 2022

I liked your English and the way you write the stuff. It was awesome


Chayma Chouchen
22:31 Jun 04, 2022

Aw, glad you like it


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Ben Darwen
22:19 Jun 04, 2022

So lovely... Interesting and cute


Chayma Chouchen
22:32 Jun 04, 2022

I appreciate your comment


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Rania Hadj Saad
22:10 Jun 04, 2022

It's nice. Oh i loved the introduction. Also it's fun to read and engaging.


Chayma Chouchen
22:32 Jun 04, 2022

Thanks cutie, I appreciate you comment 🌹


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Rania Hadj Saad
22:10 Jun 04, 2022

It's nice. Oh i loved the introduction. Also it's fun to read and engaging.


Chayma Chouchen
00:14 Jun 05, 2022



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Dalida Johnson
21:51 Jun 04, 2022

You nailed it! I loved how their relationship developped. So cute and funny 😍


Chayma Chouchen
22:33 Jun 04, 2022

Loved that 😍🌹


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Nathalia Lina
19:58 Jun 04, 2022

Wow, I liked how you created the bond between them. They couldn't stand their feelings towards each other. I love it


Chayma Chouchen
22:33 Jun 04, 2022

Thank you for commenting 😍


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