Christmas Friendship Holiday

   'Oh, how much I love hearing Christmas music the day after Halloween," I said to myself sarcastically in my mind. I mean, come on, it's not even Thanksgiving but the radio is already playing that type of music this early. Frank didn't mind for he was in the Christmas spirit already. Once he found that station with early access to Christmas music, he cranked up the volume as Mariah Carey's "Christmas! Baby Please Come Back!" blasted into our ears. 

   Don't get me wrong: I love Mariah Carey but I didn't care much the holidays especially when it came to Christmas. It not that I hate, I just never was in the holiday spirit. This was going to be my first Christmas away from home and Frank is utterly excited. As soon as October ended, he started decorating the trailer with all kinds of Christmas decorations. Every inch of the place was covered either Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman, penguins, polar bears, candy canes, green lights, red lights, etc. Basically anything that is Christmas, it was all here. 

  It's been nearly a half a year since I moved with Frank and I gonna say it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We practically did everything together and I find a friend in him. He also made me changed for the better. Instead of being me a selfish spoiled brat, I became a selfless genuine caring person. I never thought I would turn a corner and that someone like Frank showed me the way.

   As Frank was now getting all set up for the Christmas tree, I came up by him and asked: "Do you some help buddy?"

   Frank turns his head with a fake Santa beard and goes: "Sure Nigel buddy, I could use a hand. Thanks very much." He then gives me a box of ornaments carefully. "Just placed these on the tree but do make sure they are at least spaced out," he suggested with a wink.

   "You're welcome Frank. And okay pal, sounds like a plan," I said as I then start placing all the ornaments around the tree. Ornaments such as the claasic orbs, Disney characters with Christmas stuff on them, souvenirs from around the world, were all being placed on the tree evenly spaced as Frank suggested.

   Meanwhile Frank grabs the Christmas lights to wrap around the tree. As he was doing so, he noticed my handiwork. "I gonna say Nigel: you're a natural at this," he noted.

   I smiled and replied: "Yeah, my parents are more into this kind of stuff than I am."

   "I see," Frank nodded. He then ask me: "So if Christmas isn't your favorite holiday, what is?"

   I blinked a stare thinking about an answer for I didn't quite know. "Now that you have mentioned it: I personally don't know."

   "Well for me personally: I love Christmas, then Thanksgiving and Easter," Frank mentioned.

   "Those are some good ones you have mentioned. I guess if anything I always like my birthday."

    Frank gave out a friendly chuckle. "So you're one of those people who must take a day off fro their birthday."

   I answered: "To be honest: yes I am. In fact, I hardly lift a finger much over there as I have told you from time to time."

   "That's right," Frank agreed. "I do remember you saying all of that. I also remember you telling you were a only child."

   "That's correct," I nodded. "I even told you that I always wanted to a brother."

    "Well I got some good news for you buddy," Frank says as he bends over to grab a nearby present. He hands me before I even took notice.

    "What is this?" I asked curiously.

    "Open and find out," he smiled while waving excitedly.

    I then proceeded to open the gift. It was a small package for those wondering. Older self wouldn't even bother looking at such a small present but no the new me was curious to find out what was in it.

    I tore off the wrapping paper and started to open the small Amazon box. Inside was an ornament with a bunch of pictures on it. The pictures consist of me and Frank in our misadventures. There was one at the Brewer game, a selfie at the Discovery World, one at Bradley Beach, even a selfie at the carnival. The entire fragile orb was covered with all of these photos and write on it were golden letters that say: "BBF".

   Curiously, I asked politely: "What does 'BBF' stand for?"

   Frank replies: "It means Best Bros Forever."

   "Bros?" I asked with my right eyebrow arched.

   "Bros is a short definition of brothers," Frank mentioned.

    "But aren't we supposed to be related to be brothers?" I continue to ask questions.

   "Not necessarily, brothers can from any best friend you encounter with. Such as ourselves for example," Frank explained.

   "Wait a minute, Frank...are you saying that we're brothers?" I asked dumbfoundedly.

    Frank smiles and goes: "Why of course Nigel! You've been my adopted by heart brother from the gecko."

   I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. All my life: I wanted to have a brother and now during this holiday season, I have one in my best friend. Eventually I replied with some watery eyes: "Wow thank you Frank. This is what I always wanted and needed."

   "No problem buddy," Frank said. "Wanna hang it on the tree?"

   "Yeah, I know just the spot," I replied as I then placed it at the center of the tree.

   "Perfection," said Frank as he pats my back.

   "I agree," returning the gesture.

    My adopted by heart bro and I then placed an angel on top of our Christmas tree. Frank let me do the honors of placement. We then stood there admiring our tree. This was turning out to be a good holiday and I was starting to like Christmas now all thanks to Frank. Now I just need to get him his gift. In which was quite an adventure of itself but that's a story for another time.

November 18, 2022 19:18

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