The DIsturbed Dream

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A bad day!! just sitting in the house doing nothing for a month and

got tired of nothing, to say it short, hardly in the state of f*****.

The environment was not bad as it was a rainy day in summer. I had my lunch at 200 pm and jumped to the couch for a power-nap. Often that couch is at high temperature when I am up from a nap liter of water can be taken from my parts and the couch, but on that day it was with a convincing temperature because of rain. The weather changed the option to sleep mode from power nap mode.

In to the dream…

I was just wearing a red t-shirt and black half-trouser. I had two

sisters in-fact I have the same two in real life too. My sisters are

covered with a grand dress, do not ask me why?

I don`t know!!

because that is where the dream started. we started walking down the road in which three by a fourth of the road is covered with water so we made some x and y to walk through that deceased road. Around the corner of the road, my sisters started talking to some lady wearing a green saree. My elder sister called that lady wearing a green saree as “aunt” that states that she is my aunt too. what can I do every character other than my sisters are new.

My sister's aunt!!,

sorry, my aunt!!,

Fine our aunt's house is left as of me, the color matches my costume.

Do anyone paint black to their house, that was different and it is

located in the junction of three roads which means it had two

entrances on either side of the road. I was just swiping my newsfeed in Instagram, I can see shades of three to four members walking from the house I just answered them by nodding my head for some awkward questions without seeing them and suddenly a girl`s hands came in front of me on either side of my head

Is she my relation??

Do I know her!!

I can feel my real self shocked but my dream self`s lips went on widening.

As everything is new I cant guess what is happening but the dream

went on like a movie running before me. I saw two elbows in front

of me and can feel the load hanging over me at the back. Her head

slowly came to my side as she kept her cheek at mine with love!!

she is my girlfriend!!

(even I was surprised)

Reader: what is her name?

Me: how can I ask the name of my girlfriend? That will place me in

an awkward state!

She is wearing a track pant of black and a t-shirt of red

Reader:: what!! wait!! you are??

Yes, when I came to her house she saw me through the window, which is left to the entrance and changed her dress as the color of mine.

Reader:: where is her house?

That black red house the one with two entrances. yes, she is my

aunt`s daughter.

Reader:: describe her!!

“She has a roly-poly cheek concentrated towards her chin. Her eyes

are round enough to swallow me. The brown hair falling in front of

her eyes with the sun`s shade from the east made me fall for her. Her

red turned face made a spotlight, which made my attention strong.

She had petals carved lips prettier than the rose. She shinned in a

way other than her face everything went blurred”

Someone from the crowd, a mild voice "get down rice bag".

That can't be right, she was light, might be a "bag of cotton". she got down from me and hugged my hand with head on my shoulder.

From the moment she hooked on me she never left my side and

followed me as chicks follow their mother.

There was a small girl, sorry, a photographer of 12 years old from

the surroundings. As my sisters are well dressed all decided to take a group photo. I tried to get the camera from that kid.

but that was not easy!

The kid seems like an admirer of herself, keeps on taking photos of

herself at different locations with different posses.

And she, my girl, still holding my hand.

Suddenly a loud voice “Austin come here for photo”

A late report, my name is Austin.Another point, my younger sister can shout that loud. But, the one shouted is the elder one. (in real life)

Just after the photo shoot she took me to an ice cream shop, I

checked my pocket and there was just 20rs left. She saw that and

without having a second thought she took me to a paani poori shop.

(Guilt to 30%)

Every South Indian pani poori shop will be owned by a north Indian

and the shop will be of 2*2 feet. The bhaya was wearing a black hat,

pink color pant, and a yellow shirt with an umbrella in his hand.

The second he saw us, he placed the umbrella handle in his upper

pocket, opened the strip of the hat, and locked the link of the

umbrella inside the strip. I was like 'wow' it seems that the technique

is for automatic holding.

Then the questioning session started

bhaya: Bada poori or Chota poori

Me: chota poori

bhaya: Pani poori or masala poori

Me: Pani poori

bhaya: Kitna rupee


bhaya: Ake poori dho rupee


My brain: do I know Hindi??

Under this deep conversation I heard a giggling sound, she was

laughing at me. Finally, he gave us the plate and started keeping one by one. When a pair goes and buys Pani poori the first alternative poories will be taken by one and the second alternative poories will be taken by another one. We followed that rule. She was holding my t-shirt at the back bottom and eating the poories with another hand. I ate 3 and she had 7, while dropping the plate in the bucket I noticed some rats near it I think she too noticed it.

(Guilt to 70%)

I was unable to handle the guilt so I decided to apologize. I was

about to start the apology, she stood on my leg, I went AAAA, she

just stuffed a poori inside my mouth, touched my lips with her's, said "sarangea" to my ears then went back to her position (hugging my hand), she didn't even give a break to her smile from the moment she loaded on me.

