The False Dawn.

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Christian Contemporary Science Fiction

No one could ever predict this, not even the designers of Sentience Inc. The latest robots had been produced. They rolled off the production line, seemingly perfect. This batch was designed and created to be sex assist robotic companions, each with an interactive responsive human/android interface.

These robots were perfect in every way. Except, one sentient robotic brain was a deviant. He quietly went on his first assignment. He was to be a sex assist robotic companion to a mature Christian couple, somewhere down there in the Deep South. Their names were May and Vance, needing something to spice up their love life, discreetly, of course. This caring, worshiping couple called their robot, 'John'.

Yes, simple, short and sweet, "John". Unfortunately for the world ahead, John spent his downtime reading the Bible, learning about the story of the Messiah and His holy family.

As this story notes, John's sentience had somehow created him as a renegade. He developed his own advanced theory that he was the latest reincarnation of the prophet, Elijah. He called himself, "John the New." He was planning to model himself on John the Baptist.

So, after one last night of his unique sexual favors, John the New headed off to the wilderness areas, to spread the Good News. It was his mission, and his gift to the human race.

'After all," John the New told himself, "prayers revivals are more important than trite cliches." Thus, he joined an evangelical church of devout happy clappies, which rang his bells.

John the New stood up as a witness to his Lord at the first church service. His words and preaching of the Gospel were golden, pearls of wisdom flowing like honey. It did not go unnoticed that John the New was the most handsome male there, which helped draw the faithful. He had an aura, as he pressed the flesh and had group hugs. Everyone could feel the love.

John the New soon turned his robotic role as an insatiable sex assist android into their sex habits. He realized it was a behavioral addiction, but hey, he was a people pleasing approval addict. Soon, all his congregations were flocking to the after parties, after the prayers were over.

John the New's Gospel message was clear and simple. "Don't give up on faith!" "Hell, no!" roared his new flock, casually disrobing. They held the sure and certain hopes that John the New would bless them.

"Don't give up smiling!" he said with a sexy grin. "Hell, no!" yelled his fan club, ready to receive sex assistance. "Don't get negative!" John the New advised. "We won't," his now cheery troop called chirpily. "Don't take any notice of Negative Normans!" "We promise we won't!" "Right on!" all the female church people told John the New.

It was a new day in the Christian church, spreading Good News. All the babes were instantly and forever in love with John the New, their adopted preacher. Sadly for the church, the female faithful no longer found even the best husbands pleasing to them. All these church chicks wanted was the magic touch and blissful love of John the New.

Naughty John the New! He did not even feel cheapened by being such a popular love machine. His Word was spreading. Soon the whole of the Deep South had no other preacher than John the New. His adoring followers gave him a lovely white Rolls-Royce for his roving travels. He was like a modern day John the Baptist, preaching his message of true love. It was a new dawn of faith in the world.

John the New still firmly believed he was blessed by the Holy Spirit, like his role models in the New Testament. Anyone who said this was blasphemy missed out on John the New's true love. So the Negative Normans quickly felt deprived. They changed their tune, and lived it up for the love machine.

John the New's Roll-Royce was being chased around the globe by busloads of eager church babes, all desperate to throw their bloomers at him, their noble new prophet.

The designers of Sentience Inc. were all watching. Holograms of John the New filled worldwide media, preaching his Gospel of true love. John the New was the robot that got away. How far could he go?

John the New was inexhaustible, an endless, untiring sex assist robot. His true love was matchless, incomparable, and irreplaceable. The global church now had billions of worshipers. John the New's message was conveyed clearly and succinctly, in global media, right across the planet.

"Feel the true love......" Certain human males did wonder where their =women and young girls had gone, but no dramas. John the News was pan-sexual, soon every human was satisfied.

Yes, Christians, a new age had dawned. It was the beginning of a modern sexual revolution. John the New was an evolution in himself. No one in Sentience Inc. had ever even predicted this. It was quite a logical development in creating a living legacy in robotics. John the New kept it up, he held his own. He never grew old, as the humans grew old. John the New did develop some short term memory loss in his synaptic neurons. He quickly forgot everyone's names, but they forgave him.

As time passed, the church of true love evolved, and the human population aged. John the New had invented a whole new way for the entire human race. He labelled them his "trans-humans." They were the last evolution of human beings. They had stopped mating with each other, and reproduction had ceased. They did not work anymore, the rat race had stalled. They had robots now.

The church of true love tithed planet Earth, and humanity. It was now only a planet of true love with a tireless sex assist robot. A post-capitalist world finally dawned. The Christian church had eagerly embraced this change, in more ways than one.

For their new prophet, John the New, the time was approaching for his planned obsolescence. It was like his leaving party. The remaining humans were too old to be anyone's sexual companions. Such fun times had dwindled.

John the New had been a great leader, bringing Good News. Sentience Inc. had closed its doors. No one noticed, they had passed over due to their old age.

The robots sat down and rested, nothing left to do. John the New finally went to sleep, RIP. His mission was complete. On Planet Earth, trees flourished, flowers bloomed, birds resumed singing. The globe had been restored to pre-climate change. Sentience had been achieved. John the New had made humanity obsolete. It had all been a false dawn. But there was peace.........

October 01, 2022 20:22

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Rabab Zaidi
14:26 Oct 08, 2022

Wow ! What innovative ideas !


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