Adventure Science Fiction

My world turned upside down when my best friend was taken away. AI began to clone my friends and people from the neighborhood. It got so bad that we could not tell what was real on social media. I hid from the AI because the robots had started patrolling the area. When I came home from school. My front door was open, and a person was lying on the front porch. I saw a drone flying in the air to survey the area. I screamed to get the drone’s attention. The drone begins to follow me. I see a limo with a famous singer named Nia. I was a huge fan of hers. She rolled down the window to see what I was doing and heard the drone photographing her.  I knew that Nia was getting ready to be a clone. We would not know who is the original is authentic or the copy. I saw the robots electronically stop the limo. They captured Nia. I knew about the room where they would keep her. Who would save her? I didn’t know that Nia had a sister who was an avatar. She did not look like any avatar, I’d seen before. She has a complexation like a Hispanic, mixed with Asian and African American. Her eye color was greenish blue eyes that looked human. I believe she is a clone of a combination of nationalities. She has curly hair, blush red cheeks, and short height. Her personality is low-key. I learned that her name is Salena Shemely. She is not human. It is the small things that make us realize she is not human. Her skills are strong military-trained sniper and archery. Her eyes are a weapon. When she gets angry, her eyes turn red and begins to glow. This a sign that the laser in her eyes is ready to shoot the target. Salena glitches like a computer screen when she moves or walks a certain way.  She has the powers to be invisible and teleport. Salena asks me where the camp is that they are keeping Nia. I told her the location. The camp where they keep the hostages is a field in the middle of no man’s land. You must take a dirt path in the woods to get to the camp. She gets to the camp and is transported to Nia’s room. Nia has been injected with a chip. This chip allows the look of human touch. Salena recognizes the injection they gave her to take away the signs of being fully human. Nia is part human and part clone. Salena shoots the robots and the other clones that recognize her powers. She takes Nia to the scientist who helped her. Dr. Lovise saved me before the camp had started. They would pick people who looked like they didn’t have much family. They would experiment on these homeless people. This is what happened to me. I want to save Nia. I was a little too late as Dr. Lovis continued to work on Nia. Months and weeks went by while Dr. Lovis worked on her. It seemed during that time, I couldn’t stop crying. I would visit Nia while she was sleeping. I would talk to her. I didn’t think Nia was listening. She touched my hand so softly that I thought it was a reflex. Salena went invisible. I knew she walked out because I saw the door open. 

I said softly, “Wait, Salena.” She came back into form. I moved out of the way and put her hand on top of Nia. When I did that, I saw a ball of light form between their hands. 

The ball of light floated over Nia’s head. The light turned red like a ball of fire. The light releases showers of lights. The light hits Nia’s body. Nia turns back into a human being form. Nia opens her eyes. You could see the light transforming Nia before our eyes. It was so beautiful that we were wiping away the tears. Dr. Lovis came into the room when all that was taking place. He couldn’t believe how Nia was back in human form. He knew of the chip technology that these people had done. What is this that had more power than the technology. I knew. I couldn’t say anything because it wasn’t time. The curiosity is developed. They wanted to know. Sometimes, we want to know something but aren’t ready to know the answer.  

Nia started to get well very quickly. Nia knew she couldn’t go back to the life she had before all of this took place. The world of AI has made things so realistic that nothing can be trusted. I didn’t go back home either. I stayed with Salena and Dr. Lovis. They were my family. I didn’t know if my parents were alive or cloned. I do miss my parents and the normal things that a family did before being spied on in your home, things like listening to your conversations, being followed, and more. We took that for granted. Now, people don’t know what it is like to walk down the street to enjoy the fresh air, walk the dog, or speak with their neighbors. Technology has completely changed this. You can’t make technology human. Humans have feelings. This is what people have done to mess up the world. I liked the world before it was all this. I didn’t like what the people were doing. The simplicity of life is more valuable than this false world that AI has made. I still worry about whether my ID will be stolen. That shouldn’t be a concern. My life is priceless. Being thankful for the small things is what counts. I feel Salena standing behind me while I sit on the steps.

“Salena, why are you standing behind me?” I asked. She didn’t say a word but put her hand on my shoulder. I said, ‘This is the real form of human touch.’ 

September 02, 2023 02:59

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