("Sarangea" is a Korean word means "love you")What to do after that, we started walking. A bus near us started moving, we started running towards it. Even in the running state she never left my t-shirt. Finally got into it and sat on the left seat. When I was running towards the bus someone tapped my leg, but no one is out there. After some time she landed her head on my shoulder, holding my hand she went to a nap. I just watched a little girl wearing a pink frock dancing and playing in her seat, on the right of the bus. As the bus faced a speed Break that tiny one slipped, to help that kid from getting wounded, I just got up from my seat. The moment at which my index finger lost contact with my girlfriend`s finger, she just shouted like hell.


A teardrop just popped out from her eyes!!

Just 2 seconds were left.

For the first one, I was wondering why she is shouting.

And in the next second my sister from real life pulled me from the

sleep, from the dream too.

Everything is done, the dream just faded

I just sat on the couch thinking nothing for a minute

She might have known what happens if she leaves me, that is why

she never left my hand.

The day went even worse.

It felt like I left her. Most of the time my right hand was inside her

hands. She admired me a lot. She watched my face more than

anything. She touched me with excitement. She handled me with care, as if I am rare. Every wrong I made was corrected by her.

The breezy wind went off the shore ;


I just can't come out of the dream.

I completed my bachelor's degree but the dream stayed.

I completed my master's degree but the dream stayed.

I completed my doctorate but the dream stayed.

It has been 9 years since the dream, everything in and around changed but the dream stayed.

I can't stay in this life, I thought the dream must be from the next life, so I tried to die in 12 different ways, everything failed.

I was kept in the mentally disable hospital for the next 5 years. None of it went as I expected. Every time I close my eyes, the last incident from the dream keeps on running in my head, I had Insomnia.

During the five years of life in the hospital, I thought a lot. Everyone in the hospital knows about the dream, some told dreams originate from the brain, some told past life occurs as a dream. Finally, I concluded.

"Instead of being chased by the dream, I started chasing the dream"

I started collecting studies related to the brain. Again, I started everything from the first, but this time in neurology. When I completed the doctorate in neurology I was 37 years old.

The dream stayed…

I got into the research of the brain. As I went to the research industry my expenses in my life are taken care of by the government. My expenses are not too much, two meals a day, two sets of the dress once a year, I stayed at the research center.

I took me as the test piece, whatever research Is to be done will be carried on my body. Once, the project went wrong, I was hospitalized for one year. I had no one to look over me. Everyone just came for money, as I am living in the government fund, I had no money to give others. During hospitalization I missed her a lot, cried a lot. A lady of 70 years old took humanity as money and looked me for that next year. After discharge, I withdraw my health insurance and gave 75 percent of the insurance money to that lady. That was nearly 1000$ and the balance 25 percent was spent on research. After that incident, even the shape of my outer body changed. 

but the dream stayed.

I had a playlist of 5 songs, that songs made me remember her. For the past 15 years I was only hearing to those five songs. Sometimes the same song will be played for week. To be specific, an English song is in the playlist, including the cleaner in the research center memorized it. 

At the age of 75….

I had 950 patents on my name, the world took me as a chapter in their books. Everyone starved to see me. My country was proud of me. I had a room full of awards. Travelled to almost 65% of the earth.

Peace is not destined to me.

Everyone`s dream came true because of me, but mine remained at the bottom of the waiting list.

I thought of starting everything again, but this time against science. I traveled to different temples in different countries. Everyone told me that I lost my mind, but no one noticed I was searching for my heart. The next 10 years of travel made me a saint. I shared knowledge where ever I went.

Now my age is 85…

yesterday morning I was sitting at Yamal peninsula (the end of the world) the wind took me back to the dream.

Yes, finally the dream came!!

We were in the age near twenties. She was wearing a long white dress, and I am in a coat suite. I had never worn a coat suite in my life. As far as I know the groom holds the hands of the bride, but she held my hand. She walked me through the red carpet.

"the deep long dress looked like a stream of water behind her, she had a crown in her head, with that she looked like a queen, beautiful than anyone in the world, created for me. It was a clear sky, evening time, the sky was in the color of blood red, the sea reflected the sky"

At the end of the red carpet, she told me that, this is just the rehearsal for the next day, she will be taking me somewhere to marry her, she also told me that she missed me a lot. Same as before the moment she took her hand of me, I was awake.

This time I have no regrets, because today is my marriage day. Today I bought a white shirt and a black coat, for the first time I saw the mirror wearing a coat suit (wedding dress).

when you are reading this mentally I will not be here. I am destined here, in the name of her, I have contributed a lot to society. God gave me a dream to get everything from my brain out.

“Everyone including me wondered how a man can change this much because of a dream. But it just happened. For others my life was meaningful. But for me, my life is going to be meaningful before the day ends”

I think she is coming…bye…happy living…

Someone: the author was found dead around 9 pm in the garden, watching the stars, wearing a coat suit (wedding dress). the story was written in the diary, which was lying near him.

May 30, 2020 13:40

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