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Every person has its own secrets, even if they are that kind of secrets that may be funny for the others, or those secrets that you wouldn't tell anybody even if your life would depend on them. I tried to hide my secrets for more than 12 years, because I didn’t want people to judge me for my past and for the things I did when I had no brain. I hate liars, that is why I always tell the truth to everybody. I can’t stand people that lie or even tell the smallest lie or half-truth, even if, in some point, I lied.... 

My name is Jacob Hatson, I am 34 years old. I am a lawyer, and I have my own law office in London, United Kingdom. I don’t have children or a relationship, for me, my career is the most important, and that is what made me one of the best lawyers with the most lawsuits won. I don’t have friends because I don’t have enough time to listen to people’s problems. Time means money! 

My work fellows think that I am addressing all my situations too serious, and I already knew that. All my clients know that I address the situation directly and without any joke. In law things have to be serious or you are going to lose all the law suits.  

My parents are lawyers too, and they wanted me to be a lawyer too. My parents were strict when I was a kid and that made me a strict adult too. 

But everything had to change when I met her

It was a normal day at my office. I was waiting for my new client. This time, I hadn’t got her documents, and I couldn’t get any idea of what she did or how she is like. After almost ten minutes a woman entered my office. We shook hands and took a sit. She was tall, with long straight hair. She had brown eyes with really long eyelashes. She was wearing a classy black dress, some fancy shoes and a bag. She stayed almost two hours talking, and, in those two hours I didn’t get bored. She told me that her husband wanted to divorce her, and when he told her that she started drinking. She wasn’t an alcoholic but when she was feeling alone, she would drink something. And one night, while her children were at a friend’s house, she drank two beers and fell asleep on the sofa, and her husband took out of the trash, three empty beers and put them on the table that was in front of the sofa. She told me that her husband took multiple pictures of her and some videos, to prove that his ex-wife was an alcoholic and that she couldn’t take care of the children anymore. They were going thru the divorce, the last thing they had to do was to decide who had the children’s custody? They had two children, Siena and Seleen, they were 13 years old. My job was to prove that the images were fake and that the children had to stay with their mother. I told her from the start that it was going to be hard to win the process and the children’s custody. 

When I got home that night, I started to think. Why would a man that loved a woman do that to her? After that, I got the answer, he was probably cheating on Amy. I still remember how I was watching tv, and an idea started growing in my mind. Amy was 19 when she born Siena and Seleen, and they were together only for 10 years. What if the children weren’t his?! And if that was true Amy would have got the children’s custody. 

The next day I told Amy to meet at the café that was near my office. I had never asked my clients to drink a coffee but I wanted to tell her my idea and I really needed a coffee too. I asked her about the children and who was the man that got her pregnant, and if Jordan her ex-husband is her children’s father. She told me that he wasn’t her children’s father, and she got pregnant when she was 19 with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name was Jacob, and he wanted her to get an abortion, and she broke up with him. When Siena and Seleen were 3 years old when Amy married Jason. 

I told her to call Jason’s lawyer and to do a paternity test, to make sure that Siena and Seleen are not his children. Paternity tests are the safest things to do when you don’t know whose child is it. 

After almost two weeks, me and Amy got closer to each other. I liked her but I had to wait until the divorce is over. Jason didn’t want to do the paternity test at all but he was obligated by the judge. After almost one week the paternity test came negative. Jason wasn’t Siena and Seleen’s father. Everyone was so happy! But we still had to solve something, to prove that the photos were fake.  

Amy and I were at a meeting with Jason and Jason’s lawyer. Amy was looking straight into Jason’s phone when an idea grew in her mind. While Jason and his lawyer were outside talking, she told me that we could log into his google account and delete them. Amy was working with computers and technology and for her was really easy to get in his account. Her idea left me speechless. Jason hadn’t shown the judge those photos but he was going to show them the next week, when the judge was finally going to decided who was the children’s custody? In that evening, I went to Amy’s house, I knew she was my client but we were working. While Amy was logging in his account, I was talking to her girls. They wanted to stay with their mother. Siena was shy but she was such a talkative child. Seleen on the other hand was completely different. She was talkative too and she was confident. Amy had two beautiful children, exactly like her. After one hour she deleted the pictures. Amy asked me if I wanted to eat with them some pizza, and, I was starving. 

While we were waiting for the pizza, Amy decided to show me some old photos with her and her children. Siena and Seleen were standing in their bedroom while Amy and I were laughing at some old photos, when I took a photo that was at the bottom of the box. There were two teenagers. It was Amy and a guy that was almost two years older than her. That boy looked exactly how I looked when I was 21 years old. I look at the back of the photo and it was written- “Amy and Jacob Hatson. Love lasts forever...” 

I was surprised. I knew that girl and I had a relationship with her. Then I remembered all the beautiful moments we had together. I got her pregnant after almost a year of relationship. I was scared, I wasn’t ready to be a father. So, I told her to get an abortion and then...she broke up with me. After all this I realized that Siena and Seleen were actually my children. I took the photo and put it in my pocket. I asked more about that boy and after she told me about their relationship and his personality, and it was exactly what I was hiding. I got my girlfriend pregnant when I was 21, and I was too scared to be a father and have a family.  

The next week it was the final part of the process but until Friday when it was the process, I was only thinking about my children. I already let them down by leaving them but I was ready to be a father.  

It was Friday evening; the divorce was over. The day before, I took a paternity test, and yes, Siena and Seleen were my kids. It helped us a lot when the girls told the judge that they wanted to stay with their mother and my paternity test destroyed Jason’s team. Everybody was left in shook. I literally told everything I was hiding. Amy was shocked too. Siena and Seleen were excited! I was excited! I told them that I was ready to take care of the children and support their mother, and that was the cherry on the top. The custody was finally ours. In that night, I told Amy everything. I told her that I wanted to have a relationship with her, and to take care of the children. She wanted a relationship too. I was so happy! The girls accepted me from the start.  

After a week, Amy, Seleen and Siena moved to my house. They were living in an apartment and Amy and I came to the conclusion that my house was the best place for everyone to live. 

Now, I am 38 years old. My family and I were so happy together! My relationship with Amy is great, and now, we are married. Siena and Seleen are older now. They are 17 now. I finally found the peace and the love I was finding for years... 

Love really lasts forever...... 

January 12, 2021 10:07

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Ioan Neamtu
04:40 Jan 13, 2021

Trully amazing ! I would write more about your story but I am afraid that I will disclose my identity :))


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