"Killers In Disguise..."

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Inspirational Sad Suspense

To be a killer in disguise

Many may think of the sick thrill

However there is more than one way

Whether you think of crime or a pill

There are many different killers

And they are not all quick

The addiction for love

Can also run deep and thick

An addiction to one feeling

Whether it be adrenaline or crime

Many give in to the temptation

However after,they usually serve their time

Unless you are obsessive,

And think an escape route all the way through

Why would one go so far,

Knowing it is all so new?

Another killer,known as depression

Or the lack of courage and overwhelming grief

Some choose to give in…

Others rely on belief

To ignore intrusive thoughts

Or to embrace a greater fear

I would like to warn you of your courage

You do indeed,have the courage,not to pick up your beer

Many feelings like anger or lust

Can cave in around you,way too fast

They will only eat you alive

If you do not have the strength to last…

Many refuse to work

And start to drive their self to an edge

Because of this,my brother is in rehab

And he is standing on a steep ledge

A killer in disguise

Could fool you almost too well

If you fall in love too quick

You could be dragged into hell

You must try in a relationship

However your partner must also try too

Be very wary to who you trust

And pay attention to every clue

Perhaps abuse is one of the worst…

And by far too cruel

I pray for the victims of this

Please continue,and pull…

Continue to pull the rope in your life

And try to stay strong

You will find someone to stand beside you

Of course,it could take what seems like too long…

Addictions kill

As time allows each one to live on

One day,someone you know has overdosed

And now they are gone…

Perhaps a friend lost by the bottle

Or a cousin by the drug

That very first day without them is too hard…

You just want one more hug...

Killers in disguise

They come in every way

Some can take you suddenly,

While others decide to play

To play with your feelings

Or your pain

They can numb the hurt

And the happiness you gain

However it is ONLY artificial,

It is not real

You have the sweats and strong cravings,

It messes with your every feel

Scattered nerves

And sweaty hands

Your mouth feels awfully dry

And pain runs through your glands

Love is also an addiction

That you must learn to control

You will always want more

Like drinking from an endless bowl

You crave every touch

And every little word

It is an everlasting crutch

And you love calling your little bird

You will want to share your thoughts

And be loud with your voice

If you love them truly

You will always wanna rejoice

If your a criminal

Or someone who has been in jail

Just because you were imprisoned 

Should not mean you deserve to fail

Thank you for doing right

If you have in the past

However if your someone who did too wrong

You may not last...

You know what you did,

I thank you good men for doing what is right

It is people like you

Who seem to keep a bright light

As for the men who do wrong

You know who you are

You will be sent straight to hell

With a permanent scar

Curiosity also kills

If you do not attempt to shut it down

If you decide to do something bad

You come back like a hound

A hound craving the thrill

Or the smell

Perhaps if you have a true friend

They will be willing to yell

Tough love can be hard

But sometimes that is what it will take

Please listen to a true friend,

Especially for your own sake

Addictions do not come and go

They choose a place,and they stay

Many should always be wary

This is their way to play

Even as you read this now

You probably can relate to one

However if you have done too many,

Nothing you can do once the damage is done…

Many will sneak up behind you,

And latch on tight

However they only gain control

Once you lose your sense of what is right

Too many give in

Without fighting strong and hard

Life is only a gamble

If you play with a wild card

You pick up a joker

And decide to get care-free as you play

Sometimes you can not afford to lose

So be careful in every way

Addiction is to never get enough

Of what you already got

You do not care about what you have

Only what can be sought

It is such a strong fix,

To many across the earth

Surely you can relate to one

Of these addictions given birth

What is your fix?

Is it love,or taking a chance?

Perhaps you are one who craves trouble,

Or someone who will just curiously glance?

There is no danger to indulge

Only to overfill your drink

It is vital to have fun,

But you should also stop and think

I hope to get some feedback

Because it can never be too much

To always talk,that is my addiction

And it is a very serious crutch…

I am only sixteen

I would like to believe I understand…

However I know that is not completely true

I have only just roamed this land

I try to observe

And of course mind myself

However I could be very wrong

After all,I am still the height of an elf-

I feel I should be cautious

About how much I should express

But of course sometimes I feel I should talk

I believe the issue needs addressed

So very politely

I would like to spread the word

These addictions take too many lives

That are never seen or heard…

I fear for my brother

Because he will not get his head out of his ass

Perhaps one of these days

He will overdose and pass…

He has not been up to visit in months,

All because of his “Friends” and the meth

He believes in asking only for money

And he struggles with his breath

But of course,there is nothing I can do

It is only his choice

I can not force him

I can only express with words and my voice

So I deliver my point of view

Across situations,the situations that vary

I hope this helps

I would like you all to know,I do not lie..

December 25, 2023 20:27

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1 comment

Vicente Batista
18:35 Feb 21, 2024

Hey, I'm going to be offline for a while, there's a lot going on, I hope you're doing well and enjoyed your break from school and continue being who you really are


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